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Michelle Apr 7
In a way
instead of figuring out who you are
you end up fighting who you were
whilst chasing who you want to be
and in the process
exhausting yourself eventually
so, just be
and that will be enough for me
Michelle Apr 7
I tied little knots in my hair, so that when you ran your hand through
you'd be stuck,
Anything just to make you stick around
Michelle Feb 3
When I first met you, you were perfect
Not just superficial or pretty on the surface
I genuinely thought you were the best thing since sliced bread
Maybe there was something broken inside my head
Because later down the line you broke me, not just cracked but shattered
Yet inside my head none of that really mattered
You could treat me like literal dirt on you shoe
But for some reason there’s just something about you
You treat me with absolutely no respect
But for some stupid reason, I still think you’re perfect
Michelle Feb 3
I am this tiny spec
In this tiny villiage
On this tiny island
On this thiny earth, that is not so tiny at all

I am this huge body
Made of millions of atoms
I am an inticate mechanism of nature
Full of things we don’t understand, not even a little bit, not even at all

I am not spectacular or magnificent
I am just human
and that is all
Michelle Feb 3
You are the only person i know i won’t forget
Because no matter who else comes along, no matter what they do
At the end of the night when i let my mind free, it always runs straight back to you
Michelle Feb 2
i want to dive in deep and  want to leave a trace
of the places that i've been and the things that i've done
i want to go on roadtrips and get lost just for fun
i want to throw my head back and scream at the top of my lungs
in the middle of a field as i lay under the moon
and i don't want it in the future, i want to do it soon
i want to be someone's courage, someones happiness, someones light
i want to take people dancing in the middle of the night
i want to be known for being able to make people smile
and make someone want to live longer, even just for a while
those people that light up the world, i want to become one
i want to be remebered for being someone
Inspired by 'someone to you' - Banners
Michelle Feb 2
you locked eyes with them as they walked past
only a few seconds and the seconds went fast
but your path and theirs crossed at the exact same moment
and they'll go on their way to live their own life and you have no idea what that might be
you'll probably never see them again
but you shared that one moment with them
So smile at the stranger in the street, the stranger you almost got to meet
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