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cs wondering Jul 2021
I still remember how it felt when I first knew him.
I didn't always love him.
I thought him to be arrogant and cocky.
But endearing all at the same time.
He had this childlike, careless spirit.
I was less of an adventurer,
on the other hand.

But for some reason,
he made me feel awfully brave.
cs wondering Dec 2020
When you love someone
Sometimes you let them go
cs wondering Dec 2020
It’s funny you used to think I’m not affectionate
It’s funny you used to think I didn’t enjoy cuddling
It’s funny you used to think it’s a bonus if I touched you
It’s funny you said I love you first.

Yet today I cling onto every hope you give
And every touch you make.

The sequence is all messed up,
You loved me first
But I ended up loving you more.

Will we always remain on parallel standings?
Or will we eventually meet again?
cs wondering Dec 2020
I suppose the closest thing to love
That’s left between us now
Would be distance

I’ll let you go
In hopes that
You’ll come back home again.

Or maybe I’m not letting you go
I’m just letting myself hope.
cs wondering Nov 2020
Will you be mine for this lifetime?
I said yes
& suddenly a lifetime
went by in a passing month or two

I wish you’d cautioned me then
that lifetimes are
but short lived moments of false joy.

I wish you’d cautioned me then
that lifetimes are
but expiry dates set in stone
from the very moment we first met.

Yet, I still wish you’re the one
at least for this lifetime.

Then perhaps
we could still be
carefree teenagers
& hopelessly
in love,
as we once were.
  Nov 2020 cs wondering
there will be no
or diamond rings
to validate
the permanence
of the life we spent together

only the fact
that i never would have chosen
to do it without you
you are the only idea
of forever
that makes me excited
instead of scared

you’re my best friend,

you’re my next 55 years
The knots know no reason
They come and go
Loosened or tightened
At will or not
They know no reason
For their being
And existence
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