With the dawning of a new year,
As love in my eyes guides me to you,

Thoughts burning with desire, soft lips kissing,
I write these words of passion to you, my love,
My only love.

The warm breeze from feathers of Angels tickles my heart,
And the blood flows deep in my veins as my passion rises from deep,

Within my Soul, I create fantasies from my thoughts of you.

Your hypnotic dark Tahitian pearl eyes,
Have me under your spell.
I give my life to you. What would you have me do?

Your mysterious black hair,
Shiny and soft, wishing to feel it's touch,
As it covers my eyes with love,

As the sun wakes on a new day,
Our dreams never end.

Just the two of us,
As the rest of the world sleeps;

Taking hold of your soft hand,
As we walk along the quiet beach,
Listening to ocean waves sing.

God created something truly amazing when He made the miracle of you.

These are only words;

Until the end of time plus one thousand years, my love.
There will never be enough love poems written,
That can ever describe how much I love you and only you,

My miracle!

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

(Iljimae) - Flower Letters) (eng sub)
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Arjun Raj
Arjun Raj
3 days ago

A tad difficult they say,
Them, they only know

So what is greatness,
is it a mere number?
A bank balance,
or a career too good to be true?
Them, they only know

Then there are people,
who say happiness is of prime importance,
so greatness can wait,
While they secretly crave for the absolute
which is nothing but,
Greatness again,
But they think,
Them, they only know

So where do we lie,
the dreamers, the trespassers,
the poets;
The truth is
we live in that margin, where
art collides with existence,
And I shall meet them there and only there,
for greatness, don't fascinate me and my kind
Them, they only know,
or do they?

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There I see stardust,
in your bright eyes,
spinning galaxies of grey,
while some might say they're blue,
though it's not for them to say,
& all I know right now,
is my sun has gone away.

As I'm your Mother Earth,
& you're my dearest Sun,
you're shining on my heart,
& my relief when days are done,
a satisfying feeling,
in the victories we've won.

I sometimes call you poppa,
as I rub your happy tummy,
guess momma done it right,
cuz I cooked you somethin' yummy,

You are the only magic,
my heart has ever known,
cuz I'm doomed without your light,
I cannot do it all alone,
I am weary,
I am tired,
I'm a quickly aging bone,

You taught me toughen up
say it ain't as if you're dying,

you seem like you don't care,
only sometimes when I'm crying,

I know that you do love me,
but I feel I love you more,
I'd walk across a fire,
& swim to distant shore
I know that it's the truest love,
in this I can't ignore,

Your heart is where my home is,
& I couldn't say it truer,
& I love you more tonight,
as my days are getting fewer,

I see you try to help,
you wouldn't just keep tryin'
it's not too much your sold on,
or them theories that you're buyin',

You helped me see the beauty
now please I ask see mine,
I'm not asking for your sympathy,
or to set up for me a shrine,

I only want your hand,
to walk with me awhile,
down the old back roads,
and then on the longest mile,
you are the ONLY one,
who can bring,
my happy smile.

Cherie Nolan © 2017

Hey....just surviving. Trying,..
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My beloved is cascade, a stream to flow with music
It is pure and chaste like virgin love eternally cosmic
My sweetheart your heart is my abode I am homesick
I am in you like a melodious song you are like a lyric

Let you be the only beloved, let me be the only lover
You are my my book of poetry and I am your author
When ever I am in sheer darkness you are the candler
I will sacrifice my life for you I am your only claimer

Let me love you let me imprint love like a tasty kiss
God has created you for me as a real love my miss
You came in life like a wonderful alluring real bliss
Embrace me take me to your heart do not just dismiss

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#only   #your   #claimer  

The feeling that something is missing is not only a feeling of loss,
but also an evidence to the fact that something like this also happened in the past.
Past is an experience
Present is what you have
Future uncertain
Desire will always remain in life, irrespective of the fact as to whether it’s past, present or else with regards to the future
The only difference been a change in it’s form and way.

#desire   #loss   #feeling   #only   #missing   #look   #details   #evidence   #keen   #irrespective  

Your sweet eyes have taken everything from me
Now I don't know what else should I present
Your eyes are so lovely and so deep like the sea
Look,  how I am lover passionate and ardent

Then lips so crisp so tasty and so beautifully red
Cheeks with a black mole are asking for deep kiss
And what about the whispering beauty well said
Tell me how can I please you cease from time,miss

Being romantic lover of the east I carry blazon sun
I will take you and embrace you and then just forget
What a master piece of Master my love well done
Let me tell you in my entire life you are my only asset

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#my   #only   #asset  
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
Dec 21, 2016

One And Only True Love
Merry Christmas
My love my
Only love
I wanna truly
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
I could never find
A better woman
To truly love
On a Christmas
Day other than
You my one and
Only true love
Merry Christmas
My love I truly
Love you
Forever my one
And only true love.

David P Carroll
One And Only True Love
#love   #true   #and   #one   #only  
Francis Mukiibi
Francis Mukiibi
Dec 19, 2016

I am not one of them.
They prefer to be blunt and abrasive with the words they say
And the obscenities they spew; I prefer to convey
My gentle thoughts through the words I pen down on paper
So that my aggressive comments never view the light of day.
I am approbative.
I am appreciative.
I am articulate.

I am not one of them.
They shower themselves shamelessly from head to feet
With the products of their wealth for the new world to see.
And their gluttony knows no bounds, to the degree
That they brand themselves with metropoles that aren’t their own cities.
I am bashful.
I am basic.
I am bare.

I am not one of them.
For it is their actions by which they are defined.
And they seem hell-bent on spilling blood in their riots
To resolve their disputes. But I have confined
Myself to show we are not simply predatory by design.
I am calm.
I am caring.
I am controlled.

I am not one of them.
For their feelings these days are almost strictly plateau
And once they’ve served their main purpose, they’re quickly disposed
Of. I shall find my truest, and toil each passing day to show
That I would do so much to not let my loved ones go.
I am devoted.
I am duteous.
I am dependable.

I am not one of them.
I did not think it before, but maybe that’s my true issue.
They’re the ones that rule. Maybe I should step in their shoes
And follow their steps. Since I now step back in mine and review
How my principles, once unequivocal… may not be so true.
I am enclosed.
I am evanescent.
I am empty space.

I am not one of them
…But in this day and age, maybe I should be.

Some days, I feel like my generation's leaving me behind.
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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Nov 30, 2016

I invested all my love on you,
And the world knows about it.

Neither anyone else wishes me,
Nor do I wish anyone else to.

Rhyme scheme:


HP Poem #1285
©Atul Kaushal
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David P Carroll
David P Carroll
Nov 27, 2016

When I'm sad
I think of her
When I'm lonely
I think of her
When I'm crying
I think of her
She is truly my
Love she has
Truly touched my
I truly love her
No other only truly her.

David P Carroll
Only Truly Her
#her   #only   #truly  
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