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Oh dear waves go reach the shores,
let newer stories unfold to the ocean.
If there are dreams , I am never too old.
let me dive into my passion.
plunge into the depth of gifts that are within me ,
A treasure trove of high tides of compassion,
a mystic journey into self recognization.

Life is a comedy ,life is a tragedy,
Destiny rules .

@Mrunalini Nimbalkar
Some day ,one day you will find love that calms the soul.

@Mrunalini Nimbalkar
I fell ,I learnt ,I laughed ,I rose,
You laughed ,you mimicked, you laughed again,
How much did you fall ?

@Mrunalini Nimbalkar
Time killing is time killing ........

@Mrunalini Nimbalkar
30th March 2024
Standing on the pier,
seeing the sunrise,
the stillness in the waters,
the depth and the vastness,
transporting me to profound calmness.
When shaken with daily mundane and powerful thoughts,
the kiss of the subtle raindrops making me aware of my existence,
Nature teaches you to raise above the notch
Soothing the soul's wandering thoughts ,
I see myself repeating the process and then life goes on .

Nature has a magical touch, healing you with its beautiful art.
feeling the process ,being in oneness.
against the journey of multifaceted, painted minds, fluorescent lights and calender arts, sits me with a wandering heart .
As the depth of the day turns into a dark slumber,
counting minutes as if it was only the number,
then there gleams a reflection of the moon,
Yet again painting pretty pictures into the heart,
raising the hopes, not everything is lost.
Nature's gift is free of cost.

Not differing with who's who,
allowing to absorb everything old and new,
No questions asked,
rejuvenating and renewing energy, invoking hopes as I move through the woods,
long before I am lost.
nature trails leading to pasteurs green, absorbing the beauty of distant hills,
freeing the fears and embarking on newer thrills,
nature teaches life skills.
finding myself to grow and branch out from within ,
The soulful nature plays the mindful guide you are seeking .

@Mrunalini Nimbalkar
my gaze on rose trees
as the buds burst with colours
scissors hesitate.
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