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 Feb 22 Yuki
Makayla Jane
You're my heaven but maybe I'm your ****
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
We are not friends.
I try to
avoid her.
But when
she corners me,
and forces me to
in her
sad, mirroring
she shows me
I really want;
I really am.
like it
or not,
I need her.
In my Pantheon of Archetypes, Disappointment would hold out a mirror.
With thanks to Lila Thanh for the insight.
All rights reserved by the author.
we may be, but
I feel our hearts
in rhythm
wherever I go
"Faith is an oasis in the heart
which can never be reached by
the caravans of thinking."
 Feb 20 Yuki
Do I make sense?
I’m speaking but
Can you hear me?

It seems like I’m speaking silence
I suppose I am since, wait--
Do I make sense?

My words are easily misinterpreted
Even now, you’re listening but
Can you hear me?

Tangled tangents taken
From the context of my mind
Do I make sense?

I don’t. Of course the sound waves are reaching you
Still, I have to ask again to be sure
Can you hear me?

L’appel du vide is all I hear
I want to know you’re not the same
Do I make sense?
Can you hear me?
even i didn't understand what this poem was supposed to mean for a while. it took me about a month to realize why i wrote it.
Oh, these sparkling stars,
making our moonless midnight so bright!
Let's weave them into a
glittering garland of
pure starlight
and wrap our hearts
together with it
keeping our love
pure and strong,
so it's brilliance
will remain
even after
our lives on earth
are only memories
in the eyes of the angels
that we have become.
All rights reserved by the author.
Copyright 2019
 Feb 20 Yuki
She was
 Feb 20 Yuki
Just a pretty girl
With sad brown eyes
That loved a little too much
And was lost a little too early
 Feb 20 Yuki
I envy the spark between us
I may be broken
But I'm anything far from fragile
 Feb 18 Yuki
Deniz Eilmore
how can one
be in so much pain
and still not bleed?
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