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 Mar 30 a l e x
don’t tell me you like me
just because you’re lonely
don’t tell i matter
just because i’m here
don’t tell me you miss me
just because you’re not talking to anyone
don’t tell I am pretty
just because you’re seeking for a girl
don’t tell me to stay
just because you need an accompany
don’t tell anything
if you can’t stay with me up until the end
just please don’t , i am too fragile
 Mar 30 a l e x
almost efni
why fire dances
while it burns
when i started
laughing while i cry

because why not.
 Dec 2019 a l e x
 Dec 2019 a l e x
And she painted the sky with her poetry
Calm but misty
Still dark and heavy
 Dec 2019 a l e x
NO. But he'll always remain
A special person to me
'cause I
Loved him once.
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