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Yuki Oct 3
Each night I find myself
grieving the death of
my unborn adolescent self,
the miscarriage of a body
which was already alive
but never dared to live.
How broke do I have to be
to put all the pieces
back together again?
Time’s only direction
is forward.
My mind’s only direction
is backward.
I only know how to speak in words
I didn’t have enough courage
to pronounce in the past.
My eyes only know how to stare
at suns already set and crescents
which are now full moons.
My heart has never loved before
and now it’s trying to do it
like a sixteen-year-old.
My unborn adolescent self,
the miscarriage of a body
which wasn’t really alive
and dares to live now
when it is too late.
Sep 5 · 111
Before the storm
Yuki Sep 5
Be the thunder that
breaks the silence
if noise is the only way
you have to be heard.
Be the thunder that
breaks the silence
after a lightning
triggers its violence
against your fragility.
Be the thunder that
makes the storm come.
Sep 4 · 2.0k
Yuki Sep 4
I stopped looking
for my other half
in other people
the moment I realized
I was already whole
within myself.
I find no shame
in my solitude
now that alone
I do not feel lonely.
Jun 29 · 244
All lives matter
Yuki Jun 29
To all the people who
leave their homeland
to escape from their lives
unaware that they
won’t make it alive
on the other side,
oblivious to the horrific
idea that they will
scream and cry
while watching their
babies drown and die:
may the waves carry you
in a better world
than the one in which
we are living now.
Yuki Jun 13
And I am not in the mood
to look at the moon.
Show me the sun
in the hours of its rise
so my eyes will pay the price
for letting the memory of you
vanish from their dark irises;
those which will burn
along with the sun
and will have a reason to cry
while looking up to the sky.
Jun 12 · 118
Yuki Jun 12
Where do the dreams go
when the dreamers
lose their sleep?
Jun 12 · 155
Beginning of summer
Yuki Jun 12
**** my blood
as mosquitoes do
and may your voice
resound in my ears
as I try to dream.
Yuki Jun 12
Even now, after all this time
when I see you in the streets
my heart skips two beats.
You haven’t changed a bit
since the last time
you were holding me.
I’ve come to know by heart
the freckles on your nose
or the way you struck your pose,
your countless random gibberish
with that soft voice I’ll always cherish.
Oh tell me now,
how can we be strangers now
if I know you like I know me?
If I love you like I hate me?
Jun 11 · 185
Yuki Jun 11
Because fear
becomes essence
only if you let it be.
So stop seeing it
as a reliable friend
to whom you confide
how scared you are
of happiness.
talk to your joy
and let it convince you
how fearless you are
of the fear itself.
Jun 6 · 302
Make me heal
Yuki Jun 6
You are the air
which fills my lungs.
What a pity it is
that I am asthmatic
and find it hard
to let you in.
In an eternal effort
to breathe you whole
I end up searching for you
in every spot of my
tyrant anxiety who
prays for us to be apart.
Apr 16 · 200
Build yourself up
Yuki Apr 16
All these years spent
building a home
out of the bricks
of my fragile bones
and now I find myself
talking to the stars
in the soft moonlight
for I am a skyscraper.
Apr 13 · 84
Yuki Apr 13
Beyond the walls
you have erected,
through the peaks
of the mountains
growing in your
unresponsive body,
there’s an echo that
has been reverberating
for centuries now.
“I love you”: that’s
what it spells out.
Apr 9 · 694
Yuki Apr 9
I’m destined to have
eternal moments of
catastrophic drought
inside of me,
even if my heart
is an immortal
castaway through
the most brutal
storms of my soul.
Apr 9 · 98
Poem on a pentagram
Yuki Apr 9
My writing is
a voiceless
cry for help
who dreams
of becoming
sweet melody
to be sung by
whose voice
has not been
Apr 6 · 792
Yuki Apr 6
It is already sunrise and
it’s time to say goodbye
for I do not want to be
mistaken for the moon,
living under the spotlight
of her beloved sun.
Mar 18 · 179
Yuki Mar 18
If you could choose between
losing yourself and discovering
the deepest parts of your soul with
their weakness, fragilities and fears,
what will your choice be eventually?
And if you go for the first one,
will you walk in the streets
like an empty body looking lost
among humans whom souls you
cannot and do not want to touch?
And if you go for the second one
will you have the strength to fight
the demons who will come at night?
Will you see your soul while looking
in the mirror and recognize it as yours
in its whole being, with its scars?
If you could be whole, would
you still choose to be a half?
Mar 18 · 351
Yuki Mar 18
I fell for you
but you were
already gone
as soon as
I got up again,
like a magician
through a trapdoor.
That was the time
I began to believe
in magic.
Mar 7 · 150
To a friend
Yuki Mar 7
I can see your strength
all encased in your teeth,
in the smile that can’t hide
your never ending zest for life.
For if you burst out laughing
you sound like notes to a song
whose rhythm I can’t follow
but can’t help to dance along.
Feb 21 · 320
Yuki Feb 21
How do you walk
through a mind
filled with items
without fear of
having to pay
for the damage
if anything shatters?
Feb 20 · 244
Yuki Feb 20
Odorless ink turned
into sweet fragrance
through this poem
for it smells of you.
Feb 20 · 207
World War III
Yuki Feb 20
Like flowers in
soldiers’ guns
your shooting
left me unharmed
in the war between
both of our hearts
where all that remained
were the ‘love me not’
****** petals.
Feb 19 · 453
Yuki Feb 19
The soul has
its own weight
and I felt lighter
when you went away
not knowing if mine
was gone for good
or gone with you.
Feb 17 · 519
Yuki Feb 17
In the coldest of days
through the sighs
of the wind
I still was aflame
for I heard your voice
calling my name.
Feb 17 · 268
Pink slip
Yuki Feb 17
Ever since you left
I’ve been wondering
what it’d be like if we
were just parallel lines
never destined to meet
instead of two rusted cars
with broken brakes at a
crossroad without signage.
Yuki Feb 17
The ache of a heart
who cannot rest
for it has been apart
from you who were my best,
the best part
of all art.
Feb 15 · 173
Yuki Feb 15
To chase
in a bramble
rather than
in a thornless
Feb 14 · 374
Wishing on the stars
Yuki Feb 14
Why making wishes
on a dying creature
as a shooting star?
So beautiful death
can seem if seen
from a distance.
For me comets are
named after all the
people who decided
my sky wasn’t their
place anymore.
Feb 13 · 195
Permission to be
Yuki Feb 13
Give the gates
of your heart
permission to
be wide open
but make sure
not to let winter
settle in your
feeble bones.
Feb 13 · 436
My fragility
Yuki Feb 13
My fragility is a shared space
in which anyone feels free
to stay for a while
make a mess
and leave.
Feb 13 · 211
My bloody poem
Yuki Feb 13
I deprive my heart
of blood for I write
these verses with it
in the hope it would
merge with yours
the moment you see
my heart is meaningless
if you spurn my love.
Feb 10 · 527
Like in fairy tales
Yuki Feb 10
The Little Mermaid gave up
her voice so as to be near
her beloved prince and
that’s how little girls
are taught from the
earliest age that
as women the price
to pay for love will
always be their silence.
Feb 5 · 480
Yuki Feb 5
In my heart a
marching band
is playing
“Ode to Joy”
and I can’t help
but sing along.
Jan 31 · 189
The fine line
Yuki Jan 31
You are trapped in that limbo in
which your freedom coincides
imperceptibly with your loneliness
without being able to tell the
difference between the two,
scouring for an answer in that
horizon you are staring at
enchanted, for it is just like you:
the fine line between
the abyss and the sky.
Jan 30 · 121
Anatomy of feelings
Yuki Jan 30
Show me the heart
who was never cruel
and I will admit my
fallacy in believing
that hate is less
fearful than love.
Always too many absents
at life’s lessons and no one
who raises a hand.
Yuki Jan 29
Disappointments are like
baby tooth:
they teach you to smile
when you are still weak
but make room for
something stronger
as soon as you
are ready.
Jan 28 · 880
My rebirth hymn
Yuki Jan 28
It’s an ode to myself
the one enclosed in this ink
in the middle of the page
as a symbol of a heart
that got rhythm
after years of silence
thanks to my pen only.
Yuki Jan 28
To naively trust someone and
show them your weakest spots
is like giving guns to the enemies
and hope they will not fire.
It’s like throwing punches in the mirror
praying that your knuckles won’t bleed.
It’s like talking to the sky
thinking it will understand
and eventually talk back,
but it won’t.
Jan 27 · 164
The sea in you
Yuki Jan 27
Stormy sea you treasure
and I dive into you
to swim towards the
deepest depths of your ocean
into apnea because
that’s how you leave me:
Jan 27 · 189
Fall of a lightning
Yuki Jan 27
During the storm
the lightning falls
undaunted towards
the earth heedless of
the damage it will cause,
choosing to come into
existence anyway
to embrace life.
So be your own lightning
and trust your vibes.
Jan 27 · 245
Yuki Jan 27
She asked me the moon
so I packed my bags
and traveled through
thousands of galaxies
just to steal it from the sky
and gift it to her.
When I was home
light years later
she told me she got
sick of waiting and decided
to settle for someone
who gave her a flower
by simply picking it up
from the grass.
Jan 27 · 1.9k
The Aurora
Yuki Jan 27
I have been blessed with
a rose of blue petals
upon which I could read:
I will wait for you
‘till the end of time
on the other side of the world
to admire the most beautiful
northern lights
that are nothing compared
to the blue of your eyes.
Jan 25 · 126
Yuki Jan 25
****** were my eyes
and all their blinks
for I missed you
in those seconds
my eyelids kept me
away from the sight
of your beauty.
Jan 25 · 204
Yuki Jan 25
Blessed are all the dreamers
who see the sky smiling
while looking at the crescent.
Jan 24 · 350
Yuki Jan 24
The lion is called
king of the forest
for its beauty only
because it is well known
that the one who
fights every battle
is the lioness
living under her
hungry king’s thumb
and remembered
by no name at all.
Jan 24 · 762
May the odds
Yuki Jan 24
To the lucky ones
in whose hands
a ladybug has landed
I wish to not
search for a sign
or better a guise
to be great.
Jan 22 · 177
Seasons never change
Yuki Jan 22
A bruised body
doesn’t hurt as much as
a shaking soul
and trembling heart.
It’s the winter in me.
My ice-covered mind
is too cold to think properly
and my hands so frozen
aren’t able to
reach out and hold
Jan 19 · 1.1k
24 carat
Yuki Jan 19
What I like about diamonds
are their splinters,
the thorns of the rose
you picked up in winter.
Jan 19 · 2.1k
Yuki Jan 19
I have been trying to heal
by tearing myself
to pieces so far
and isn’t that
also a start?
Jan 18 · 182
Five hundred pounds
Yuki Jan 18
What should I do
when my heart
feels so heavy?
I am not much of
a weight lifter,
I do not know
how to raise it
from the ashes
and bring it back to life.
Jan 17 · 219
Yuki Jan 17
This is how I love
to remember you:
like a sleeping angel
while that faintest
light seeped through
the window in the small
hours of the morning.
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