Lunar Love
Lunar Love
21 hours ago

the only cover I want you to hold
is the one that our hands will bind
the only spine I want you to run
your hands across is mine
the only pages i want you to read
are the words of my mind
the only story i want us to write
is one that's one of a kind
the only book i want us to be
is one that only us can find

to my Reader
only yours, Writer

ps. i got a new nickname for wjh: Reader
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1 day ago

I never wanted the blue sky nor the night sky
I never wanted the sun nor the moon, even the stars
All this time, all I wanted was the Earth
All this time, I sa looking for the Earth.

Someone who'll keep me on the ground
Someone who'll show me that there's so much out there
Someone who'll make me feel human
Someone who's home.

But he deserves more than a mere fragment of dark matter like me
He deserves whatever will make the rivers flow
Whatever will make the trees and flowers grow
He deserves much more.

And as I go back
Hopping from asteroids to comets to planets
I know
There will be nothing like Earth.

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Liz Devine
Liz Devine
3 days ago

I want to be alone,
In a home all my own
a place only I can go
with a porcelain tub
and a vault of red wine
little white picket fence
enclosing my perfect sanctuary
keeping all the bad out
letting only the good in

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5 days ago

There's a void
in every heart,
only love can

iamthe_avatar ©2017

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David P Carroll
David P Carroll
5 days ago

My Only One Love.
I never forget my true love
She means everything
To me inside my heart
Loving her is truly beautiful
She a perfect rose flower
And her beauty so powerful

When I'm with her I'm truly in love
My heart has melted for her love
A word so powerful I'm in love
Smiling from my beating heart

Her beautiful beauty
Her perfect glow
Only she I truly love
Forever I shall be deeply in
Romantic love

I've given her my heart
Only she makes me feel loved
Oh baby I'm truly in love
And all I want you to no

Is I'm truly in love
With you and forever
I shall always be in
Love with you
No other women
Could make me as happy
As you as I hold you
Against my beating heart I
Whisper into your ear
I love you forever will
You be my Valentine
My only love.

David P Carroll
My Only One Love.
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6 days ago

She dances on the sand
trying to become one
with the earth again....

She has pain in heart
Sadness in her eyes
And a broken spirit
But she still smiles through the pain

6 days ago

Out of place
You'll never be enough
I am enough

I feel like im all alone
In a corner by myself
I got everyone telling me what i can't do
But no one is telling me what i can do
I need support
I cant be there for myself all the time
I hate being alone
I try to stay strong
And smile through the pain
But i just can't
I can't do it anymore by myself
I need someone to be there for me
When i need them ......
I'm always there for everyone else
Why can't someone just support me
And be there when i need them?

:( This is it. The last poem for awhile

It was just a memory
....a very good but bad one

Me and him
....strangers with memories

Was it £○v€°°°¿ Or was it love...?


Just memories with an ex. :(
*Strangers with memories* ♡

Im still here
Waiting to catch you if you fall
I don't know why I care so much
When I shouldn't care at all
But yet im still here.. waiting
To help you up when you fall
Everybody keeps telling me
To leave you in the past
Because I deserve better than you
But I still care for you
I still.... I still love you
Why am I still here waiting
When I know I should leave
.......But I still care
I still love you

But that... doesn't mean we should be together

Decidation to friend/exboyfriend/friend/exboyfriend know who you are
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