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Rb Dec 2015
You said you loved me
my imperfections
my red curly hair
And the way I smile at you

But then; after I gave you
my fragile heart
as I believe you to
handle it with care
You simply left without looking back

It has been a year since youleft
But tonight, you are on your knees

But I-
I won't smile at you anymore
I won't trust you anymore
Despite the fact that I still want you
as it was so hard to erase you from my mind

I still love you
but darling
My hands are bleeding poetry tonight

and i cant accept u anymore
Melanie Mar 2018
You bread fear and vulnerability
little by little you killed me
by intimidation
You thrived off of my instability; my humility
You thrived off me being vulnerable impaired
You left me haunted and scared

Drowning I couldn’t breathe air
Not fair
In my terror is when I found my faith that the devil is real
I was so scared
I was alone falling unsure and naive
I was innocent and unaware
You violated me
The way I looked at the world
The way I perceived it
The way I perceive people
The feeling of safety
Empathy compassion
Love control

Youleft me ruined shattered
You battered disrespected degraded and
And   disregarded my spirit
You denied my feelings my thoughts my beliefs my request  my despair
because remember, feeling isnt fair
My willingness to make love not war

— The End —