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May 2021 · 91
My hypnotic soul
Vladimir s Krebs May 2021
Chasing the dreams of all my past memories plays hypnotic song threw the mind of my soul that runs wild like the mustangs of the open  bad lands. True love seems to be hanging heavily in my heart Makin me feel so mentally drained when all I want is to live in harmony with the people I love as my heart beats alone. I feel like I'm living a dream with no ending the storie keeps going like endless fairy tales that just feel like they can't be real only when reality hits you you feel my love! The hypnotic endless energy of love kindness and compassion can be stronger than freight train speeding down the rails. Only then when love fails we all begin to derail. Love is such hypnotic mystery were all lucky to experience the ride threw the Frontline.
Life is full of hypnotic mystery and misfortune
Jan 2021 · 123
Fucking fight back
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2021
No no no you ******* coward  I swear to all the poor *** haters I swear you can't take me down I will fight back till I die I am soldier I fight gods honor a loyal angel of death I wil call the shots no more abuse no more manipulation and lies im getting close to shaping  your lies words hate im russian yoy hate me *******
Dec 2020 · 57
My hearts content
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2020
Every day I feel like just same old story. Same routine same game. Nomatter how hard I end up trying ill never win. Why do tears thoughts race threw my mind. When I feel so mentally drained dead inside! Music is the only way for me to fall apart without anyone knowing the fear that lies ahead. Dreams hopes just become lies that never come true? Over and over I try not to let my feelings show. So many thoughts race threw my head i feel like this world and me have no place
Lifes pain
Dec 2020 · 58
Pain of lies
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2020
When you me were together. My heart was beating faster! But you lies got me addicted to curtain kinda sadness. When love stoped my world grew colder than ice. When I was abandoned I felt it was to late to relapse. Heart keeps going on with fight just to survive the pain you left me in. Time goes bye with tears streaming down my face as I drink away the pain your left me in. Maybe it never to late to run away! Or maybe I should just keep walking till the end of road begins to sink dragging me down into the grave. Was your words real? Or simply just lies you couldn't keep playing my heart with. Who should I rely on when im alone in this empty world. With just the poetry I get my heart to speak pain I never expected to feel from your cold lies. I hope ill be able to make threw your abuse as my own voice becomes silent
Relationship scam i was in
Nov 2020 · 52
Star of night
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2020
I lay awake at night hoping for the cold chill of night to leave my breath visible to your eyes . I see last divin threw the night sky at time ripped a hole threw my mind. When I lay away think about you my spine has chills running down leaving me feel cold god take the erath as wind blows the chims creating sound of bliss and hope for all man kind . I feel paralyzed when yoy run you hands down my back leaching me wanting more of your touch as we both strive deep into echother blue eyes
Oct 2020 · 43
Carry you
Vladimir s Krebs Oct 2020
I feel so alone empty all I hear are floors creek when I walk down the dark desolate hallway with memories of tragedy play visions of lost empty one i lost is any body out there loneliness my heart feels is eternity of abandonedment loneliness watching candles flicker when gust of air blows threw the window my reflection is just ghost of my own self that just fades away from time I felt alive I use to be able to fly but now I become a fallen angel among a demise of lost souls cry to be free my heart losing battle when ever time it just breaks when every woman just hurts me I am just ghost in shadows of misery what should I do being abandoned or being destroyed shattered like glass being smashed in car accident where everyone dies nobody will survive love when nobody wants  real love i lost will to fight when im walking the earth just lost soul wanting my engery to free wishing I had someone to spend my life with just seems to be just another tragedy waiting to happen 💔  am I just a ghost or have I  went to heaven above was recarnated a dove to touch could with my winds soar the great oceans watching life go on
Sep 2020 · 48
Tears of the lost souls
Vladimir s Krebs Sep 2020
I drift around like sail boat sailing the open ocean where ever the wind blows my soul drift that direction tears fall down my face from all the hurt you put me threw with all your lies 💔 I thought we would be together forever you made my soul drift away the music of my heart once had a rhythmic beat song now silent from your destruction you may know my name my life story after you betrayed me love goes dark there no light you truth only smoke minors you portay of evil that lies in your heart You leave me in fight for survival
These online relationship i find Nothing but lies and fake love joke
May 2020 · 54
fallen angel
Vladimir s Krebs May 2020
every day i just am in free fall im so ******* afraid to lose it all if I reach hight the days just seem to fly by living life like everything around me is just in slow motion spark flam my heart floods valley deeper than all scares on my body there voice in my mind that tells me to never stop fighting if fall ill never stop till the world around me just disappears can you feel the energy around you the path that makes all your dreams come to life do you still believe that the world can become such delicate flowers were eventually everything around you crummbls around you you have fight every day to just survive who are you going be when the light go out are you rise or fall ill never stop running till nigh Mars ended
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2020
My love for you smelled like early cherry blossoms in early spring. Everything I said came from the turn broken shattered side of my heart. Will you kiss me heal all my wounds. When I tell you I love you I wanted to cling to you. The warm beauty that softly reflects of the shimmer of water on the pond. You are all I have  losing you I knew I lost.
Jul 2019 · 160
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2019
My heart has carrying around the fear of seeing this world become a war zone the distance I can run will never be enough to survive the end of time. The names of loved one I lost I will carry with me forever. I am alone to survive I miss my happiness I miss my joy but I'll never stop running from the fear
Mar 2019 · 101
All i need is you
Vladimir s Krebs Mar 2019
I want to spend the rest of my life dreaming deeply about you. Or i could pick my darling up in my arms just making beautiful memories togather the love we have forever has taken all the tears we cryed away forever. I dont want to close my eyes all i want to do i look deep into your eyes kiss your lips till your cheeks blush red. The love i have for you is so deep so pure flower grow and bloom when we and you pass by. All i want to do is lay my head on your chest listen to your heart sycning to the romantic beat of mine. I dont want to miss a sec of you baby i dont want to sleep bc all i want to do is lay my eyes on you deeply for the rest of my life
Feb 2019 · 250
just speak the truth
Vladimir s Krebs Feb 2019
In mind I feel like I have been suffocation all my demons I have trapped in my time goes love just seems to be so deeply  neglected. my many mistakes I made just seem to leave tears that can show your honesty to your heart. the music I'm listening to just seems to leave me feeling emotionally drained just like all the sadended lies you left me with. before you speak just tell me if can handle the emotional pain you cause me. if I could change my ways I would be normal just like the rest of society. everything I give to you day and night just seems like you don't care about me. all you do is stair at me like I'm blind many ways your words have. I told you again and again over and over just speak the truth bc your just hurting your self on the lies you are purseing. pretty soon you will run into your fate when all I asked is for you to tell me the truth. anything is possible. look at your self tell me who you truly see or who you truly are. love only becomes true when you just tell the truth. my heart just cryed when you have lied to me my fear is real but the music that I listen to just wraps around me injecting me with pain relief. this world is so scary when your not around me this world is so toxic society is  so dangeriously toxic everyone around me is toxic. what do we do when times runs out? where do we go where do we run. where will it be safe to play sleep or dream. I'm so tired of your dishonest lies so what me just pack up my stuff walk out the door while you sleep whatch me disappear threw thin air. I thought your voice was just lies. I'm losing my patiants  with everything you do that rips me apart.
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2019
Alone the sadness is real when you have noone to be with abandoned by the ******* of society stealing your vary soul every glass of wine just starts to numb the pain when you know the truth new Year's eve is a joke
I'm completely wasted on 2 bottles of wine feeling like  new year's eve is such full of **** when you are completely ******* alone
Dec 2018 · 144
Take me by the hand
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
Take me by the hand I'll show you a world you've never seen before a life of running free where our love is pure we will light the flam for our romance dont be afraid my love this world is filled with evils and darkness so take me by the hand I'll show you a world a autopia where there no darkness no evil we will run away spread our love chasing all the evils away we will change the darkness into light our love is so pure nomore bloodshed will happen anymore

I'll show you a world where there nothing but pure love that we can change the world with
Dec 2018 · 195
Tell me i am yours
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
Baby tell me I'm yours tell me you love me as I lay her with my head on your chest listening to your heart beating tell me I'm loved kiss me take my breath away run your hands up and down my back make me get goosebumps with your soft kisses tell me you will never let anything hurt me baby I love you you are my life my everything your my angel from above
Dec 2018 · 118
Dangerous mind
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
The path I go is filled with dangerous thoughts and thrills cheating my life playing god weather I die or live the thrills are real p life is a dangerous path I live by doing absolutely anything to feed my addiction so hungry  falling threw the sky with out pulling the parachute till the last 50 feet breathing the fire like the dragon I chase the speed looking threw my eyes are demonicly crazy playing with fire playing every the fule that ignites the sparks lighting up the night with glowing red eyes chasing your inter demons till it burns down everything darkness will be illuminated by the blinding flashes of how dangerous the trills may get

I'm not insane or crazy but I have a vary addictive thrill seeking personality that is vary hungry

I'll take the fast track if I can feel the dangers if  I can feel the wind in my hair the feel the forces of the speed agesnt my body

I'll light the flam that will light up the night

I'll take the trill playing god on over my life weather I live or die I'll feed my addiction of thrill doing absolutely anything to feed its hunger

I am a adrenaline ****** playing god on my life taking the thrill of danger living my life going the speed will open your eyes see what your missing

The blue flam you see deep in my blue eyes you will know what your missing out in you own life a dangerous mind will turn you into a adrenaline ******
Dec 2018 · 148
The us Arizona
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
The screams I hear of dead soldiers trying to escap ther toumb of the deep knocking and distance explosions of the echoes of the past the fire of hell was droped thousands of lives lost into a  distant scream voices heard help help as crews raced to free the souls of the dead tears will start to slowly overflow when you know the fight will never end the dead scream and cry for there loves as time sealed them into a watery grave the last few mins was the prayer of our loard and savior to lift there souls to heaven the dead scream in distance years as you look at the us  Arizona
When I write I listen to music it makes the words just flow out
Dec 2018 · 106
My wife
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
Every day I wake up I wake up in the arms of the most beautiful woman in my life stearing deep Into her eyes sets my heart a blaze our own love is like 50 shades of grey keratin kisses feel warm like a warm summer's night as I grow she nurtures me our love is so strong my wife is like a mother to me since I was adopted from st Petersburg Russia love is like pure energy she breathes happiness radiating my heart and soul making love like Angel's from above this happiness feels like I'm just floating and drifting into a love storie I cant even describe I'm lost in a trasnlusant state hipnotysed by her lust I'm so in love with my wife
Dec 2018 · 92
The car accident
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
I ran from my life I tryed to escape time the love I had was so reall it only left pain deep down inside my heart I was running from my life and was hit by a car the sound of tires screeching the sound of the glass shattering as I lay on the ground what do I choice to escap from my crazy life or to just spend my life with people who only make it a living hell

I seek the thrill  of danger leading me to live on the edge if fall I will rise tall with my life filled with adventure and risk I cant escap time but I can live strong threw everything
Feeling of chills
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
I live on the edge of danger every steep I take is a risk like playing a game of poker and Russian roulette every day I seek the fast track the speed I seek is the danger of going down into a firery BLaze welcome to madness this is you last chance of seeking the dangerous exitment or it game over the faster I go lightning crashes everthing burns to ashes the faster I go the more I know how to push my self to the limits if I go down I'll climb the heights I'll jump off cliffs to feed my addiction the life of a thrill seeking death addick
Dec 2018 · 92
Heart aches
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
My life is filled with endless roads I feel like I'm drowning my days are just filled with tragedy when your  love cant seem to heal me I feel like I'm screaming falling into a pit of emptiness and loneliness  if you loved me then why is it you are slowly killing me deeply I gave you my heart for repairs but instead you put it in a shredder the kinda person you are is heart breaker you leave me with a hole where my heart once was you are so fake like plastic this is so tragic I gave you my love and all you have done was hold me down and slowly **** out my souls taking my life away the darkness I feel is so cold my breath is seen is this what its like to be dead inside when love turned into the worst tragedy when I was romeo and you were juliet when you were the devil in desciz your charm was just the bait so you could hook me to your lust I dont know what the hell your gona do but you have ****** the light of day from my world leaving me cold and dead I have no place to run when your controling me at night the fire grows the light flashes and the entire world becomes hell no place to run or hide I feel like I'm drowning under your power I cant escap I'm so addicted to your lust you give off even when you have ripping me apart even when you give me heart aches from the exhaustion we run to
Dec 2018 · 86
Mentaly drained
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
Every day I wake up I feel drained the same old routine everything I did is slowly killing me one breath at a time everything feels black and white the exitment grows when my soul lights the fire burning down everything in its path all people do is slowly **** me only driving me crazy till it ends up like a ******* train wreck only leaving me with now energy just aches and pain not ever the pain meds will bring me back to like only start a destructive path of of self hatred and addiction

Not even pills or ***** will bring me back to life

One problem after the other it's like a rainy day only bad part is it's nothing but electric and explosive

As I look at my self in the mirror all I see is me dead deep inside with no way to recharge or even breath I feel like I'm suffocating under all the ******* life throws at me

I feel like I'm a loaded gun ready to go off with a load bang the target is me with a bright red dot on my back

I am mentaly drained sic of the same routine but to **** tired to start a new routine

Let's face it I feel like I'm slowly suffocating

Everthing is killing me one breath at a time
Dec 2018 · 120
The blast
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
As I walk this earth the blinding flashes come burning threw my skin this world has been eniolated buy  evil nowhere to hide but fight your way threw hell I survive in the old shell of a hospital when out the broken window the entire city has been burned down to the ground

You can run your can hide but the bang the shockwave you will experience will steal your soul turing you evil

Blinding flashes no place to hide time to survive and fight to the end of time
Dec 2018 · 99
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
Every day is filled with nothing but empty promises all the hopes and dreams just shattered broken emotions that feel so heavey it leaves a trail hurt but moving on is for the better falling in love is nothing but a dangerous path when you love your partner so much when they dont even love you all they do is manipulate and pull your strings to get everything from you leaving nothing but a trail of destruction love will sink but hope will always float bringing a new day with endless possibilities to take on even if it leaves your heart soul body and mind with no more energy just follow your heart it will lead you to your meaning you are her on the earth for
Dec 2018 · 148
Can we coexist together
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
My love you are all I trust but this world is filled with nothing but anger. I'm sorry but these words I have will shatter our minds my love I dont think our love will last forever I'm sorry but idk if we can coexist togather when both of our hearts are hurting my heart has shattered the vary day I have meet you I droped a tear in the ocean for the vary day I stop loving you my love
Dec 2018 · 152
Adrenaline junkie
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
They say I live my life a quarter mile at a time I seek the thrill in going fast no care if I end up in a accidnt seeing the limits of my own self pushing harder and harder I seek the trill of breaking the barriers of life and death I live I seek I breath danger I ride I run I drive but the only thing in my life is the thrill seeking life flashing thrill of speed and danger
I'm a serious adrenaline ******
Oct 2018 · 237
the pain you left me with
Vladimir s Krebs Oct 2018
i still have the letters and flowers you have sent but at the end of every day you just leave me with with empty promises. no point to keep on hoping the day you will appear when my heart has no more room for hope the love you gave me was just lies. the tears i have will fall leaving a river of every thing you said to me all your hugs all your kisses were just fake. your love has broke me down growing me from under neath the river i leave behind. your love is al i need but you can show me the truth you keep playing me like its just a game. i have saved everything you give me all the pictures you sent just doesn't feel real any more. the lies you hide from me the things you hide only turn to scars all over my body. but i think the day our wedding comes the truth will show you the light bring us nothing but the joy and happiness. my love you are my dreams the wings of a thousand angels will carry me and you to the heavens above leaving nothing but memories that will tell our stories for what we leave behind the pain you left with me was never saying goodbye when you dissapeard every day i have searched for you me and you were meant to be to gather we are supost to be together forever i every day i drown everyday you get further and further away love sinks and hope floats
its a monday night listing to music drinking a glass of wine while my wife is sleeping in my lap
Oct 2018 · 130
The scares on my body
Vladimir s Krebs Oct 2018
Every day i want to scream my lungs out every person i face just leaves there darkness on me like taking a sharpie and drawing lins on your skin words will fade so will the scares but the pain they left you in feels like your not strong enought. The one i loved hqve left and abandoned me as time seems to lose all i can say if im tired i have no more strength to listen to words that have no meaning
I have been just tired of people taking out all there mistakes and problems the hqve on me im not a therapist but i listen try to help
Sep 2018 · 329
The flash of light
Vladimir s Krebs Sep 2018
As i sit on my knees its vary clear the pain will never leave the sadness willl keep playing with your heart your life will flash in front of your own existence. The cold chills that run down your spine. The love you lost leaving you numb and deeply hurt and broken. Addiction you fill the emptiness deep inside your soul. You tired there no point of careing when everything you creat gets destroyed by people during the day. The money you make seems to slip away when you fall inlove. Control overe you with now escape you want to be loved and held tightly cuddled. But dose love really even exists dose it even have meaning dose it have any real feeling. I have dreams i seek nomatter how hard i work everything around me just crubbles im left to clean up all the broken peices

I want to be loved i want to feel what real but this world is just filled with artificial life
I work so hard i guess im just exhausted of everyone around me trashing everything i do
Sep 2018 · 120
Cocain monster
Vladimir s Krebs Sep 2018
I am loosing controll spinning around the room fighting memories that just bring the pain take a stronger dose all you see is the world crumbling around you i am so vary lost no right way no path i should take i need love i dont want to be alone my mind exploseds with flashes of memories i cant escape i keep running threw the emotions like they are just delicat flowers. Everything around me slowly fades as i walk alone in this aginizing pain there is no sunshine just darkness the cemetery has wolves ripping up the graves creating my own bed of inturnal sleep like snow white just give md the kiss of life bring me back to life bc i will just keep dying every time memoris will break. No escap no air to breath the drugs are getting stronger finding peace with a world with no way to run or hid just keep finding all your deamsn that tourcher you threw life every mistake another drag loosing control with how high you get saddly theres isnt anyway to fight pain its better just to go threw it and fight your way threw the pain i need your love i need you higs give me the kiss bring me back to life
Bipolar disorder suffer
Aug 2018 · 105
consensual fight club
Vladimir s Krebs Aug 2018
lets have some fun lets take our lives lets throw our selfs at echother breaking down the walls lets make echother go crazy lets make the night explode with our fists lets make the house come down lets take what ever we can find and fight all night seeing who will be the one last standing. lets see who will lose there minds after the first could of rounds i want to see your anger the beast deep inside you i want you to unleash it alone the entire circle of people fighting every one at once tear them down like chopping a tree down show the group you the king while i blow every one down with my pure aggressive anger
consensual fight club its all legal to do into have fun
Aug 2018 · 126
the mess you left me with
Vladimir s Krebs Aug 2018
your love is like a wild fire uncontrollable to dangerous to play with. the danger you put me threw only leaves me with wounds not even a skilled surgen can fix. you leave me broken with no voice to say any words. you left my heart broken twisting withering it till is has no beat. i gave you my love i gave you my trust. but you turned on me pushing me to the ground in your pride. i grow cold as you lie to me every thing you put me threw just leaves fade thick white  scares out in the open. not even enough booz or pain killers could erase you from my life you sic twisted *****. my life has now become a mess a twisted mess i can't escape when you the one who is responsible for it.  every day i try to find the answers answered that could possibly save me from this burning hell I'm in. you used me you took my soul from me now I'm dead inside cold withered no life left inside of me. i gave you my trust i gave you my love and affection but instead of loving and caring for me you ran off cutting me apart our wedding was just a mistake you sick tadistic ****.  my love you played with but you forgot i am a wild fire that will spread uncontrollably burning anything it my path killing and leaving the earth scorched. you played with my weakness but what will happen to your sic games you play will come back and tear your soul apart to show you the pain you put me threw then i can close my last faded **** memories about you you sic sadistic *****
dont trust people who will only wrong you
Jul 2018 · 170
My bipolar and me
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2018
As i look in the mior at my self i see two sides of me one bright and beautiful and the other a mistory awiting to be discovered. My mind is where i spend most of my time thinking long thoughts. Pondering on what is going on. My friend is my own creativity a poet esacpinv my reality i live is hell i cant escape. My mind is full of things i cant explain. Ideas creative exiting but road lesss traveled. Bc beyong every bend is a mistake i make every time i open a new door to my own hell. Where god or satan has no control over. I am a walking hell setting wild fires with nothing left bright or beautiful. In my life there is no sun just a world of hell. If i let you see what i see you might lose your mind and go psychoticly crazy just to escape the pits of fire i walk threw. Wind chimes blow giving a chill to the air leaving me with chills of fear down my spine. My bipolar is like a roaler coster a speeding car that crashes into another cras sometimes. Most of the time i spend my time in my head thinking long thoughts pondering on the possibilitys of what is true and what is false. Week after week im stuck in my head just with all my thoughts that never seem to end it never tires me at all. My friend dont follow mw unless you wish to walk in hell like me
I have bipolar disorder it helps me to write poetry by ryth by music all of my words i cant express come out of me
Jul 2018 · 189
My reflection
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2018
What i see is my self nothing special nothing crazy.  Nothing but a weak smile and scares all over my entire body looking deep into my eyes you can touch my soul. The only thing to see is my humble heart i would hide from you. Music flowes threw my body sending the vibrations threw my mind and heart. Hearing the rythem drown out of me seem to bleed when my scares rip apart.
Jul 2018 · 188
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2018
Your love is rought nothing you have done will every be good your words your love is buring scares onto my flesh when you hid from me. Word will never be enought to show you the pain i suffer nothing will ever be able to show you the world i live in. Hell is where i live like blads sliceing your souls away. Your love is like a gun you pulled the trigger shooting me in the heart. Theres nothing left there nothing even worth saving when im gone. When i walk this earth i will whow you my world i live and see. But there now point of showing you bc you will never understand me till the day we split away from the truth of you killing me
Love is rought or false
Jul 2018 · 192
My road i travel
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2018
I walk alone week by week with long thoughts. It feels like the worst kind of pain i known. Nomatter how long i go nomatter how far i walk. Ill never know what a life with out pain is like. Day by day these road are less traveld.  But my heart is weak and broken. The love i lost leaves the scares of my past where i have been abandoned and miss treated at alast. Your word **** me slashing and buring in my skin deep anguish. My mind is nothing but long fill shattered dreams. I have to fight or risk my life trying to fall in love with my happiness that seems ro be running away from me. Every scare you leave on my seems to tell a new begain and end were theres no heroic end. Week by week day by day be hind every bend there is a broken mind you played with. In time you will  hear my voice my mind will scream my withered heart will start to beat once more till you decide to push me away and abonded me agin. Week by week day by day all i see if pur love slipping in to my dreams i had. But my road i travel has many doors every path or door has a beginning but never a end. I try to find pure happinnes when im alone but its just seems to flate line like you left my broken heart you have broke with your tristed lies. Day by day week by week min by min second by second i walk alone with all my scares you left. Bc the love you left wasnt worth it bc of you left your cost behind it

Alone i walk with nothing but a endless fading last breath.
Walking alone should only be left to your if you cant find any other way of finding your way
Jul 2018 · 206
Feeling lost
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2018
My mind is full of endless possibilities ideas that shin bright like the stars and bright like the son. Why dose it all see like day by day i see the same people but they difrent faces. Where am i going. I cant tell you bc idk where i am heading. Stop have bon fire watch the night sky dance away with emptyness and a heart filled with curiosity. Weathers its love *** or pasion or romance at the end the everyday i am always lost. All my thoughts stop i feel cometly empty play a song it gets stuck in my head and i have to play it on repeat forevery bc i cant listen to another song or it will makethings get worse.

Everyday i see the same people but they all have difrent faces at the end of the day
Jul 2018 · 182
Paralyzed in her web
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2018
Her love is so intoxicating she paralyzes with her venom. The toxins are kicking in. She medicates my brain leaving the emotions painless. Agin and again i feel like half awake or in acoma where im not alone. She is my angel my god my vissions i see in my head and my dreams. She spins a web where we lay where she lays me down to rest.  Alone i stand in this life a wisper and a scream. This can be real im going to go insain blowing my mind away. What is left only dilusions of the girl i love. The pain come crashing in with the knife you stabed me twisting till the blood stains your blade. I stand in the rain gettting wet. The tears start to bleed crimison red like when you put crimson red lipstick you kiss me all over with. These games the dreams the vissions you left me with give me the strenght to keep walking threw hell i am traped threw. 3 am you are sitting on the couch you drinking red wine or have you finally trapped your next victim and ****** all his blood out of his vains to show you are my true love. Your love is so strong my night mars never seem to exist when you have me tighlt in your arms. Everyday i see buring firery hell i see people suffer for all there sins they have left scares all over. I will walk threw the vall of death just to be with my wife with her intoxicating aroma she suduces me with. Temtation will only bring me missery. My prince i love you i will catch all the threats in my web making sure your safe. No harm will come when you follow me threw the heavens and hells. She has bit me showing me a life with painless begainaings and endings. My life has been nothing but full of darkness pain and endless battles. My wife is like a black widdow her venom sinks in to my vains like needles setting all my pain go away she sets my fear and endless terros away. She promised me i will not die one breath at a time. She picked me up off the floor when i was to weak to keep going. Everyday my dreams change all i see is her right in front of me her venom gave be the visions of a millions dreams. The thunder storme breakes my silence when the fear is to much to bear. I drift in to my own grave awake or asleep. Feeling like im floating motionless in the ocean where the wakes ******* me down to a wattery grave. Before i get taken she grabes my wrist and pulles me to safty where i will not be dead. I feel like the rain sends my soul away dancing in the rain. Playing with fire is what i like to do she is my little widle fire i love to play with. Her long blond hair leaves me speechless. Everything seems to go crazy into my endless fight i face every day. Every battle i face she always stand by my side and fights all of the darkeast demons that torment me every night and day. Leaving my mind a damgerious thing to play with. My night mar becomes real when i start seeing the demons who have been chasing me threw this endless hell i shall rise to the heavens. I will cast my own shadow to play a psychotic game i like to do when your heart burst with all your emotions at once till your hollow inside.  In the middle of the night i sit up with fear and tears screaming my wifes name even tho she is right next to me. Its 4am nights i see with no sleep upp all night thinking all my thoughts. What is real what is true what is fake. Its time to embrace all the pain you feel and anger you go into. My soul is yours to take her fangs i feel it under my skin feeling like im being burned alive. Her love is all i need to to stay alive her love is what makes my life painless. But she suduces me then gives me her venom leaving me paralyzed into her love and powers of love lust and suductions its our own 50shades of grey with our love we have every day night .

With out her i will slowly drift into madness i will slowly go insain losing everything i hade slowly dying one breath at a time.
the power of lust suduction love will catch you like a spider in a web
Jul 2018 · 236
My bipolar night and day
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2018
My love i want to lay you down to rest in my web of your paralizing venom making it painless
Night i cant tell if im awake or in a intoxicating coma dreams begain to form in to terror like buring in your own hell you meddicat my brain but your love takes away everything making your intoxicating aroma **** me jnto your arms i drift into your mind hoping to find you sitting with me. You keep me happy you keep me alive with your voice baby do you know what its like to feel so hollow deep inside your love leaves me breathless your touch changes my mind

Night and day im alive half awake or lost buried in your arms

You take all my pain away you put out my wild fire you blow away the darknezz i seen every day

Your intoxicating aroma as you hold me you lay me down to rest in your arms never leting go
Life is better when you have someone who can understand you when you have bipolar disorder your own living hell
Jun 2018 · 172
Conscious thoughs
Vladimir s Krebs Jun 2018
If you awaken, this illusion,
and you understand that black implies white,
self implies other,
life implies death,
or shall I say, death implies life,
you can feel yourself.
May 2018 · 1.1k
The wounds you left
Vladimir s Krebs May 2018
Honey your all i have
My love your all i have
Honey i trully love you so vary much
My love i trully love you so much
Honey you messed up everything
My love why are you screaming at me
Honey im angry at you
My love why are you angry at me
Honey bc you didnt open up to me about your day
My love how can i open up if you just yell and scream at me
Honey you need to open up to me
My love i always will open up
Honey im sorry i screamed at you
My love its okay
Honey are you sure
My love yes
My love no its not you made me cry deeply
My love what honey you made me cry
My love ye
Honey im just frustrated about you not telling me whats bothering you
My love you never let me speak you jump to conclusions before i can tell you
My love you my life your my wife i trully love you i will always forgive you
Honey i will not yell at you any more pls forgive me
My love i forgive you
Love lust
May 2018 · 161
All you do is scream at me
Vladimir s Krebs May 2018
Every day you play me as a fool you take all my hope and dreams and smash them everyday mom you scream at me for the hard work i do for you dad all you do is scream at my face leaving me with pain deep down all you ***** do is scream at me treat me like im nothing but a ******* joke a fool. You do nothing but call your self family when i have nothing to left to say nothing cause all **** day you scream at me from sun up to sun down

Your choice of words are intresting but your like a bottle of liquir you drink it all day one its gone so is you soul

Havnt you seen your words chase me away

You nothing but a joke your self  playing with fire

Your life is a lie you call your self human when you cant evne control yourself and speak to me me like i am real

I regret to say i think you have nothing you are nothing

Your like a bottle of liquir you drink it all **** day and it empty at the end


Been screamed at my whole like nothing to say
Mar 2018 · 146
My own demons
Vladimir s Krebs Mar 2018
Inside me there is a evil that grows when my anger grows i lose contol and go insaine.

Lets play a game a game of ******* up peoples minds

The demons will play so will i agame you will never beable to survive

On my body my mind will scream for how may weeks i havent slept

Night go by awake all night with nothing but the engery of life

Your regrets are real its time let the demons escape into reality letting the ugly side of you terrize the life you chose to live

My pure heart is what has kept me alive no evil could break my pure heart the leads and guides me threw the gates of living hell

Lets play a game a game of twisted minds will you dare to play the game of twistdd minds unleashing your evils ugly side out

I thing you should you will purify your own self and let your wounds heal

Will you like to play my game and see what will arrive
I have have been not sleeping much im kinda lost in thoughs
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2017
I saw you your beauty left me wondering what happened to me. Your voice has hipnotized me leaving me in your spell. I have no control only you have control of me your voice has paralized me making my heart explosed a million red roses im losing my mind when you lour me into your arms deep into a whole day of lustic *** with the night full of mistery and lust i dont know what to say the feeling of her every touch and her voice leave me breathless till I can't breath every sensation when she kisses me im completly losing my mind

The women of my dreams has put me in her spell paralized by her suductive love im  not going to try to escape when i have already escaped into pure love *** lust im finally set free of my demons when i was a falling angel saved by my guardian angel
Its 1.04 am in the morning writing poetry to help relaxe me to try to get me to fall asleep
Nov 2017 · 284
The tears i wanted to cry
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2017
The shallow feeling every breath i take every step i take i have to time to break intime making my life collide no matter how far i go nomatter how hard i push my self all i do is keep breaking myself over and over whats left is the tears i want to cry bc noone knows how fare you can push your self till you break leaving nothing but misery and pain so what if scares form that only tells you you reaching your critical breaking point even if people tellyou lies when you are finally broken what is lefft for you
Im feeling like hope is just a word means nothing
Vladimir s Krebs Sep 2017
Nothing seems to matter when she took my hands and told me to follow her into the night we laughed we played we hugged we kissed my heart is burning  with passion and her firery lust she hits me like a train with I feel her skin agents mine every day disappears litle by little when my every hope and my every dream and my every day dream become reality am i going insaine or am i finally happy where i wanted to be
Lost but full of strange thoughts
Aug 2017 · 262
My baby Gloria
Vladimir s Krebs Aug 2017
I have no reason to run or fight. The girl of my dreams saved my life from a path of misery and lost of hope. She made my cold broken heart beat with explosive energetic life. She is saved me from the path of dark abuse of energy drinks.

She saved my life making my heart beat and bring me back to life my baby is my light and explosive energetic life
New relationship has brought me back to life
Jul 2017 · 247
A broken man
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2017
I lay in the most of my thoughts with the feeling of regret for my past forced into a young teen straight into a soldier with anger spilling out . The most of this is the flashback to the trama that broken me leeaven my body broken wounded.

I have nothing left to lose when the evil side comes out .

Seeing death watching as the world turn I to a ****** mess .

I have been broke. And tricked into fighting the broken and the last fear.

Nothingscares me anymore there's nothing left in my path fromthedistruction left by the demons them selves
Lost can't think writers block
Jun 2017 · 304
Screaming heart
Vladimir s Krebs Jun 2017
I have no way to tell you how much waging wares I have to fright.

I have no way out to set free my mind.
I can't find love cause you will whisper to me you hate me screaming every. Mistake you made chasing me away.

I will never beloved even tho my heart is screaming in fear hoping to never be alone.  

I wish I could scream my hearts content telling you how much I don't hate you even if you leave me behind.

Even tho my sad heart is going to be lost I will be hoping for someone to know what Linley Ness and sadness feels like.

My heart screms with hope and lost thoughts that drift away.
Jun 2017 · 203
My evil side
Vladimir s Krebs Jun 2017
I'm stronger than twisted mother ***** who have no clear idea who they want to be.
What limits do I should show. My evil side of me has a mind of its own.
My anger turns your vision into blindness.
My evil side has no heart only twisted lies scars wounds that never singe.

My evil side plays games like a oijia board gone horribly wrong.
Your ideas become twisted games  turning dangerous with no way to turn back and run.

My evil  side is stronger when you manipulate  break take every thing of me. My evil side feeds on your misfortunes it feeds off your own stupidity it feeds on all your horrible remarks insults lies. My evil side only grows stringer from your twisted bul **** and your stupidest ucks
Angry cause everything is to impossible to deal with
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