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A Doubles Feb 2019
I'm bottling up all my feelings.
I know you noticed that,
I've been holding back,
There's something inside I'm concealing.
You put me on ice for no reason.
You make my heart stop,
When you pop my top,
I'm bubbling up to the ceiling
I think you know what I mean and,
You know I'm just teasing.
I can't keep it a secret
Grapevine, gettin' too seedy (juicy)
Overtime my soul is primed,
You're so divine
Intoxicating my sober mind
'Til I'm,
Ready to chill for the evening.

Strictly for the VIP
Tipsy when you lean on me
Lipsin' up we don't need a cup
It costs a lot but it's free
I feel like champagne when I think about the love of my life. Everything bubbles up inside of me until the perfect moment.
A Doubles Dec 2018
You got mens true all
Every 29 days I wanna sense you all
Hour glass got me gassed,
Condense it all.
Hard as ice, hot as steam,
Sublimation gettin' peak,
On a wavey frequency,
Drown in voyancy,
Straight jacket for buoyancy.

Full moon in full view.
Stimulating senses,
Changing up my mood.
Got me animated,
Acting like a ****** toon
Give a dog a bone
Turn into a werewolf.
Part 2. We are 2 thirds water, caught up in the uncontrollable tide of transformation...
A Doubles Oct 2018
I've been afloat,
Captain a boat.
Control the motion in the ocean 'til I'm getting soaked.
In a skull,
Cross bones
One eyed pirate and the sea men found the treasure trove.
Drop the anchor on a beach,
In a cove,
Burying it so deep
Dig a hole.
I can't let nobody see,
*** the spot,
Exit marks and leave the dock.
Replace 'a' with 'her' When said with a Birmingham accent, they sound the same.
A Doubles Aug 2018
I am everything and nothing,
One and the same.
I am the hands I am cuffing,
I am the chains
I am, all of your losses,
I am all of your gains
I am the sunshine,
I am the rain
My flow so stupid,
I am the brains
I am all of your joys
All of our pains
I am the one you’re targeting,
I am the aim.
I am the bigger picture,
I am the frame.
I am invisible,
I am the stains.
Hidden in plain sight,
I am the feign.
I am the innocence,
I am the blame.
I am the referee,
I am the game.

— The End —