4 days ago

We are water.
We are fluid,
and bending.
We move with the ebbing tide,
and embrace the seas of change.
We are ruled,
by the rhythm
of a crying moon.
We are dependent
on her love
to lead us back
from deeper waters,
to lead us back to shore,
to lead us back to you.

For Cancerian Souls
Dec 7, 2016

Little do you know, how beautiful you are.
Your eyes are the stars in the sky that is only mine,
You take me to my moon with each glance.

Little do you know, how beautiful you are.
Your voice is the first song I've ever listened to,
You lift me up into my own heaven.

Little do you know, how beautiful you are.
You make my Christmas feel like the only Christmas,
You let me dress in all my favorite hues.

Little do you know, how beautiful you are.
Your fingers touch my planets in all the right directions,
You create a painting on my lips with yours.

Little do they know, how good you are.
They do not wish me with you,
They believe you got rid of my sunshine.

Little do they know, how wrong they are.
You make my days darker, but my stars brighter,
You are my night, you are my universe.

Little do you know, how beautiful you are.
All my stars are every atom on your body,
And I wish to drench myself in it.

Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Oct 18, 2016

i formed constellations on your face
with every point that my lips touched
and i ended with your eyelids
which opened up to me
and i saw the stars

so i came to realize
that neither astronomy or astrology
can explain how much i love you
i held the entire universe
when i held you close in my arms

this is one of my favorites from the Pocketry Series. it started with the "kissing eyelids are cute" kind of idea, and it flowed from there. i always try to look for the stars in everyone's eyes.

8/13 of the Pocketry Series.
Sep 5, 2016

your stars hung in pairs against the
accustomed singularity of celestial bodies
your stars held the promise of enlightenment
and i sought you the way kings did
hunting you down in the endeavor of navigation
pinned down and bloody until
man left the stars for devices of their own
and when the stars followed humanity
stardust resurrecting in the arrangement of atoms
constellations manifesting in wombs
nebulae shattering for the genesis
the universe destroyed itself for you

oh gemini boy

the cosmos are not kind
to boys who are destined to be halves
on an eternal voyage for missing fragments
in a lover's touch and a child's laugh
the world is not kind
to boys who look into your eyes
and only see their reflection
but you were kind to me

oh gemini boy

this is an apology
to a mortal born from the immortality
of twins whose love bore the gods' mercy
to rest among the stars
not knowing that stars die just as
the children born from them do
just as you

oh gemini boy

maybe i should have known better than
to love a boy always searching for himself
i mistook you for a cosmic collision
meant for the dawn of a new heaven
and maybe i fell in love with your destruction
as i navigated you the way ancients looked
to your stars for salvation

oh gemini boy

my stars hang in the silhouette of the unknown
isolated from the promise of deliverance
man was once told
we are born from different stars
our fates moving in parallel precision
never meeting again after our stardust
once laid prints upon our astral anatomy
and because we are not stars
but the echoes of seraphic wars
meant to traverse desolate lands
in search for completion

oh gemini boy

i forgive you
you just wanted to be whole

wrote this a long time ago, geminis are oddly inspiring muses.
David John Mowers
David John Mowers
Aug 27, 2016

The Night Ten to the crescent way,
                   and I'm followin' followin'

Pieces of, -the night or a day,
                 still followin' and followin'

On the Line yeah the sailor's say,
                  Luna come, followin' followin'

And ye-e-eah, ye-e-eah, YEAH! -we're watchin' WATCHIN' -watching every day!

The Night Ten to the crescent way,
                   and I'm followin' followin'

Pieces of, -the night or a day,
                 still followin' and followin'

On the Line yeah the sailor's say,
                  Luna come, followin' followin'


The Night Ten to the crescent way,
                   and I'm followin' followin'

Pieces of, -the night or a day,
                 still followin' and followin'

On the Line yeah the sailor's say,
                  Luna come, followin' followin'

AND NO ONE CAN PLAY, -play like Mr. Shade!

Aug 24, 2016

18th August

You see me floating over the water, over your home at the lake bed.
Your eyes are closed but I know you can sense me in your slumber.

I’ll be honest with you, as I always am, I always was honest.
I just wanted to know.
I wanted to know why you dirty everything you come across.
Why does everything you touch fuse to you until it begins to rust and rot and fall apart?
Why do the plants you touch wither and die? What poison was scrubbed over your skin at birth that caused you to be the embodiment's of misery and death and suffering?

I know you want to love. I can feel the wanting leaking out of you
like sunbeams. I know the warmth in your heart, but I know also
that it is chained and locked inside and your flesh is frozen metal with poison spikes and anger that hurts like the plague.

I’m leaving in the morning; I’ll be back at night.
I’ll find a way to heal you
and you can give birth to life.

#love   #moon   #honesty   #astrology   #cycle   #aquarius   #lunar   #fullmoon   #sturgeon  
Aug 19, 2016

Faint chants––
   of prayers––
      long    suppressed.

we give birth to the idea of gods' existence when we feel helpless.

When the Computer ain't workin',
I don't even know
What the Astrologer has to say.
If the Computer ain't workin',
I try to listen to National Public Radio to get the News,
But it all seems like Propaganda to me.
I don't know if the bias
Is Liberal or Conservative,
But I can't just swallow
A Singular Point of View.

Jazzelle Monae
Jazzelle Monae
Aug 2, 2016

How naive of me to think
Fire and water could meet
And neither extinguish or evaporate
How could I have thought
More often than not
Your flames as friendly fire?
How could you think
Over the edge on the brink
My rain as merely showers?
We were both forces of nature
That should never be played with
One which swallows forests
And one which erodes the mountains
Both to blame for a new beginning
Both to blame for the old endings
We could never be friends
and we tried to be lovers
How stupid we are to play with eachother
Beware of the showers
Beware of the flames
Neutralization was never the game.

2016 © Jazzelle Monae
Jul 19, 2016

19th July

Saturns hexagon shaped storm stuffed into a human body.
I open my mouth and the black bellowing thunder
batters everyone in my way into the ground,
gailforce winds stealing their breath to make it mine.

Ferocious tidal waves live in my eyes and
leak from me and fill the room
but i'm already drowning.

My lungs are filled with dirty water and I feel it flooding my veins like poison.
I can feel the bolts of lightning glittering behind my eyes,
stunning those who try to look at me - into me.

I am a complete hurricane in a persons form, a never-ending storm,
a destructive monster crushing and
stomping on everything in the way.
A fusillade of iron bullets shoot from my skin.
I need to drag everyone down with me,
make them bleed with me.
Suffer with me.

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