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 Jul 2021 a l e x
I’m five percent of what I was
when I was somewhere near my peak
you can drag me to the trough
but I’ll probably never drink
 Jul 2021 a l e x
you’re back now
but not quite how we imagined
you’re on the shelf now
with the things that never happened
 Jul 2021 a l e x
Qualyxian Quest
Poetry is different
The little contains a lot

Yesterday my sons
With my brother Scott

Shamanic initiation
Postcards that I bought

Sent them all away
Readers: that's what I got

                  I thought.
 Jul 2021 a l e x
Raj Bhandari
 Jul 2021 a l e x
Raj Bhandari
So,boy,now you wanna leave,
Oh God,still, I can not, believe
 Jul 2021 a l e x
Eshwara Prasad
He only believed something was true when he had personally experienced it.
 Apr 2021 a l e x
Lucia Urreta
The Milky Way looks upon the field,
Millions of lights illuminating,
Each petal,
Each stem.
And as the sun sets,
The smell of fragrant herbs and summer skies grace the wind,
Painting the horizon.
Hues of purple run endlessly,
Roads to the boundary of heaven and earth,
Of soil and stars.
And as a lone bird sings,
The moon rises,
And washes the colors away in white.
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