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 May 2020 Ziya mansoor
 May 2020 Ziya mansoor
Guilty of what you feel today,
Does not exist in reality.
What exists is,
It's shadow in the past.
Forgive yourself.
 Apr 2020 Ziya mansoor
 Apr 2020 Ziya mansoor
it feels like im saying
and writing
the same things over and over
but they are important to me
and i need them to be heard
to be seen
so i will not stop
until i am understood
by all of you
and by myself
sometimes i think poetry isn't for me, but giving up is not an option anymore.
A life without love is not living


merely existing
 Mar 2020 Ziya mansoor
May your days be full of sunshine
And your heart so full of love
May the rain and sorrow miss you
And fall far from up above

May your eyes be full of wonder
Enchanted looks throughout
Gaze crystalline visions
Look upon devout

May your life be full of friendships
And hard times pass you by
Only smiles for your kinships
And blue be painted skies

May you find someone as suiting
That you become so intertwined
Above, one star is shooting
While the rest become aligned
You are a gift to the world
but most importantly
to yourself
when you wake up
open your eyes
get up and stand
on your bare feet
you always land safely
use your hands
and take the world by storm
just do it
smile about being
amazing at being you
no one can compare to
the way you are nailing it
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