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"I'm not looking for love"

The words of fools
No one who knows love looks for it
And those who don't
Think they have a choice

Love doesn't come knocking
Asking politely if it should enter
Waiting on your permission
Love is not a vampire

Love is a mosquito who will feast without invitation
It will lubricate the entrance to your heart without you realising
And shamelessly drink directly from the valve
You will be in love before you know it
And when it turns cold

Love goes away

But do not be misled

It does not die

Love will fester beneath your skin

And simmer in the heat of your longing

It will flicker in and out of your life

In your thoughts, in your memories

In your dreams and the future you built in words

It will always own some of the veins within you
And when the fragrance of it finally fades
It will feel like a bite out of your life
One that lasted mere days
But left scars that last a lifetime
I am afraid
the feeling of
will never leave
my chest
numb / pain
 Jun 22 White Widow
Shi Em
anxieties —
they keep me up,
and now they long
to wither me down
Orchids wilt and rot
in time.
Roses have thorns that
***** to bleed.
Seeds bring life that
ultimately dies.
In lieu of flowers
give me your
eyes full of
heat and desire.
Surrender your heart of
passion, but most of all,
water me with your
love so that I can grow.
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