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a l e x Jul 6
i'm no knight
why do i fight¿
should this be right
just so we'll be aight¿

when it needs to be you
yet you have no clue
i turned into blue
do you feel me too?

the agony is increasing
but it's you that I am longing
the pain i am feeling
will you do the healing¿

love is what i ought to seek
in this poem i dare to speak
the woes i've been battling for  weeks
Now, tears are falling from my cheeks.
digged from my old notes again.
a l e x Apr 3
Lost in this place
With a grimace,
No where to go
No one to talk to,
Heart's  torn
So is feeling forlorn,
Wanting to quit
But it's hard to admit,
Thy body is weary
Thy soul's  not a beauty,
Finding pieces
Seeking for peace,
Oh life,
Let this all end please...?
digged from my old notes
  Jul 2018 a l e x
Remember when we fell in love?

The night where I softly spoke?

Stardust between my words?

Galaxies colliding?
And creating our own Universe?

Remember when you told me you loved me?

Like nothing would happen, we wouldn’t get Hurt.
But we got older and we learned.

Remember when...
We promised to never let go?

Like our bodies and minds became A-Glow?

I remember... And i’ll Never forget it.

I’m feeling extra special tonight, so have 2 love poems. This being the second I’ve posted. xd
a l e x May 2017
Of the million eyes that i have met
Yours was the hardest to forget
Yours that made my heart skipped a beat
And only yours took my breath
Over a billion people over you.
  May 2017 a l e x
oh my stars
You will never understand
What it feels like
To lie in bed at night
Not being to think about anything
Apart from the pair of scissors on your desk
Just three metres away.
You will never understand
What it feels like
To be kept alive by one person.
To completely rely on their love
And their very being.
And you will never understand
What it's like to hurt that someone
So much
Because you don't realise you are
Hanging onto the cracks in their foundations.
You are ripping them apart
And you're so self-consumed that
You don't notice them crumbling
Beneath your touch.
You will never know what it's like
To love life with such a passion
That your missed opportunities
Threaten to **** you.
You will never understand
How it is both a blessing a curse
To feel every emotion so deeply.
So purely.
To feel anger pumping through your bloodstream
To feel sadness dragging you to the bottom
To feel joy lifting you of the ground
And excitement bursting through you
Like sunbeams breaking through clouds.
You will never understand
How hard the simplest things are.
How contributing in class makes you sweat.
How him being late sends your heart into anaphylactic shock.
How leaving the house is enough to trigger a panic attack.
You will never understand
The difficulty of loving someone who doesn't notice you.
Because, believe me, no matter how long you live with it,
You will never get used to everyone meaning the world to you,
And you nothing to them.
You will never understand
How challenging it is to exist,
How hard it is to hold on to life.

You will never understand.
And I am so glad you won't.
  May 2017 a l e x
be reborn,
you have to die first
a l e x May 2017
You set me free
From the labyrinth
That I was trapped in

Couldn't remember how
I fell into the darkness
Until you had come to get me.

Pieces by pieces
You had picked me up
Trying to fix what's still can be.

Letting me shine
Shine like the brightest
Of all stars living.
Been a while . #labyrinth #suffering
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