7 days ago

You thought you're meant to be
And you kept on dreaming that life with him is your Destiny
You follow everything according to your plans

But what happenned?
That when you said that he is your destiny
Is the time that he left you with so much misery

He even cheated a lot of times
Still you're giving him a lot of chances
You know inside of you that you deserve better
And yes you do deserve even better

So Girl, do not settle for less
Because greater things is waiting for you ahead

Her heart only has so much room
So many moved in and moved on through

Leaving stains that bruised.

She does her best to clean the rooms
But feels ashamed she had to move on too.

She's afraid to re-open the wounds
What if they can't handle what she's been through?

What can her poor heart do?

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Go away the sour Kreepy memories,
I will definitely be crazy to relive you,
You're a bad experience - a good lesson.
Take away all the mysterious mysteries,
I will not be again a scapegoat for you,
Not a game as I am not your tampon.
And I will start afresh this year now.

New Year Resolution: To UnLove The Non-Deserving

My HP Poem #1361
©Atul Kaushal
#not   #memories   #crazy   #new   #breakup   #game   #year   #unlove   #resolution   #moveon  
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
Dec 28, 2016

How do I ask you to come here?
How late is too late? I don't know
Or when is it time to move on?

#heart   #pain   #late   #distance   #moveon  
Myka Jabagat
Myka Jabagat
Dec 25, 2016

Once, when I looked at you.
I thought, we could push through.
You & I together,
We'll make a difference forever.

But then, my smile fainted.
Remembered what you wanted.
You wanted different.
You wanted moon.
You wanted stars.
Things that I cannot be.

For I belong in the sea.
A thing you cannot be.
A thing you wished you
wouldn't be.

Just be you. Do not change for anyone. Unless if it's a good change.
Dec 10, 2016

how can she move on?
when a knock came on the door
and she ran to get it
expecting his face on the other side.

that's how she realized,
why her thoughts are
all about
#love   #thoughts   #her   #him   #disappointment   #door   #affection   #expect   #moveon   #knock  
Julie Schnell
Julie Schnell
Dec 12, 2016

The ashes of a once strong love
Lie spread across the cold floor
Being trampled on
By the feet of those
Who claim to care

They are all liars
They do not care
They whisper behind your back
And as they try to take the knife out
They stab your back even harder

You try to trust
You try your hardest
But it all crashes down
Surrounding you
Like the sadness controlling you

So you lay down
On the cold lifeless ground
Surrounded by the ashes
As you try to think
Of a single reason to take another breath

Ape Naught
Ape Naught
Dec 7, 2016

It began as a routine Sunday evening,
But change was imminent.
I pulled out of the driveway,
En route to see a confidant.  

Before I turned the corner,
I slowed and blinked my lights.
Somehow more careful than usual,
And then there he was on my right.

That very morning I was contemplating the what ifs,
Could have wished for anything that day.
Wondering what if I see you again,
Will I manage a hi keeping my feelings at bay?

I saw your plate first and then your face,
You looked as shocked as I (did).
Your eyes wider than an owl’s at night,
My mouth instantly went dry.

Don’t know what came over me,
My body went cold.
My legs were trembling,
Heart seemed to be on hold.

I turned my gaze back to the road,
Pretending it was just a vision.
Convincing my eyes had played a trick on me,
Playing it cool became my mission.

Kept driving on,
With you and our history playing in my head.
Thankful that I didn’t smile at you,
Reminiscing everything you ever said.

I would have broken down just like a car,
Perhaps to never restart in the near future.
You would have felt nothing yet again,
While I would be in need of many a suture.

I don’t have it in me to get rejected,
Over and over especially.
So I fought back my tears,
Didn’t let even one drop decidedly.

Dec 6, 2016

You always belonged to someone else
So I can't complain that you've gone
You were never mine to farewell
Now all that's left is to move on

I never thought it'd be so hard, never thought I'd fall so far
And though we never shared much more than one night at the bar
You've come to mean so much to me
I didn't think I'd feel this way, I thought I'd be okay
Now all I have to take away are memories of that day
You've come to mean too much to me

And though we're standing side by side we're further apart than before
After all this time I realise new cities don't open new doors
There are fewer oceans between us but we're still worlds apart
Forget San Francisco, it's with you I left my heart

So this is the beginning of the end
It was so short and bitter sweet
This is what it feels like to lose a friend
That I never thought I'd meet

I shouldn't have let down my guard, shouldn't have fallen so hard
I wish we could have shared much more than that night at the bar
You came to mean too much to me
Thinking I would be okay was a sure sign of my youth
The way I feel today shows it was a far cry from the truth
I can't let you mean so much to me

‘Cause though we're standing side by side we're further apart than before
After all this time I realise new cities don't open new doors
There are fewer oceans between us but we're still worlds apart
Forget San Francisco, it's with you I left my heart

Copyright © 2009-2017 KF

Written when I went travelling and met someone I'd have liked to have become closer to but who was already taken.
Erin Marie
Erin Marie
Dec 1, 2016

Don't worry,
one day,
you'll get curious
and look me up.
Then you'll wonder
what happened to us.

-- Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

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