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xoirene Apr 2014
Fake is the new trend
and everyone
seems to be in style.
xoirene Mar 2014
But well dressed.
  Mar 2014 xoirene
Miss Johansen
I wish I could accept myself
I wish I could love myself
I wish I could stop caring what you think
  Mar 2014 xoirene
I wish I was more than a thought,
but less than a headache.
I wish I was like your favorite song,
instead of just a jingle.
I wish I meant something more than a little,
but a little less than a lot.
I wish I was like your favorite novel,
instead of a small comic strip.
I wish you put me first,
but instead you put me last.
  Mar 2014 xoirene
Once upon a time
a girl fell in love
But the tale has a twist;
he doesn't love her back,
and the butterflies are dead
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