A chaque fois que tu rentres de bonne heure,
Mon coeur se remplit de Bonheur.
Tu illumines nos soirées monotones,
Tu nous fais rire avec tes blagues, même si elles redondonnent.
Avec toi on ne s'ennuie jamais,
On parle, on crie, on s'échange des secrets.
Tu n'hésites pas à nous faire des câlins,
Même quand tu t'en vas de bon matin.
On n'aime pas te voir partir si loin,
On préfère quand tu restes dans le coin.
La Russie, c'est comme le bout du monde,
Heureusement que tu n'es pas James Bond!
On aime te voir à la maison,
Avec tes pyjamas troués et ta barbe de bison.
Même pas peur quand tu vas chez le coiffeur,
On connaît ta tête de pomme par cœur!
On a beau se plaindre de ton penchant pour les sucreries,
Il faut avouer qu'un peu de graisse, c'est aussi confortable qu'un lit.
Même si tu trempes ton pain au fromage dans ton café,
Nous, on a même pas peur de t'embrasser.
On a toujours hâte que tu reviennes,
Même si ca ne fait pas une heure que tu es parti.
Ne t'inquiètes pas on restera les mêmes,
On sera toujours là pour te faire des guilis.
T'es le roi des bisous, t'es le roi des Papas,
On t'aimera toujours, même si tu manges du chocolat!

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Aug 28

You're a man that is strong
And your patience is long.
Every work that you had,
You worked for it very glad.

I can see a man full of determination,
A man that always has his contribution
Cause i know that, affection,
Is always your intention.

You showed to us your love
That was given to you from heavens above.
Your love is very evident
That, it is a factor in our every achievement.

In every hard times you face,
Your emotions doesn't show in place.
Even if you doesn't show
In our hearts we always know.

Just remember that we are here
Ears open to hear
Hearts open to feel
And minds open to deal.

I made this poem when my father was forced to resign with his work years ago. It was when I saw the sadness in his eyes while leaving the premises of his world, his passion.
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one in this world who could be like my papa
Oct 4      Oct 5

There is no one in this world who could be like my papa
He is patient, kind and loving
He knows my worries and my fears
the cares of my world
my needs, my aims, my wants
He keeps me safe when darkness comes
At nights when I could not sleep
He is my hero, he is there
to hold and soothe me
Big, strong and brave
He is there

There is no one in this world like my papa
Who else but he who is wise beyond all knowledge
Who knows what is best for me
Who means the well of me
There is no one who could be my papa
Except the one who already is.


In the eyes of a little girl...I love you, papa...thank you for everything..God bless you everyday and always...=)))
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Vi A
Vi A
May 4      May 11, 2014

You may have died young,
        but as long as
        my words live,

You will never grow old.

I'm sorry Papa
Feb 12

I talked about you today.
I haven't talked about you like that since you died.
Even saying that is hard to hear.
I stood up in front of them and tired to talk.
That's when I realized that I was shaking.
I could feel the light buzz from it and I tried to hide it,
but they all could see it.
I almost lost my cool.
Since when have I let them win?
When did they become right about me?
Because not being able to speak a single word about you,
without breaking down and screaming,
is a sign that I am still a train wreak of fear.
I try to keep calm,
and hide my fear from them,
but I just want to sit down and break everything that I can get my hands on,
but that's not what you would want me to do,
and that would not only disappoint me,
but also you...

I'm sorry Papa

Jan 3, 2013      Jan 4, 2013

Little things
my dad does,
today he put
a new tooth
brush by my
sink after I
wanting new

(c) Brooke Otto

In your presence I feel edified  and loved
Something that I've never experienced when I'm with others.

Your love so great
You died for me.
But yet who am I?  
A lowly worthless servant who can't seem to hear your call,
Left aimless treading on this earth.

Blaming you is easy
Scolding you ensures nothing.
When I ask of anything
You gladly give.

It's funny how things ended up like this
And hell am I afraid
Of what's about to happen.

I trust in you, knowing you'll guide.
You've never failed me.
You won't.

Donna Bella
Donna Bella
5 days ago

Everything I am is everything he was
Everything he is
Is everything I will be

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But papa I need you now more then ever
Eleanor Brancati
Eleanor Brancati
Mar 26, 2013

My birthdays tomorrow
I'll be 16
Never would I have thought
I would spend it with out you
You have missed so much
Why did you leave us?

Why wouldnt you let us help!
I should be so mad about that
But I'm not I love you
Nothing can change that
I know you're in a better place now
Happy and better

But papa I need you now more then ever
Everything is a mess without you
Please come back
Tell me you love me
Tell me happy birthday
Tell me goodbye

I want you back
You have missed to much
You are missing us grow up
Evie doesn't remember you.....
Even I'm starting to forget

I don't want you to be just a memory
I want to be able to hear you
Talk to you
Hug you
Kiss you

All in all
I just want you back
I love you

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