in the cool room
desks, white light
my head slowly nods

Fair yet not-fair--
within the green
blue joist.

For beauties' sake
I trace this wooded road--
trailing pennants.

Trailing pennants: plastic bags caught in the trees beside the road; yet also maybe the Spanish moss that hangs from so many of the trees here.

Along the lake
refuse floats at waters edge;
yet still birds sing.

There is much so, for which we may weep; yet there remains still light.
Swasti Jain
Swasti Jain
6 days ago

" Poltroon " she cried,

While her knuckles were white with rage.
Perturbed,  she was while her father passed away.

Solitude, she chose while earthlings left her dejected, like a stray.

Erratic, were those times when she decided to unravel the intricate stories of life and not get bewrayed.

Lost, she was in the absolute beauty of the cosmos waiting for someone at the bay.

Soon, she realized that a lifeboat would never come her way.

" You're a stalwart , get up and find your own way ".

Much did she know, rest she deciphered.

And found herself flying in the sky of aplomb,  like a mockinjay!

                                        - Swasti Jain

"What will be will be"
Seems like a cop out to me?
Where there is a will...

Feb 3

Release me from this disease.
I don't want to freeze.
I fall on to my knees
Feeling the breeze.

I'm at unease.
I don't want to die alone,
and turn to stone.
You know?
I can't go, on my own.

I've grown weak.
I ain't unique.
I been living on for weeks.
I don't know what I seek.

I feel so sore,
I fall to the floor.
When is this war over?
I don't want it anymore.

I'm in a trap door,
what a bore.
Before, I had a score.
I knew what I was looking for.

A dream that fired up like a hot steam.
I had a purpose.
I rose to the surface.
I felt nervous.
I was never worthless.
I never closed the curtains.

So please release me from this disease.
So I can go on,
and achieve my dream.


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Ne'er can any mountain be climbed
Unless at first one is inclined!

We’ll light the wedding candle
Each year upon this night.
Remembering why as years speed by
We first stood to make this light.

Not for a love that’s ever true
Or a smile that ever cheers.
Not for the sick or crummy days
Or to share and conquer fears.

It’s for the days we forget to love
and when aggravations start to weigh.
It’s for the times we’ve both screwed up
But have chosen to love again a new way.

The candle will burn and the wax melt.
Someday, the wick will sputter and gutter out.
But it’s just a reminder and can be replaced
As long as we remember what it’s all about.

It seems I'm writing more often for events or gifts than anything else lately. I wrote this to go with a wedding gift for a friend. She seemed alright with it so I'm calling it okay, for now.

There Was An Old Farmer called Zelalem
Whose dream was to visit Jerusalem
for which he tilled crop and prayed for rain
to mint some buck albeit in vain
That relentless Old Farmer called Zelalem

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