Really short poems

Less than 10 lines.
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So soft, I almost cannot hear
the gentle sighs
that my heart makes,
thinking of you
wanting to be there,
being held inside your thoughts,
your memories,
now I want to call out
to you, to be held,
to be wanted,
I need it with every soft sigh
you do not get to hear,
and I yearn for it too.

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Jude Allen
Jude Allen
14 hours ago

Sand between our toes,
we stroll along the
golden beach...

Happy dreams thought as we go
are, one by one,  
placed at her feet.

Inspired by her...
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Jude Allen
Jude Allen
1 day ago      1 day ago

Come, ride.
On with
my unrestrained
face; Passion,
now flowing.

Inspired by her...
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3 days ago

epic crash and burn
hypnotized by my wreckage
should just rise and fly

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Cattails in the morning dew
Gently swaying in the wind
Glistening in the sunrise
Stretching toward its warmth
Butterflies spread their wings
Landing in unison with its motion
Perched upon its summit
Clinging on in the cool breeze
Still glistening in the morning dew

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wolf spirit aka quinfinn

are you doing jumping jacks?
what happened to your
shirt and slacks?
naked man
with moving limbs
(i wonder if da vinci grins)

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Courtney Snodgrass
Courtney Snodgrass
Apr 15      7 days ago

There are pictures of naked bodies
Bouncing from one cell tower to a different cell tower.
We live in a world where technology allows us
To see each other’s bodies long before we ever
Climb under blankets and have the privilege
Of exploring one’s anatomy in the comfort of the dark
Instead of through the mirror of a small bathroom
Where if you’re lucky, she might have included her face.
It’s too bad the boy or girl she sends it to still won’t know
The color of her eyes or that she scrunches her nose
When she’s mad or that she has the deepest dimples when she laughs.
Your body is more than just a screenshot that the receiver will take.
It’s more than sucking in the extra bit of sand
Inside the hour glass of your flesh covered skeleton.
It’s more than standing a little taller, arching your back
So that the cage of ribs protecting your heart show through
The lens of the camera.
Your body is more than turning to the left, then turning to the right
Because you’re trying to find an angle that makes you seem even thinner.
There are boys who only know how to love you as they hold their phone
With your picture in their eyes and their hand touching their own body
When they could be touching yours.
Do not allow a boy to love you through a picture because if a real man
Wants to love you, he won’t ask to see your naked anatomy before
First seeing your face and knowing that your eyes are blue,
That when you laugh, your dimples grow as deep as the Grand Canyon.
Do not allow yourself to let a boy love you through a picture that’s
Bounced from one cell tower to a different cell tower.

this is kind of a rough draft. let me know what you all think! feedback is appreciated and encouraged.
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Courtney Snodgrass
Courtney Snodgrass
Apr 15      Apr 15

The first night you stayed in my bed until the sun rose the next morning,
I was afraid to fall asleep out of fear that you wouldn’t be by my side
When I awoke the next day.
I lay on my side, you on your back, and my cheek on your bare chest.
I listened to your heartbeat like a loud lullaby trying to pull me to sleep.
I watched your eyelids, waiting for them to crack to see if I had fallen to slumber
But they never did.
Your chest elevated up and parachuted down in a perfect sync
With the heartbeat drumming in my ear.
Occasionally, I walked my fingertips softly up your chest as if your body were a mountain
And my fingers were hikers exploring your beauty and landscape.

I like certain lines in this poem and others, I hate. Trying to decide if I should add more to it. Let me know what you guys think.
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Apr 15      Apr 15

you are my sweetest dream.
you are my ever after

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Apr 12      Apr 14

When you stole my heart,
I didn't want it back

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