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Sheer zone of love filled in the heart,
Opposed with hate,
Presenting patience in full fury.
Did not know it's future fate,
Finally winning with oodles of understanding before it got too late!
Pure love now flooded .

© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
Random thoughts but in the simplest of processing
In a world of how's and why?
Open the doors of your heart,
 be always grateful,
why shy?

In the poison of pain,spread the nectar of love like a fluidic dye.
Let it flow in continuous supply,
Why can't you try?

Be happy,
Smile to the world with a Hello or a Hi!
See the world smile back in reply.

Why shed a teardrop or give a sigh,a shrill,a wail or a cry?
Oh my!
Subdue the demons,
ain't we humane,so then why?

Why target and then rectify?
Why argue then justify?
Why dismiss then deny?
Forgiving spirit is what you can imply,
You never know when time will fly.

Hey there! girl and guy,
Life's precious!
Gives reasons enough to open your arms wide upto the sky.
With eternal gratitude soar high.

why can't,
every minute be a moment of joy?
turning into memories that one can forever enjoy.

© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
Just why not try being able to help each other live in peace.
And be thankful to God for everything.
Where birds chirp and tweet,
Somewhere valleys and meadows meet,
That's where you will find

Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
Somewhere on the chimney tops,
That's where you will find

Where the tree's lay a golden carpet,
Somewhere between the moist logs and mossy bed,
That's where you will find

Where the white flakes form a snowpack,
Somewhere digging the ground with a hack,
That's where you will find

Where the lilies turn bright,
Somewhere the cookies get baked brown ,orange ,white,
That's where you will find

Where the dew drops glitz with the burning sun,
Somewhere hoping, jumping, playing is so much fun,
That's where you will find

Where there are infinite
gratitude reasons,
Somewhere between life's phases and different seasons,
That's where you will find
©M D.Nimbalkar
I have realised that my poems are almost always an outcome of my thoughts and body language at that particular time.
It's nice to see the world with a different angle;sometimes,
It's good to be feeling low; sometimes,
It's good to just not know ; sometimes,
It's good to not go with the flow; sometimes.

Wading through the rough times ; sometimes,
Being on a low key ; sometimes,
Searching the inner most me ; sometimes,
Ready to flee; sometimes,
Not knowing answers to why me ? Sometimes,

Imagination is more vivid than reality ;sometimes,
The best gain is to lose ; sometimes.

Dear Earth , 
Hope you are doing fine?
Although I love you from the bottom of my heart,
yet I forget to confess it and have simply torn you apart.

Trust me sometimes the love is indepth,
but I feel abandoned in my present.
With feelings that I negatively vent,
I felt ,what is the use of co-existing,
now or in the past?
for our friendship maybe temporary and may never last.
I see no road,no future,
Oh! dear Earth it is such a torture!
Why can't you leave me alone?
just let me be!
I loathe and you just don't see.

You;dear Earth have been a solid pillar when I show no sympathy.
You plead,but only for empathy!

How can you be so strong?
I play tug of war,
I pull and push you,
you never differ but just play along!
I ****** upon you my bewitching magic,
You hold onto it with strengthened logic.

Oh!dear Earth in your company, I see me as the unseen outcast,
You pamper me with your undying love,undoubtedly and fast!
Do you never feel the pain?
Why are you an epitome of kindness,so loving,patient and sane?

Dear Earth,now a dilemma
you leave in my heart,
It yearns to think what if we rewrite our story ?
As in the anguish of your void,
I realised, I am glad, I have you to walk this long way with me.
Oh my dear Earth a whole new world I can now foresee!

  You always give until the end,
It's me who needs to defend you and mend .
I seek for your benevolence and ask your friendship again.
It will be a happy place to be.
I promise; l won't take you for granted,that with my actions you shall see!

Let's bring in harmony with positive love and happiness,
Take off all the darkness and the pain.
A everlasting friendship that we both shall gain!

Yours sincerely,
Being Human

It shouldn't be too late before we stop taking things for granted
With the amount of abuse on Mother earth and the way we take it for granted dooms day is not very far ...why should we wait for earth's day to celebrate and acknowledge?
We need to take charge of all the negative impacts it takes in .our actions need to be justified.
This is just a conversation I imagine between Earth and a human albeit with a poetic touch .
Rhyming verse
Destination I know not of any,
Enroute upon a long journey ,
Don't ask where I have to go ,
In love with the roads ,
life's precious; that they show.

Distance may be fine and the journey may be long ,
Why wait for the best to come along ?
with happiness set your finest step forth,  
to being where you belong.

With freedom in the mind purity in the soul ,
follow the road leading to the stars,
Occassionally bumping into the dark yet seeing a streak of light afar,
With Caravan of feelings that infuse the heart with pride,
Open your arms wide,
carry on the journey with a pragmatic smile and a strong stride .

© Mrunalini Nimbalkar
Rhymed verse
  Apr 24 MrunaliniDNimbalkar
to the the girls who starve themselves,
the ones that watch their carbs,

you want to feel adored
you´re personality is fading
they´ll eventually get bored.

while striving for more
you settle for less

you can´t seem to love yourself
step on the scale, there go a few numbers
along with your happiness
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