one in this world who could be like my papa
Oct 4, 2014

There is no one in this world who could be like my papa
He is patient, kind and loving
He knows my worries and my fears
the cares of my world
my needs, my aims, my wants
He keeps me safe when darkness comes
At nights when I could not sleep
He is my hero, he is there
to hold and soothe me
Big, strong and brave
He is there

There is no one in this world like my papa
Who else but he who is wise beyond all knowledge
Who knows what is best for me
Who means the well of me
There is no one who could be my papa
Except the one who already is.


In the eyes of a little girl...I love you, papa...thank you for everything..God bless you everyday and always...=)))
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Hopeless Wanderer
Hopeless Wanderer
Aug 28, 2014

You're a man that is strong
And your patience is long.
Every work that you had,
You worked for it very glad.

I can see a man full of determination,
A man that always has his contribution
Cause i know that, affection,
Is always your intention.

You showed to us your love
That was given to you from heavens above.
Your love is very evident
That, it is a factor in our every achievement.

In every hard times you face,
Your emotions doesn't show in place.
Even if you doesn't show
In our hearts we always know.

Just remember that we are here
Ears open to hear
Hearts open to feel
And minds open to deal.

I made this poem when my father was forced to resign with his work years ago. It was when I saw the sadness in his eyes while leaving the premises of his world, his passion.
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A small hand touched his arm with "Papa?"
Alyanne Cooper
Alyanne Cooper
Jun 23, 2015

His fingers wrapped tightly
Around the little hand
Of the sleeping child in his arms.
His eyes traced the silhouette
Of pursed lips to fattened cheeks
And he thought to himself,
"How does something so wonderful exist?"

He listened to the gentle rasp of breath
And watched the slight rise and fall of chest.
His eye soaked up the sight
Of the bundle of unconditional love he held.
And soon dreams of future adventures
And tales and fables and stories
And daily life monotony
Played like a movie before him,
Drawing a single tear of hope from his eye.

All too soon the child stirred and woke
And jumped up and shouted with glee.
And he returned from sentiment to reality
And made breakfast with a cup of tea
Wishing for more moments like these
Because he finally understood his father's word:
Time passes too quickly when it comes to love.

And when his hand paused over the kettle
And his eyes glazed over with this vague thought,
A small hand touched his arm with "Papa?"
Little eyes took in the strength of character
That towered as a model for a future life;
Little eyes that never strayed too long from
Watching and learning all the things Papa did;
Little eyes that now began to see
There's always another side to every thing,
For with great abruptness
Papa looked into those little eyes
And said, "Go wash up, your hands are dirty."

But the glint in his eyes said,
"I love you, always."


A chaque fois que tu rentres de bonne heure,
Mon coeur se remplit de Bonheur.
Tu illumines nos soirées monotones,
Tu nous fais rire avec tes blagues, même si elles redondonnent.
Avec toi on ne s'ennuie jamais,
On parle, on crie, on s'échange des secrets.
Tu n'hésites pas à nous faire des câlins,
Même quand tu t'en vas de bon matin.
On n'aime pas te voir partir si loin,
On préfère quand tu restes dans le coin.
La Russie, c'est comme le bout du monde,
Heureusement que tu n'es pas James Bond!
On aime te voir à la maison,
Avec tes pyjamas troués et ta barbe de bison.
Même pas peur quand tu vas chez le coiffeur,
On connaît ta tête de pomme par cœur!
On a beau se plaindre de ton penchant pour les sucreries,
Il faut avouer qu'un peu de graisse, c'est aussi confortable qu'un lit.
Même si tu trempes ton pain au fromage dans ton café,
Nous, on a même pas peur de t'embrasser.
On a toujours hâte que tu reviennes,
Même si ca ne fait pas une heure que tu es parti.
Ne t'inquiètes pas on restera les mêmes,
On sera toujours là pour te faire des guilis.
T'es le roi des bisous, t'es le roi des Papas,
On t'aimera toujours, même si tu manges du chocolat!

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But, Papa, I cannot lie
May 22, 2015

I saw you staring blankly in your room
You were lying down, like energy has nowhere to bloom
Mama always deliver you food
You don't eat with us anymore

I heard you cried, Mama told us about it
I understand why and my heart wrenched
I wish I can do or say something, anything
But I don't know what act or words will be soothing

I know your body misses to puff that smoke from a cigarette
It is hard to stop, friends who've been there told me about it
But you had to, we've been telling you to
And because your body is also disappointing you

I wonder where your sweetness has gone to
Maybe they literally seeped into your blood and runs through
Maybe I had inherited it in my veins too
Don't worry I am proud, because this is from you

Worrying has been your hobby lately
Because our youngest still has one more year 'til she finishes her college degree
The house, electricity, water expenses, and the money
Because you could work no more, as per your exhausted and old body

I wanted to tell you that everything's gonna be alright
But, Papa, I cannot lie
I honestly don't know if it will
I am also doubtful, I am also worried

But Papa, as your eldest, I am ready
To take on the responsibility you carried
I know, I know, it'll be heavy
But I can do it, don't worry about me

You have worked hard enough
See, we already came this far
If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have had
The best family I can wish for, and the best of life

So please, be energetic again
Please eat with us again
Please dry your tears
Please get well

Please tell us those sweet-nothings
Or the corny jokes that had us laughing
And we'll tell you, you're still the most handsome being
Our eyes have ever seen

So get a lot of rest
This is just an obstacle, a test
Sit back and relax
Just watch your eldest, just watch

Your eldest
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Peco peco como papa
May 7, 2014

Peco peco como papa
como papa peco
mientras pico a pepe
con mi pico peco
por que a pepe pico.

Yummy yummy Papa
Cristina Caymares
Cristina Caymares
Jun 30, 2015

Yummy yummy Papa

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Dear Papa,
Patrick Kokos
Patrick Kokos
May 16, 2014

What I see is
in the eyes of

John is sleeping.
John is kicking the ball.

Dear Papa,
why the cosmos is
the cosmos.
The reverence shines through
my hole.

The whole swimming pool was left in the ocean.

Dear Papa,
please tell me how to

written a few seconds ago
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Was fishing with my Papa on the coast of the East
WendyStarry Eyes
WendyStarry Eyes
Sep 4, 2014

The time in my youth that taught me about true peace
Was fishing with my Papa on the coast of the East
We'd get up in the morning before sunrise
Papa would wake me with sparkle in his eyes
I'd jump down from the bunk bed
When my feet hit the floor Smells of
Grandma's hickory bacon would rush to my head
She would wrap the bacon up in a biscuit and pack it to go
I'd grab the bag of bread crumbs we'd been saving
for the seagulls, to strew
We'd pile it all in the SUV
The poles clasped firm on the front bumper
Papa's clever bumper holder made of PVC
I can smell the salt air so clear
Papa and Grandma are always with me
Ahh, that is true tranquility!!!

PEACE IN MY HEART THAT WILL NEVER DEPART put this on a notch above the daily fluff for Father's day  Love you Papa Angel, to stay!!
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