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ringyorm Dec 2013
Detatchment from the material,
worlds away,
on the rings of Saturn,
I sit and wonder why
I'm a process being computed through
an alien calculator,
calculus and quantum physics
dancing on the infinity loop
of fractal dreamsicle truths in the pineal
pinwheel of life
circling in the eyes of mother earth
Jeremy Bean Feb 2017
it beats you down
With so much
running between
fairy tales
and commitments
that were seldom our own
Until they were beaten
into our skulls from a young age
But once you start carving notches
in the box they have you living in
or stick your finger through
the pinhole
We look at the universe with
it is hard to go back
to what you once believed
as you search for connection
in a world full of people afraid
to look out the window.
Gabriel Winthrop Jan 2015
I'm probably neurotic
**** far from exotic
I have too much detatchment
From you, her and the other.
I'm far from an adequate lover.
Screaming-Tides Jan 2019
Detatchment and wishing illusions
I morph into different people to distance from myself
When I truly return inside the rage is blinding
The loathing is unimaginable
Twisted vines with thorns wrap themselves around my lungs, suffocating me and digging into me ever so deeply
The demons tug at my legs, their strength gradually increasing enough to bring me to the floor
I long to scratch myself up as they wish, as I deserve, until they allow me to jump out of my own skin
I long for my soul to be heard
My true self isn't enough, it's infuriating
They have taught me that time and time again
What a pity it is, you silly little girl
Do you really think this torture will stop
When it's all
You are built for
mrki Nov 2016
I always feel foggy somatic detatchment
It's like my body isn't connected to actions
It destroys everything that's affected the fragments
I don't have nothing but senses and sadness

— The End —