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 May 2018 Yusof Asnan
 May 2018 Yusof Asnan
I have
been sober
for about
8 months.
Go me.
it's official
it has been
a month

a whole,
wild month
but still a month

a month of
countless words
hundreds of views

though the question is
what is the point of this?
i've been here a month
and i'm still not sure

do i write here
just so
i have an outlet?
to get these feelings out?

am i here
to seek acceptance
to find people who feel like me
or who appreciate my thoughts?

am i just here
to feel wanted and understood
to hear praise and
watch my views climb?

is this a way for me
to say things to people
that i don't have the courage to say
in real life?

or am i here to help
diffuse my anger
and dull the pointed edges
of my soul
and try to put together
the shattered parts of me
by accepting them myself?
A poet in love
Is a match soaked
In gasoline.

follow my writing!

it will kick you in the diaphragm.
It's difficult to write
about my feelings in ten words.
Close your eyes and say,
"Not bad for a day!"
I saw forever in your eyes. . .

                Then you closed them.
Wrote this when I found out my husband was in love with another woman.
With every crash of a wave,
My stress is washed away..
 May 2018 Yusof Asnan
Little Bird
I have become very uninterested
in a life without you.
With love, kelsey
 Apr 2018 Yusof Asnan
the little white lie
just a harmless seed
but will it grow
into flower.....
or ****.
napowrimo day16
prompt; write a poem of lies

(this may well be prepartory thoughts to another poem)
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