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a l e x Apr 2
if Neverland's true
then maybe I am too
lost like Peter
in finding the answer
a l e x Feb 13
in the darkest nights
she seeks for bliss
stars shown saying
she's not alone
Happy heart's day to y'all!
  Jun 2020 a l e x
you still haven’t met all of the people who will love you.
- unknown
a l e x Jun 2020
Verse 1
Words brought me here
Let me make it clear
I'm drowned in tears
Will healing took years?

The sadness is to much to bear
I got no one to share
The feeling I am hiding
Makes me feel like I'm dying

The poetry says it all
Everything seems so small
The poetry says it all
someone hear my call

You see me fine
But I'm not this time
You see me okay
But pain gets harder each day

But, I'm letting you go
No more hurting,  oh no
Now I'm letting you go
Time to end the sorrow

Verse 1
It seems like yesterday
We were both okay
We dreamt about tomorrow
Now you're just like a shadow

The memories we share
Now they've all turned into tears
The promises we should be doing
Were those just for beginning?


No more hiding
No nore crying
No more hoping
I am done fighting
guess im really done with this song. Will someone help me with the melodies tho? Comment down below if you want to
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