Free Bird
Free Bird
Mar 13

Over time I've realized I'm the type of person who can draw anyone in
Mysterious, yet comforting to be around
An altruistic listener, an effective conversationalist, a trusted confidant
Modest as I may be, I do understand where I stand with most people
I'm the person you call when you're having a bad day, or need a ride, or even to bask in the glory of your successes;
a promotion at work, a new fling
I'm that person
The person to go to with your something;
your need, or your news
Intriguing from afar
Many want to delve into the depths
Uncover the story within
Until they realize that there's more
There's always more
Like a black hole pulling you in
Only to find that it's expanse goes on indefinitely
After a while my quips, my quirks
become exhausting
To others
No one can fathom traveling the distance
So they don't
They turn back
I willingly release them
of my gravitational pull
Then we both float on
In opposing directions
It's funny how one can be too much
Yet somehow, never enough

The ramblings of my mixed up mind. Trying something different.

Time is terrible
in the sense
that it is never
It favors you
one moment
and betrays you
the next.
It gives you
for a second—
crushing it
in an instant.
Years of happiness
can come
crumbling down
in a tick.

thoughts from when i was seated in a quiet spot facing a lake

I think it's maddening
to think
that everything
is just fine.
Fine is suspicious.
Fine is everything
and nothing.
Fine is
anything but.

thoughts from when i was seated in a quiet spot facing a lake
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In a moment
of fleeting silence,
I found a sense
of lasting peace

thoughts from when i was seated in a quiet spot facing a lake
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to do today
or leave till tomorrow -
a simple thought
that only requires
my procrastination.

a sigh of tiredness
hoping that it could
only be done
on a day that's
not today.

a wish of regret,
coming on the last minute
of when something
could have been done

a mere idea
to be deepened over time
after quite a while
when i did it
not today.

having so many
questions, questions, and more
that will be

i think to myself,
i can do it today
[ but i can also do it
not today. ]

this is what happens when i am exposed to a piece of paper and a pencil and my mind
Aleck Solier
Aleck Solier
Nov 29, 2016

The waves, they called to me

As they built their crescendo

Angrily crashing on those rocks

My name, they have echoed

Aleck Solier
Aleck Solier
Nov 29, 2016

What am I to do?

When the voices start talking

When the sea begins to beckon

Bereft of comforting

What am I to think?

When the sadness kicks in

As the darkness descends

Left to chaos and sin

Aleck Solier
Aleck Solier
Nov 29, 2016

Will these words ever reach you?

Will you ever understand?

That it has always been about you

As if it’s been planned

All those silent pleas

All the prayers to the gods

All the words I’ve whispered

Through this life I’ve plod

The winds have carried my thoughts

The shadows, my longings

Every sunrise, my hopes

And every sunset, my dreamings

Krystal Lèleck
Krystal Lèleck
Nov 26, 2016

Moving at such a momentum that is necessary for the mere realization makes any attempt of catching yourself futile. You’re moving too fast with entirely too much force. Your fingers scrape at hard dirt sides, the glass that sand once was cuts once again. Branches turn into hot, fiery rope in the palms of your hands.
Just fall.
Land well.
And begin to ascend….
Yet again.

Nov 22, 2016

happiness in my life exists transiently.
never have i been able to trust it completely.

on the occasions that things consistently go right,
my stomach drops and my mind keeps me awake at night.

i ponder why i must live in constant fear.
perhaps, it's due to the leaving of people i once held dear.

my hands clasp and try to hold you tight,
but my inner negativity makes this a constant fight.

i pray that one day happiness will be a friend to me.
that i won't fear its leaving and enjoy life peacefully.

#love   #fear   #scared   #thoughts   #rhyme   #ramblings   #random  
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