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 Apr 2021 a l e x
 Apr 2021 a l e x
She was the colorful part of my black and white world
 Apr 2021 a l e x
far away
 Apr 2021 a l e x
to travel to the farthest
your mind a Universe
within a Universe
that knows no limit.
 Feb 2021 a l e x
Hakikur Rahman
This is an outstanding feeling
On the pages of memory
Seems all sorted out
It's like an exchange of nuggets.

When has it crossed
How long is it left
Walking through the door of memory
The wrath of words
Is everything in order?

Gone yesterday
Crossed it
Now let's put it for tomorrow
When will the life fly away
Leaving all the delusion
This is the life of a caged bird.
 Feb 2021 a l e x
Reza Raad
A nostalgia
that squeezes your soul...

Your squeezed soul
gets buried into the casket of your body!
on your bed

plugs you to yourself
and unplugs you, a little later
plugs you
unplugs you
plugs you...

you’re toast!
 Feb 2021 a l e x
 Feb 2021 a l e x
Y is it so?
We’ll never know!
Live, love and learn to leave.
In the breeze I believe.
Roses are the perfect flower,
To brighten, any day,
A glorious fragrance,
Creating memories,
That will stay.

Roses often speak,
The language, of the heart,
As their beauty reflects,
A perfect work of art.

As they slowly open,
Into A perfect bloom,
Touching everyone's feelings,
As they enter the room.

Tom Maxwell Copyright 1/27/2007
 Feb 2021 a l e x
 Feb 2021 a l e x
love unconditionally
love limitlessly
love infinitely
love with every inch of your being
and keep loving for as long as you live
even if you get nothing at all in return
be the one that gave everything you could,
not the one that took everything they had
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