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Feel yourself from within , be alive ,brighten the day .
Strike a cord within yourself and you have a friend for life.
Why wonder?
Why ponder ?
Into yourself you surrender !
Believe in the "Me", you will see ; life in full glee .

When the soul is filled with love to the brim ,
You live in someone else's heart.
Through their eyes you shine bright.
You can't burn a flame !
Be your own light .

Just believe in will be brighter...
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Inspirational poem
Happiness is the best revenge ever !

Better said then done ..being happy is one of the most important thing to do and also the most difficult one.
He cried like rain
And screamed like thunder

And I

I was a quiet river deafened by his storms
Over the wetlands of the azure abyass ,
the stoic herons gracefully spread their wings,
With riotously festooned cacophony and a medley of hopefulness in the air .

Now flying across the vast disappearing wetlands ,
In search of a safe abode, many a miles away from the homeland .

Each glide into a confident flight towards a provisional detatchment, searching newer homes without resentment .
From log to log , upon the swampy waters ,
into the wilderness of their own.
Percase where time stands still in a never ending zone !

Wild ; yet safely perched in the lap of nature .
Scaling the lengths and breadths, a blustery, gusty way ,
Each day a newer journey , passing through a haze of emotions .
Come rain , come shine there's nothing that stops the time .

Captured are they in the vicious circle of the antiquity of life ,
Nonetheless obliterated by the dark knights of death .

A poise , a pose; Alas! in  lame hope ,
It's moments like these that turn into a smile,
Else ; everything is gone,
Gone as life is so fragile !

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand or maybe not understand !
if you forget me,

as an animal, wounded by man,
forgets its natural predator

I will not weep, for the ocean
is already swollen with jilted
lovers tears

more so plant my feet, like roots,
where I stand

grow new skin over the injury

and wave my
healed, heart, hand
at the sun
Memories are a blur of hues,
sounds and smells,
a picture only you can decipher.

Each one making you or breaking you ,
Each one teaching you to be stronger,
Each one painted with strokes of strong innate ability.
Each one raising hope's and possibility.

Of course! deeply etched into the core of the heart ,
Only the surreal piece of art- work into each mind's frame work.
What remains ?
a chemistry or mystery ,
But a memory for eternity !

© M.D.Nimbalkar
Memory: This phenomenon of the science of humankind is simply phenomenal .
#Thought process#
Whenever time permits do read on,
these days I am writing only about you !

© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
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