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Oct 2020
I feel so alone empty all I hear are floors creek when I walk down the dark desolate hallway with memories of tragedy play visions of lost empty one i lost is any body out there loneliness my heart feels is eternity of abandonedment loneliness watching candles flicker when gust of air blows threw the window my reflection is just ghost of my own self that just fades away from time I felt alive I use to be able to fly but now I become a fallen angel among a demise of lost souls cry to be free my heart losing battle when ever time it just breaks when every woman just hurts me I am just ghost in shadows of misery what should I do being abandoned or being destroyed shattered like glass being smashed in car accident where everyone dies nobody will survive love when nobody wants  real love i lost will to fight when im walking the earth just lost soul wanting my engery to free wishing I had someone to spend my life with just seems to be just another tragedy waiting to happen 💔  am I just a ghost or have I  went to heaven above was recarnated a dove to touch could with my winds soar the great oceans watching life go on
Vladimir s Krebs
Written by
Vladimir s Krebs  23/M/Bethel park Pennsylvania
(23/M/Bethel park Pennsylvania)   
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