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18.0k · Aug 2014
a l e x Aug 2014
I do have my weaknesses
I sometimes lose my strength
But whatever may happen
I will never lose my faith
I know I can't be that strong
For so long
So I'm asking you to accept me
Especially when I am at my worst
When I lose my way
Let me realize my mistake
So that I could take that as a lesson to learn
Never give up
We don't know what tomorrow may bring
Hope you guys will like this
17.4k · Jul 2014
You Broke Your Promise :(
a l e x Jul 2014
You broke it
You broke my heart
You ruined my life
You told me, you love me.
I  believed in you
I trusted you
I give you all my love
My life and my everything
What you did
Really hurt me so much
I didn't expected you'd do that
But "Expect the unexpected"
Someday you'll realize what you had done
And I just hope you would learn from that
6th grade life
15.4k · Jul 2014
a l e x Jul 2014
I know I have to get up whatever the pain
6.7k · Sep 2014
a l e x Sep 2014
Living without them is blue
That I never knew
What my life will be without them
They are the one who always been there for me
When I am so crazy,
When I am feeling so down
and most especially when I am worst.
They accept me whatever I am.
They are the people who can tell you frankly
Though their words hurt me badly
But that's what bestfriends for.
We don't have that kind of perfect friendship
We sometimes fought
But what matters most is we always forgive each other.
Give each other a chance.
A chance for us to realize our mistakes
And for us to realize the true value of friendship.
I'm so lucky to have you guys
Not just only as my bestfriends but being as my FAMILY ❤
Friendship do matter :)
Just love my bestfriends :).
3.4k · Aug 2016
a l e x Aug 2016
Hey you crazy fella
You know that I love ya
But you talk like godzilla
I better eat some banana

Every time I fail
You're there to make me feel better
You give me all your love
And all you're sacrifices
That's why here I am now
wanting to be a dragon-slayer

Every battle I encounter
you're with me my dragon-slayer
Every steps that I take
You're the light of the battle

How stupid I am
for making things ****

Hey mum,
you're my everything
youre my favorite thing
my bestfriend
my hero
You're my knight
who's with me all the fight
You take away my fright
So I can sleep well at night..

Yo mumma just wanna say sorry
for making things crazy
i know that im lazy
but i hope you forgive me.

My bestfriend, Harold and I made this RAP for our english performance
1.6k · May 2017
a l e x May 2017
You set me free
From the labyrinth
That I was trapped in

Couldn't remember how
I fell into the darkness
Until you came to get me.

Pieces by pieces
You picked me up
Tried to fix of what's still can be.

Letting me shine
like the brightest
Of all stars living.
Been a while . #labyrinth #suffering
1.4k · Jul 2014
Never Give Up!
a l e x Jul 2014
If you fall, be sure to pick up something.
Not all the time you're in the bottom.
Learn to stand up and face your problems
I can assure you,
You'll become a better and stronger person.
Let people see you how strong you are
Let them know you can let go of your problems without their help
Tell them that It's just a beautiful mistake :)
1.4k · Jul 2015
Does FOREVER really exist?
a l e x Jul 2015
Many people don't believe in forever,
but I do.
Because FOREVER is a CHOICE.
it does exist :)
1.2k · Jul 2014
a l e x Jul 2014
I'm hopeless
I'm unloved
I cried a while ago
It's because I can't handle all my emotions
I want to write in order to let go of my feelings
It's not enough
It doesn't make me feel better
So I just cried
They hate me
They don't like me
They don't love me
My life is full of regrets!
Full of comparison!
No one loves me
I'm so depressed
I better die!
I don't have space in this world
I'm full of emotions
Emotions that can't be wipe by someone else
SOooo depressed
1.1k · Jul 2014
a l e x Jul 2014
They always compare me to him
He who is an intelligent one
Who can draw well, who is kind
Everything they wanted is in him
I don't know why
I don't have it all
They don't even care
Don't even show some appreciation
Sometimes I told myself Why do I still exist if no one loves me?"
Can someone explain this to me what my life is for?
Someday I just hope that I can make them to be proud of me
That they will love me whatever I am
Someday .....
I will make them proud
:'( :'(
851 · May 2017
Just only you.
a l e x May 2017
Of the million eyes that i have met
Yours was the hardest to forget
Yours that made my heart skipped a beat
And only yours took my breath
Over a billion people over you.
850 · May 2017
a l e x May 2017
Seeking through everything
Yet found nothing
This idea of living
Is still the worst of suffering.
#dying #suicidal thoughts. #random
849 · Jul 2015
Lost Star
a l e x Jul 2015
In the vast universe,
and in the darkest night,
A forlorn star, yet still
twinkling so bright.
832 · Jun 2015
Candle Light
a l e x Jun 2015
My dear candle light,
Oh you are shinning so bright.
Provide me a light,
To brighten my darkest night.
Candle light. I hope you guys will like it. Zain **
781 · Jul 2015
Perfect Imperfections 10W
a l e x Jul 2015
Be you,
Be true,
because I adore your perfect imperfections.
778 · May 2015
a l e x May 2015
Do they really exist?
When will it happen
on my way?
I want to
experience  miracles
I want to
to seize the moment that
I have been waiting for so long

I will never stop believing that
It will happen in me too.
miracles happen everyday. but when on my way?
769 · Jul 2015
Turtles In Me
a l e x Jul 2015
To love then to be broken and to be defrauded again are my weaknesses
To be loved is to be the one destroyed
764 · Jul 2015
My favorite place
a l e x Jul 2015
A place to reminisce,
and a place where I find peace;
A place to be alone,
whenever I want to be on my own;
A place to be free,
and a place to be me.

All of a sudden
I'm lost and gone
Gone by my deepest thoughts
And by the pains that you have brought.

I'm staring at these four walls,
Inside this empty space ;
This is my place,
And this is my everything.
Reminiscing at my favorite place
692 · Sep 2015
a l e x Sep 2015
Oh how tragic it was.
Still fresh in my mind
But I will no longer be blind.

Oh how hard it was.
The pains I suffered,
And the fears I had conquered.

Oh how hard the fight was.
I fought so **** hard
And now victory is mine..
685 · Jun 2015
Beautiful Disaster
a l e x Jun 2015
You were once my everything,
But now you are nothing.

I Should forget you
Should stay away from you
You don't deserve my love

Somehow you're once the person
That means everything to me
But you hurt me,
You broke my heart into pieces

I'd been in pain,
Went  to many struggles
and sacrifices

Now I moved on
We're done, we're over
And you're just my beautiful mistake.
Stupid love thing
633 · Dec 2019
a l e x Dec 2019
Words brought me here
Let me just make it clear
I'm drowned in tears
Will healing took years?

The sadness is to much to bear
I got no one to share
The feeling I am hiding
Makes me feel like im dying
You see me fine
But trust me this time
this poetry says it all
someone hear my call
609 · Apr 2015
Love God Above All
a l e x Apr 2015
For he is only the one who  truly understands us
Who replaces our tears into smiles
Who is not tired to always guide us
Whom we can only call for when nobody's with us
495 · Dec 2019
e n d
a l e x Dec 2019
But im letting you go
No more hurting,  oh no
Now im letting you go
Time to end the sorrow

No more hiding
No more crying
No more hoping
I am done fighting
finally letting the old ways to die.
452 · Dec 2015
a l e x Dec 2015
You gave me the reason to live :)
Books, God, family
435 · Jun 2015
a l e x Jun 2015
You used to be one of my closest friend
We used to be together
We used to laugh out loud at crazy things
But then everything went wrong

You don't know what your smiles bring
You are my everything
I can't help it
I can't take it back
I am in love with you

I know you don't feel the same way
But we should not ruin our friendship
Don't push me away
Just don't avoid me

I am missing the old us
I wish I could turn back time
I wish we could go back into being a 'close friend'
How I wish...
Just ****
a l e x Jul 2014
"Your life, your decision, no one can dictate what are you going to do with your life" :)
417 · May 2017
I hate that I love you
a l e x May 2017
I hate that
My feelings grow stronger
When i know you'll be farther.

I hate that
Everything is all okay
When you will be away.

I hate that
I can't have you
When I really love you.

I hate that
I'm thinking too much of you
When this is all still new.

I hate that
I do love you so
When you're good to go :(
Jeez. Pain in the ***. #lit #love #laugh
413 · Jun 2015
a l e x Jun 2015
There was a girl named zain
Who was in pain
Who was too weak to speak
Because her problems were higher than a mountain's peak

She was never been braver
All she wanted was to be a loner
Depressed and Hopeless.
That was zain in pain
I just don't know what to do in this freaking world rn
381 · Jul 2015
Death Note
a l e x Jul 2015
Words left unspoken
Heart's filled with hatred
Mind's out of the blue
Soul's not in peace
So may I now rest in peace?
Lol. Haha  probably my death note
357 · Jul 2014
Nothing Is Impossible
a l e x Jul 2014
I'm so lucky today
I thought I can't win in that contest
It's because I'm lazy and unintelligent one
"Just for fun" It's my favorite saying
But that saying makes me strong
Although people thought I'm just making it for fun
Yes I am but, behind that are my prayers
Prayers that never disappointed me no matter what
Prayers that never fails
"God is Good ALL THE TIME"
He never disappoints me
Whatever happens ,
No matter what or how hard a problem is
My Prayer is still my best sword
A sword with my powerful words.
I win in the contest a while ago
I don't know how it happen
I just look up and say "GOD HELP ME"
Remember that always :)
#blessed #loved #God #glory #thankful
350 · Aug 2016
Fac ut vivas
a l e x Aug 2016
Endless scrolling
Never ending
Making no sense.
346 · Apr 2017
Romeo and Juliet song
a l e x Apr 2017
Seeing you walking in the aisle
I can't believe that you'd be mine
Dressed in that white
Just can't help myself of
thinking of you....

Will you stay by my side
'cause  you're my everything
my everything....
you're my everything

I know it won't be perfect
But itll be
worth it....

Will you stay by my side
'cause  you're my everything
my everything....
you're my everything
when our teacher told us to write a song bout them lol i know it just *****
331 · Apr 2016
I wish
a l e x Apr 2016
I wish I were a wizard
So no problems would be hard

I wish I were a poet
So you'd be perplexed , I bet

I wish I were a writer
So I would become stronger

I wish I were a traveler
So my world would be better

I wish I were you
So I'd be able to say I like you too

I wish I were a bird
So I would be free....
It's been a while. Sorry for this crazy poem
330 · May 2017
a l e x May 2017
Though we may be apart
You will always be in my heart.
I will always remember you
And will always love you.
280 · Aug 2016
a l e x Aug 2016
Can't you even see me.
269 · Jul 2014
a l e x Jul 2014
She's the one who raised me up to become an independent girl
The one who scold me when I made mistakes
The person who loves me even when I'm at my worst
The person who  understands me always
the person who never forget to take care of me
When I'm not with her she's the one who will text me "Are you ok there?."
The person who will say "Why? What happened"., "You will be alright"
She sometimes disappoints me but, I will just told myself that she's doing this for our own good although I sometimes feel she become strict.

We should love our Moms no matter what happen. We owe them our lives. Without them, there will be no us. :-) LOVE YOUR MOTHERS :D
sorry for my errors I'm just new here. #love #mom #iloveyou
267 · Dec 2015
a l e x Dec 2015
I don't think if we can trust everyone around us. There will always be a traitor and you must know who they are
259 · Dec 2014
Better not
a l e x Dec 2014
It's Better not to do it
It's Better not to be loved
It's better not to love someone else
It's better not to be happy
It's better to pray
It's better to live your life to the fullest
It's better to be with God
a l e x Jul 2015
Roses are red  

Violets are Blue

Zaughty is dead

How happy are you?

I'm a directioner haha so sorry guys :/ I'm just making fun. Sorry.
252 · Aug 2016
a l e x Aug 2016
wish I  could stop breathing
just for a day
so at least I'd  be okay
just for a day.

wish I could stop breathing
just for a day
so I'd know who would still stay
even a day.
247 · Jun 2015
a l e x Jun 2015
"To love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed."* - Jace Wayland
242 · Aug 2015
Angel in disguise 10w
a l e x Aug 2015
She maybe mean but she has a good heart
Just making fun
241 · Sep 2015
Own quote #1
a l e x Sep 2015
Life is like math, there are lots of complicated problems that you will face but think of it , that every problem has lots of solution. Every single problem, the hard or the easy ones, has its own solutions. So , it is up to you if you will strive hard to solve it or leave it with a BIG QUESTION MARK.
It's like there are many ways to **** a chicken :)
224 · Apr 2017
a l e x Apr 2017
I'm all alone without you
Lying in bed
Thinking about the past
Whyd u ripped me apart and broke my heart into pieces
Whyd u left me alone

When u walk away
I wept night and day
I know I won't be okay
without you today
this is actually a song for our performance
222 · Aug 2016
Song (not finish)
a l e x Aug 2016
But if this is the end
I wanna make it right
I wanna stop the fight

Cause you're my friend
not yet finish. still thinking
217 · Aug 2016
a l e x Aug 2016
Always bleeding
Never healing

Always crying
Never laughing

Always smiling
Yet just lying.

Always lost
Never gone

Always writing
Never saying....
216 · May 2015
a l e x May 2015
"The only way to get out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive"*- John Green
From the book of John Green, Looking for Alaska
211 · Jul 2014
a l e x Jul 2014
Life is like math. You will encounter lots of problems in life, but think of it that in every problem there's always a solution. It's up to you if you will solve it or your life will always be with a BIG QUESTION MARK
209 · Dec 2015
a l e x Dec 2015
I'm hurt because I loved
Yet im thankful despite of what had happened
I learned something from it
I will always treasure everything
And will never forget you

Days may passed by
I Am always dying to try
To Try not to cry
For my life now is really dry

Time will heals all wounds
We just have to wait for it
Hahaha it's not nice I know
185 · Dec 2019
bleed (continuation)
a l e x Dec 2019
You see me fine
But im not this time
You see me okay
But pain gets harder each day

this poetry says it all
everything seems so small
The poetry says it all
someone hear my call
Bleed was supposed to be just a short poem, but i started to add more stanzas and put melodies in it.
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