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Adrianna Roe Jul 2018
Golden rays fleeting through, letting the warmth seep into your bones,
White sheets against your bare skin, joyous chirps of young sparrows,
The aroma of sweet bitter coffee and burnt toast wafting through the crisp morning air.
Adrianna Roe Jul 2018
Nothing stirred; nothing sang
A fortress of ancient trees - centuries untouched
Entombed souls in its woody heaven.
Dappled anisotropic light; a mystical beauty
Flecks of shimmering gold, thick lush greenery.
Whispers of wind rustled the foliage

A divine sight -this unexpected serenity
Yet prickling with caution
Something buried deep down;
Something sinister
Shrouding a presumed leafy paradise
Beneath everything, obscured a seed of evil.
Adrianna Roe Jul 2018
I stealthily stepped
Along dark and intricate corridors
Walls lined with somber tapestries
Led deeper and deeper
Into the ebony blackness
Dark and eery chambers
Black oaken floors
Comfortless antiques tattered and unkept
Dusty draperies adorned the walls
I breathed in an atmosphere of sorrow
There was decay in the air
Adrianna Roe Jul 2018
I feel like a house;
Not a home
My walls so forbiddingly high
Overgrown ivy entombing my heart
My meaning shrouded in sorrow
As my last dreams fade away, along with the warmth within me

I feel like a house;
Not a home
So why not break down these walls;
Burn down all my antique memories?
Till I'm left with my bare scaffold
I'll be empty, a mere soulless spirit;
                                   - but aren't I already
Adrianna Roe Jul 2018
And so life goes on . . .
                   the last fragments of my memories melting away.

Don't forget me, okay.
Hold onto a piece of me, please.
Adrianna Roe Jul 2018
I've only ever wanted to be happy and I thought being free would be it.
Adrianna Roe Jul 2018
That one silent moment between the two
That one warm hug, that one kiss
Sealing your moment of white being mixed with passionate red
Both unaware beyond your bubble of serenity
And it feels so good to be alone; a constant binding with you
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