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Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2019
Alone the sadness is real when you have noone to be with abandoned by the ******* of society stealing your vary soul every glass of wine just starts to numb the pain when you know the truth new Year's eve is a joke
I'm completely wasted on 2 bottles of wine feeling like  new year's eve is such full of **** when you are completely ******* alone
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2017
I lay in the most of my thoughts with the feeling of regret for my past forced into a young teen straight into a soldier with anger spilling out . The most of this is the flashback to the trama that broken me leeaven my body broken wounded.

I have nothing left to lose when the evil side comes out .

Seeing death watching as the world turn I to a ****** mess .

I have been broke. And tricked into fighting the broken and the last fear.

Nothingscares me anymore there's nothing left in my path fromthedistruction left by the demons them selves
Lost can't think writers block
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2016
I walk the road I chose to follow.
Playing ***** screamed your shot is wacked? How to escape the truth you don't want to show your real self.

Like a shadow your self image lies like spray painting a broken angery mind that won't admit weight from wrong.

Insanity  or guilty of all your mistakes you ran instead of writing the new storie you justchews to cras an burn.

No creative ways to redeam your self.

The house if truth will make the light as bright if you speak the truth or just keep lying.

Being fake may just smash all your teeth out being fake fit you is ditch
Now it's your grave.

Being true speaking your mind making the road turn to pathes to all crazy opportunist .

Be true your own willl write society's  next move.

A posey is just a flower but
A rose is the truth about your life.
A rose is a reward for guiding the broken weak lost to the next game.
Chose between making your self image fake or true
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i was abandoned in the cold. i grew psychotic as i grew. dont cross my back cause ill go completely insane on you. i run free from a society that is messed up with corruped ideas. every one follows social media exept i go down a new rout antie social freedom. im not a mean person but i am vary SHY. i will disappear to stay away from you finding me. i want to stay away from people who post **** about me. im not crazy

BUT IM SHY AND KINDA INSANE i am not mean but i dont want to get mixed in the wrong crowed if you know what i mean.

i dont need friends i never seen before i live in this world with a cold place in my heart away from the wrong crowed that tryes to **** me away i live a life that is cold and dark away from social media that tears lives apart
im so shy and careful to stay away from the wrong crowdes
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
They say I live my life a quarter mile at a time I seek the thrill in going fast no care if I end up in a accidnt seeing the limits of my own self pushing harder and harder I seek the trill of breaking the barriers of life and death I live I seek I breath danger I ride I run I drive but the only thing in my life is the thrill seeking life flashing thrill of speed and danger
I'm a serious adrenaline ******
Vladimir s Krebs Mar 2019
I want to spend the rest of my life dreaming deeply about you. Or i could pick my darling up in my arms just making beautiful memories togather the love we have forever has taken all the tears we cryed away forever. I dont want to close my eyes all i want to do i look deep into your eyes kiss your lips till your cheeks blush red. The love i have for you is so deep so pure flower grow and bloom when we and you pass by. All i want to do is lay my head on your chest listen to your heart sycning to the romantic beat of mine. I dont want to miss a sec of you baby i dont want to sleep bc all i want to do is lay my eyes on you deeply for the rest of my life
Vladimir s Krebs May 2018
Every day you play me as a fool you take all my hope and dreams and smash them everyday mom you scream at me for the hard work i do for you dad all you do is scream at my face leaving me with pain deep down all you ***** do is scream at me treat me like im nothing but a ******* joke a fool. You do nothing but call your self family when i have nothing to left to say nothing cause all **** day you scream at me from sun up to sun down

Your choice of words are intresting but your like a bottle of liquir you drink it all day one its gone so is you soul

Havnt you seen your words chase me away

You nothing but a joke your self  playing with fire

Your life is a lie you call your self human when you cant evne control yourself and speak to me me like i am real

I regret to say i think you have nothing you are nothing

Your like a bottle of liquir you drink it all **** day and it empty at the end


Been screamed at my whole like nothing to say
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
every day my mind went lose spilling every thing leaving me behind.  i haven't slept cause my brain is in a fog of creative writing. the clock is ticking away when i sit at my desk with my pen and paper to write. but my mind went lose an my brain is in a fogy storm trying to even pick letters.  i cant even catch my mind but my brain can find its way back. almost 12 am still have nothing.  the lights go out and my eyes light up like the cats eyes reflecting back. how long do i have to run till my creative side is going to work. the clock ticks away but i put music on to play drowning this ******* out.
i know writers block ***** but what can be the trigger object to let my writing flow threw me. its almost 1 am and i haven't even left to sleep but the only thing of words is what i can describe what i feel. vary vary ******. but i still have nothing expt this word in me

**** THIS WORLD **** THIS **** DON'T GIVE A ****
im just stuck in long writes block
Vladimir s Krebs May 2016
I have nothing to feel or love I'm as dead as a door nail the peirced my lungs away. I lay dead with no sound or breath? You told me love will cure a broken heart stomping me till all my guts spilling out. Dead as he'll no breath or heart beat.  I have no voice just the quiet summer night. Layin my head on your lap looking at you knowing you will keep me safe you are my star you are my girl I have  fallen on the battle field not making it to you.  Dead as a door nail quiet as canbe love bites down when I run to you
Drained energy
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
Being the one in society fearing the mistake u have shown. being a vary antie social outcast all ways looking over your shoulder being kinda crazy allways making sure no one can make a big circle around you with a simple text. always fearing that your the cent of attention like speaking in a huge crowed choking on every word! what can you only do? put your hood up and turn  your entire head phones up really loud so you can drown the scared jittery feeling away. walking in society is step by step hoping no attention is at you. how you survive is what you need to do to make you you from the rest of the others. the key is my music my head phones my huge baggy hoodie with my hoodie up drowing your self in a song that makes you finally feel alive. music has saved my life every min of societys rules.

SO go **** your self (SOCIETY) come find me whn you can handle the (REBLES) who wont take you **** any more!!!!!! would you?
society has its ups and downs to it
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2016
you just want to let go out all your demons you have to fight the first thing ever day. your phone is vibrating you caller id is your ex GF who is psychotically crazy and will never under stand i will never pick up your ******* calls cause you just smoother me in your lies you spill all over social media ruining every one fun times to be alone to escape this ******* world. this time my life has been crazy all my ex's have tried to **** me. i wish i knew what could be free but every call made every text is unstoppable making you want to go on a rampage killing knocking destroying every thing in your path leaving nothing but a pile of glass and ashes behind. i have escaped reality drinking monster but what ever happened i don't remember why or where or what happened.

you text and voice mail you leave on my phone i will never understand why you will never let it go why i left you.
tired worn out
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
you may call me crazy but im not parenoid butv ill show you my free time and fun side of me .

we could be togather fight to the end but i only live by this rule if your nice or ind ill show you a life of fun but if you turn on me my alliy my brother my friend my family if you turn ill turn showing you a life of riots and set a blaz of fire into the eyes of me!
your lies spread killing you and any one who follows in your path.
if you lies spread ill have no choice to flip the switches along the path of me.

your threat hits like wild fire but you know this world should know you should all be afraid of me. for what price youl have to pay to gain trust agai.
in this world i run freely threw the woods in felids like wind. but one little white life has lit the fuse of totl destruction.

you cant put me in a cade and hold me to go ape **** on your ******* face.

you hant imprison me you cant hold me down you cant tell me what i am .

your lies have set fuse on fire as all your words that come out of your mouth lead my anger that will make you fuse exploed.

your my life if you show me kindness and love all show you a life full of exitmen and joy. ill take you by thehand a lead you to a undder world life on none stop exitment that will change your opinion on dull life.

the only thing is you show me threat ill show you a life of hell and my eyes will set your mind on a down world spire .

you cant take a force as strong as me and my life down only kindness and love you have a life of endlesss joy and thrills..but kindwill grant you acseesto life of free thrill no night mars
Vladimir s Krebs Oct 2016
No time to cry .
Just a straight line I have to play to obey the crimes that were told so our minds could have some devious self control
All the blood from all the evidence sick ***** that make u want to self destruct waste your last break before every mocking lie you run from that you must stay to finish what your evil devious plan.

Evil or not mocking lies make your mind turn cold blooded killer like a government sleeper age to when activated unstoppable force.

No where to run let's just play till the end of the ***** truth is revealed
Insaine or not self destructive life is more that your could want
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
laying in  your girl friend in a grassy feild with a cool summer breez under the night sky.
we found the perect moment to let our mind fly away when we go high the full moon looks like a psychadelic swirl misting in my eyes with just illusions that ***** my mind up but getting high under the full moon. just that theres no fear to bee seen or pain to feel just throwing the reality of life ******* that follows us home at the end of the day
some what wacked out
Vladimir s Krebs Feb 2017
I'm insane  no your not I have no way to go. Every day I can't runn or haveroom to breath threw.

Every breath seems like knives cutting threw me.

I haven't been sleeping.

Just looking out my eyes make me want to scream till I pass out.

I'm out on the streets with insane ideas that may make people scream running for all intensity.
I am bipolar and I'm running lose on broken ability fills loops
Vladimir s Krebs Oct 2016
I lay in rain feeling the cold fill my lungs with every mistake I make knowing that death is a grip around my neck slowly feeling like death has his buring lies.

I don't fear death but with his cold dead lying eyes I can't beat that his truth knowing all my thoughts feed his energy .

Feeling his hand touch my back make u see ****** rain threw the eyes of pain  my eyes now see deaths pain for every life he has to take
Equal eyes lead to the truth
Vladimir s Krebs May 2016
I am your soul and your mind no evil will rise In your heart of love I will never let darkness destroy your beauty when I'm the your conscious who will make the fight to survive.societies games. You wounds will heal with loving care but your aggression will test you if you move away into a dark smile. Pure evill will trap every tear I have held back.

I am your thoughts
I am your safety
I am your emotions
I am the thing that will change you from drowning inside away fromthe light.

I'll be the one who will keep you. Above so no pain will **** you <3
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
every day i have woken up to the sound of violence. no time to pick up my **** you just have to run threw hell. blinded mind has no thought of how to survive when life spins out of control with no point to jump to escape. danger comes threw the eyes of blood thirsty people who don't like me or you. you cant find your way in the dark but if you forget you will be blind minded. no sence of whats in your sights. decisions that need to be made to save your life. being blinded minded hits you when your heart tell you to be carfule what is next in your path.

who can you really trust. i dont trust any one and i will find my way to follow a exit
no escape
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
what have i done. my dreams have been silent.  where do i stand when i breath in fire. aner takes all my enery that  i requier.
nothing makes sence when i cant tell if your liying to me.

i cant even open my eyes for how much im tired. all the weight on me. sufficating me cant you see i run away cause you wont listen to me.

only music have never lied. i have tryed to reach out to you.

but im tired of you not caring so i set this wold on fire
my lungs fill with tirer

whats the last thing is i breath out fire with your name on my list
i found out that sing spoken poetry is the way to go when you have writers block
Vladimir s Krebs Sep 2016
Why do we we try into darkness
Why dose our lives seem so prepretty and deaselt.

Why dose darkness seem better than light

How far do we go when time goes out

Why do we have to suffer lies we make up

I see nothing but broken glass with a ****** hand with broken clocks.

How long am I going to survive.

Why should II've with fear

Why date why try why care why even keep going

When broken glass and broken clocks
Kinda feeling really tired kinda feeling ******
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i cant keep going when i end up broken minded when i let my open mind slip.
i don't know how far i can go but i don't have any thing exept silence.
i dont know what you want from me.
attention when you lose your mind.
how far can i go.
i just feel tired of being lied to.
from all your games.
i tire of every thing when it all changes to fast.
i cant keep holding on to false hope you give me every time we go out.
im tired of being lied to for your games that i just want to truth about whats your mind  ***** around.
i wish i could help but your lies make me want to just stop caring.
my mind is breaking cause i cant keep up with your mind.
i dont know how to say thing but my mind has been broken to from your lies that made my life confused .
idk what to say this poem or short stanza im really having writers block
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i might be insane but ill take all the blows for the poeple i know.ill run and be the sheiled that wont give out. ill go crazy to protect people who need a hand. i look threw dangers   eyes when it's the other way around im bullet proof who is crazy enough to take as many rounds as you can fire at me. the eyes of fear are in the ones with i kinds soul. but the ones who have fear are insane anyway looking head on into fear. as many rounds you can get off it wont stop me for bullet proof ideas stay trut to the safty of your people. ever bullet proof idea that is an idea will tell people dont lose control
new ideas will be tryed even if you get hit or go down the ones who are psychoticly crazy will be around as ideas to hold back forces of evil. even the forces of the corrupt that take away life. the bullets will fly but being bullet proof will end the madness that surrounds us in this comunity.

im not crazy but my ideas are great but ill always be bullet proof for what my ideas can do in our future planes to fight the forces that only end life as we know it


i will stand my ground but nothing willl pull or shoot or **** me ill stand my ground till you get thye message that your rain of terrer is going to fail so is your life and forces that has tourn apart this world
i stand my ground firmly not letiing any thing knock me down
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
My love you are all I trust but this world is filled with nothing but anger. I'm sorry but these words I have will shatter our minds my love I dont think our love will last forever I'm sorry but idk if we can coexist togather when both of our hearts are hurting my heart has shattered the vary day I have meet you I droped a tear in the ocean for the vary day I stop loving you my love
Vladimir s Krebs Oct 2020
I feel so alone empty all I hear are floors creek when I walk down the dark desolate hallway with memories of tragedy play visions of lost empty one i lost is any body out there loneliness my heart feels is eternity of abandonedment loneliness watching candles flicker when gust of air blows threw the window my reflection is just ghost of my own self that just fades away from time I felt alive I use to be able to fly but now I become a fallen angel among a demise of lost souls cry to be free my heart losing battle when ever time it just breaks when every woman just hurts me I am just ghost in shadows of misery what should I do being abandoned or being destroyed shattered like glass being smashed in car accident where everyone dies nobody will survive love when nobody wants  real love i lost will to fight when im walking the earth just lost soul wanting my engery to free wishing I had someone to spend my life with just seems to be just another tragedy waiting to happen 💔  am I just a ghost or have I  went to heaven above was recarnated a dove to touch could with my winds soar the great oceans watching life go on
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2016
i am a shadow that slips away when light creeps up illuminating for life to live. i leave my foot prints but will never lead you any where. i am a shadow that hiding in the brightest day where there only is shadows that dance around the fire lifting the unrest-ed souls that cant lift up to the sky.  ever mark i have made will only lead you to a false lead. i am a dark demonic entity that should be left alone. if a fire is lit i will show my shadow dancing around what should have never ever been found.  my shadow leaves imprints but no tract of what you actually have been trying to find. you want answers you will never know the danger you seek. me i can touch to ****. this world wants to see and capture a demon that will appear. you wont know the dangers you will risk your life to be taken. i hide threw the darkest shadows hiding from the society. people want to see what i really look like but i can't be captured even with your flash lights and cameras that will never show my pure glowing blue eyes.  you seek me but im a dangerous elemental that should never be wreck en with.

you find your self falling in love with a demonic force you can't ever let go. even when  you lose your mind and end up getting imprisoned in the psych ward where no one will listen to your screams or even notice your voice.

you have found me the dark shadow who appears in-front of you i stand with my one word of demand you can't harness me or capture me when i am a danger. i have let you find me when every one has said you have been mentally insanity but i know your mind your seek ins. i leave you a image so you won't let this world take your voice away. like me ill be your angel of insanity you will never feel scared to let go to escape this game people take on you. i won't let the words of a and angel who has been locked away.  

you have seen me where i have been said to hide. i have let you seek me when you are the angel with the broken wings. you have see me away from society.

this is where i linger hide be tucked away watching society collapse with only death.

you have found me when your were called and dragged away in to your own voice that said the truth not any more..

your insanity has brought you to me a demonic entity.  you have found me now its my turn to teach you to escape out of society's  lies that only leave wounds.  

insanity is my place i hide away the ones who seek dark entity's will never find the leads prints to discover it. the ones who lead to the psych ward will find me to show you i'm real your visions weren't fake or your visions.

where you are now in the mental hospital is where i show me presents and take you along a way your not crazy. you will be heard when i show you the way out of your own insanity ways you sufficient on constantly. i will let you be with me but i will he harm'd by the light you can call apon me when you can't keep the fight up to survive.

you have found my trail but you will never find society so nice when yuo say you have found the dark entity
find my traileven when your insanity makes it easyer to find what you really look for
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
this small place scares me. suffocating me along the way. i don't know if i can even escape with out feeling my paranoia grows stronger feeling like the walls are caving in on me. will i even make it out alive with no tourn wounds.  is this just a joke?  is this funny to you when i start to shut down! i thought i could of trusted you as a friend but you thought it was funny to lock me away where it was small and scared. my biggest fear is if any one will free me from this prisonment that makes me feel like its getting smaller with no breath to even take. my anxiety starts to play in to action! when it keeps getting heaver i feel like i'm a scared cornered  animal that i'm willing to slash you face up to protect me.

there's  no place to escape. accepted suffocated when the small place starts to get smaller that makes me want to go insane.

the small it gets is the scared'r i start to feel suffocated with no place to go.
i sufferfrom this badly
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
your life begains to change when your paranoia makes your mind play games making you feel like eyes are watching you trap'ed. every step you take is the slide of a cliff you might let go and just fall where you want to release. your fear. i might be crazy but i want  to let my perfect life let all my flaws out.  i will find that perfect hidden spot and test how deep it is first befor i spred my big angel wings that have carryed you to saffty.
im not perfect but im adventuress with a thril seaking flaw. im not messed up but its work every thing if you take a thrilling dare and let your mind go and en joy what you want to happen. i might  bee crazy to you but im living life to the fullest. that feeling of danger where you take the plung in to the ice'y water your life has meaning you.  holding onto the ledge of the steep rocky 100 foot drop off the water is so deep theres a reason whay. i  found this place cause its a natral hot spring so taky the thrill seeking personality and enjoy life
i love this
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i have a room so what we have doors to shut in peoples faces when were angery.
what about shutting the door so you wont get ******* at by mom and day cause your stereo is to loud. isnt that the point tho. i play my stereo  so loud to drown people out so i dont have to hear screaming fighting witch wastes my time. why wast your breath when you can slam the door on that persons nose and break it.

we have doors for a resone cause it shuts away the anoying *** holes who you don't want to listen to
slam the ******* door
Vladimir s Krebs Sep 2018
I am loosing controll spinning around the room fighting memories that just bring the pain take a stronger dose all you see is the world crumbling around you i am so vary lost no right way no path i should take i need love i dont want to be alone my mind exploseds with flashes of memories i cant escape i keep running threw the emotions like they are just delicat flowers. Everything around me slowly fades as i walk alone in this aginizing pain there is no sunshine just darkness the cemetery has wolves ripping up the graves creating my own bed of inturnal sleep like snow white just give md the kiss of life bring me back to life bc i will just keep dying every time memoris will break. No escap no air to breath the drugs are getting stronger finding peace with a world with no way to run or hid just keep finding all your deamsn that tourcher you threw life every mistake another drag loosing control with how high you get saddly theres isnt anyway to fight pain its better just to go threw it and fight your way threw the pain i need your love i need you higs give me the kiss bring me back to life
Bipolar disorder suffer
Vladimir s Krebs Jun 2018
If you awaken, this illusion,
and you understand that black implies white,
self implies other,
life implies death,
or shall I say, death implies life,
you can feel yourself.
Vladimir s Krebs Aug 2018
lets have some fun lets take our lives lets throw our selfs at echother breaking down the walls lets make echother go crazy lets make the night explode with our fists lets make the house come down lets take what ever we can find and fight all night seeing who will be the one last standing. lets see who will lose there minds after the first could of rounds i want to see your anger the beast deep inside you i want you to unleash it alone the entire circle of people fighting every one at once tear them down like chopping a tree down show the group you the king while i blow every one down with my pure aggressive anger
consensual fight club its all legal to do into have fun
Vladimir s Krebs Aug 2016
I lay awake it's 1:30 feeling lIke I'm just stuck. I see only havingredients a broken heart and soul. My emotions run wild like the wild Mustang horses that roam free from danger.

Stuck in deep thought that could try to be used.

I novation seems like a joke when you are just running out of mental steam.

I feel like my reflection that screams at me in the mirror never musing all my flaws I am.

I just see the darkness beauty of what society has thrown at me.

Iso my life just a dream or reality beat my soul apart leaving me no tears to cry.

Darkness beauty make the world more fun when you can see what you could describe.

I don't know why I couldn't wake up can I see my image as a traitor like my shadow that seems to leave me when my shadow make me feel less alone.

My heart is strong but broken and shallow from time we all lend up with scares to remember where you were at the time .

Don't waste you time just run free from the stupidity society will bring down on your reflective
Vladimir s Krebs May 2016
I see no fear I am the enemy 24/7 when you turn your back I'll escape from the anger you traped me in. I am pure evil a demonic entity that will grave rob you pretty little minds.

I see know fear cause I face death being thrown off trying to breath.

Holding to gather by a white **** and bandanas till I can feel alive. You might call me a psychopath. Cause I can't feel your pain!

Set me free with all your dark wishes all dance with death to make sure you wont lose your fight.

Make me your deadly weapon of surprise leaving all your anger as my fule.

Harness me to make your anger saddness pain go away doing the ***** work to society.

I dance with death making a trail you wish to follow. Breath in the smoke of the contract you sign selling your life into a demonic vicious cycle.

They tell you you will lose your anger sends he'll and nightmare you will never escape screaming.

I'll give you my love shielding you in my demonic angel wings.

Unleash the cycle all

Take you to dance with death giving you immunity and you becoming karma that bits u in the ******* *** !

I am a force to be wrecken with.
Danger unstable to tame?

Can you summon me the demonic force that dances with death to be set into destruction.

Death will chose if you can handle the truth of what will show your life.

Love isn't allways fair choose love or dark love setting your aggression on every one of them who hurts you.

Dance with death and me of live with pure anger you can't escape from

I am your ticket to live or never finding me.

Choose what kinda options you want

I'll be waiting till the end of tine making you immortal.

Chose or lose

Either way im a dangerious dark entity who is a psychotic psychopath
Never under estemat what pure aggression will make of you

Dead as a door nail or evil as ******* he'll laughing in shadows you can't leave
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
The path I go is filled with dangerous thoughts and thrills cheating my life playing god weather I die or live the thrills are real p life is a dangerous path I live by doing absolutely anything to feed my addiction so hungry  falling threw the sky with out pulling the parachute till the last 50 feet breathing the fire like the dragon I chase the speed looking threw my eyes are demonicly crazy playing with fire playing every the fule that ignites the sparks lighting up the night with glowing red eyes chasing your inter demons till it burns down everything darkness will be illuminated by the blinding flashes of how dangerous the trills may get

I'm not insane or crazy but I have a vary addictive thrill seeking personality that is vary hungry

I'll take the fast track if I can feel the dangers if  I can feel the wind in my hair the feel the forces of the speed agesnt my body

I'll light the flam that will light up the night

I'll take the trill playing god on over my life weather I live or die I'll feed my addiction of thrill doing absolutely anything to feed its hunger

I am a adrenaline ****** playing god on my life taking the thrill of danger living my life going the speed will open your eyes see what your missing

The blue flam you see deep in my blue eyes you will know what your missing out in you own life a dangerous mind will turn you into a adrenaline ******
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
when u look at your own reflection. what do u really see. a mistake or a broken record that just skips on the needle going round and round. what thoughts play into action when u think u see whats really not there. the dark thoughts that linger around your sleepless nights laying awake. laying in bed all night awake wondering if every time u look at your reflection what might be next with the darkness in your thoughts. what do you say when you go a whole day silent just pondering.  every time u see your refection  what do u see to accept what natural beauty you have of your self all along.
darkness hanges threw thick and thin
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i just sit by the window thinking thoughts of what i could be doing than taking test. i day dream when i black out and sleep threw the lectures that come from  stupidity mistakes i made in the past. i day dream of what life would be like if i was the only one with thoughts that can save minds. i just sit with deep thoughts. i dream of how long do i have to put up with peoples problems. i day dream of what this world will look like with out warfare and blood shed. i day dream that we could only have trained personel to cary high powered weapons. every class my day dream grows bigger with new ideas for me to ponder on what i could do to pass the time. my dreams become ideas when i listen to music that flowes threw my blood.  
my day dream can come true when i think of the idea that is possiable
building ideas pondering
Vladimir s Krebs May 2016
No hope
No time leaving the warmth of her arms. No light no voices no time cold trapped in darkness forever. Forgotten never remembered why you could feel the warm breeze in the air dead. Silence has taken away the lies people killthem self over. What you can't feel is the emotions deep in you when Im just hollow for taking blow by blow chasing the girl of my life.. I would take my life to let her survive. Being dead cold wondering why people try to care. They say the truth won't hurt but being thrown down kills slowly no escape just lies that rip threw my skin like knives.  

Nothing left to care nothing left to keep moving.

       DEAD OR ALIVE you wi never escape what awaits you down your path

Lies or slowly  dying

Matter no screams or cries just dead silence that bleeds

DEAD OR ALIVE you won't survive
Every day
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
when the moon is full so are my eyes. when winter seems to be around the corner. something dies in me. a small pach of flower's when it grows cold so dose my soul. when it rains it floods and rip's apart the nartral beauty that lyes in me the gental feeling grows heavy and horrable. what dead floweres in me is whn im dead in side
ment to be peace full guess not
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2016
I have to much energy senosing me in endless circles. I feel like I'm driving. Mad when I have to much things I can't win or drown in projects that seem to suffocating me.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 all day and night the pure krystal bottle of ***** brings down the stress and anger
Lost with confusion
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i never knew what the meaning of ill see u some day again. but we are all really colse friends. we joked around grew up to gather . we both hung out even ditched class. one day u left a note on my dash board. saying they picked u to join the army. we wrote every day when we can. i  read his last note to me i wrote back. its been 4 years you have been gone. the last vary last letter came saying he loved me and ill be home for christmass but you never showed on the week your get to come home.  being with my gf in our apartment th bell rang right on christmass. 2 millitary dressed in all black holding his helmet his boots his flag. i droped to the floor cant breath!

but i know the meaning that is he is gone. all i got is his flag and the friend who raised me when i ran away. holding his gear with my body turning ghost white. broken to the point where all you do is now is change your identy and start a new life with out tears he is gone im alone in this world that is scary and horrifying .
when i wrote this i started to cry
Vladimir s Krebs Aug 2016
My heart feels every thing all around me. All eyes that look straight down a pond me will tie a ribbin marking the way home.

All my nerves feel nothing less of the atmospheric pressure making all my deepest thoughts turn all the tricks into magic that would of saved me.

Laying stuck in a daze losing reality all on me.

People all around will change the rules of how thought will one day bring the brightness alive with breathes and emotions that turn the tables up side down.

My thoughts and me wake the sky cry with all my tears I could never cry.

Cause in reality all my eyes see is a manche in we are we run on gasoline.

I lay stuck in my head just thinking why the human society can be so malevolent and evil with not emotion.

Darkness will set as we all turn our anger .

For my mind I only can do is face all reality  walk the darkness feeling the cold rhythm of all the machines that run society.

My heart runs faster than my breath making every thing twist

I'm not a machine I can feel all pain all your pain I have a heart that can fill with sadness joy love hope light or dark I can escape the danger of your stupidity .

I have thoughts that will change society . I have a heart that will change all the rules  of what humanity will show.

I have emotions that can make the sky cry
I have emotions that can destroy the Beauty of a lier.

I feel all your pain misery teats I can feel the rhythmic beat of your soul knowing what has destroyed your hopes and dreams.

Imy not a machine I am flesh and blood with a sense of deeply caring and respect that can under stand things no one knows

My heart is hope and my mind is reality that will change society's miss leading.

I feel all your pain I can read your mind taking what destroyed you giving you my heart to run with open minds

Than we aren't machines but we are just thoughts that can set all of our dreams to become what we really need
Just my thoughts from suffering from bipolar I see the world directly from what it really is to me
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2016
i have been with you my life. but what i have said some day u will see me again.

you have been my life but my road never ends of journies and stories of the untold.
i promised you i would find you. when your cryes have reached the full moon and water rivers. your crys have benn there to my promise

we have drifted to long and when i see the roses in your hair i dont even know what t say.

we both have words we havent even spoke of exept your arms around me

your wisper i have found my savior
i would stop this world to find u
Vladimir s Krebs Mar 2016
walking threw the night holding the love of your life hand. the cold grew seeing our breathes. feeling the thought that you'l never lose your mind. I write my name on the wall . falling into a haze feeling like the earth has told you to just let go. night will fall but every night i lay awake next to you watch over you.  i stay awake watching you as your guardian angel. we love and will never let go losing each other in a way of the mistake you will love.
fear will never let you play all your games
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
dfing threw the night when my radio played. when i drive i dont talk i turn my music up real loud. so we can just enjoy what we stand for. my stereo was stolen. i pick you up and we go for a ride. how far idk where we going. any where we want. but breaking the silence forces me to feel all these emotios. my music turned up to the point where it cant get any higher. when i drive i drive in silence to enjoy life.  i hide between the up rise from riots. i want t escape from what has drained my thoughts. .

the only escape from society is driing with music blasting out my speakers loud.i drive with no talking just scilence. if you know what i mean. i my lungs fil with air and deflate with fire spitting out my burt soul in anger.
Vladimir s Krebs Feb 2016
lay awake with nothing to hold you away from the keys in the ignitions cursing  letting all of your night mars let lose free. i see no chance to go fast.  every curve around the windy mountain roads.  driving fast letting the wind flow threw picking up your own soul  . flying threw shifting every feeling that high daze. letting my stereo play louder not paying my own attention flooring the gas peddle. nothing is a daze cause i have no limits i can't break. driving fast threw the night with nothing to hide as i turn up my music blasting all the vibrations shattering all the windows in my spider gt. no stopping letting lose all your demons lose before you get trap'd into life that you have to settle down. this feels like i can't escape but i rather drive faster that i would realize before my own dream that brings me back to reality. when life is so ******* ******. my daze  shows my thrill of anger with no regrets. just like i am following my dead heart.
fast to thrills day dreams will bring you down after something reminds you to realize reality *****
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
my life has been great my best friend who is my savior.
you have protected me when the world has be came a danerous place
we travel with only our note  as well with a change of clothes
you left me for a whole week with no no note
i have tried  calling you but u your voice mail said you have
i had to come out in the dangerious world
you finally got here back. you never said any thing you just gave me a blank steare.

i start tearing up cause i feel why ou are quiet
tell me you didnt sell your soul to the devil

hours go by when i start to cry i hope you we ok

he said to me he is dying
he said it was cancer that have arrested him in life
he told me he will stay with me till that day comes fi final day
i said why did you you not tell me you wernt okay
he said he didnt want to scare me
he told me he will show me how to survive in this internal hell.
my tear drops drown my words.
pls dont go i dont have the skills to trust my deal

i just cant telll you my broken broken self

you told me that some day we will meet again some day

your my only famiy i have been abandon
you wonnt be alone

i cant stop crying for every memories you and me made to the chapter book closing the end.

i know i have to be strong srong for you but im scared to be wondering the world alone .

i know that i am scared cause i have been abandoned.

i let my demons run wild the the dark street during the night like starting a wil fire

you have been my sworn protector

but you cant escape your life
you seem like your in pain

you told every thing will be okay even when my vary last day ill all wayd be with you.

i have lost the family that i had now your leaving me to a battel you cant survive
i dont know how to talk in society. you have tought me well.

i dont know where to go when you leave

i love you just hold on tight long enoth to learn to survive th worst of societys games
getting teared up
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i dont care if i was shot or almost dead. these last words have said my true mind. what turnes life inside out. but im going to take the pain on. you mean more to the world ill be the wings that hold you safe. you are my most prized possestion. i will fight to keep you safe to move along. im just your guardian angel that will take all lifes danger till i die to help you threw lifes games.

my storie isnt really that important. i dont want things to hurt you.  to me your just a glass vase that holds the perfect mistory
life means
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
life is a society of ******* lies. but who really determens weather your words will be taken to slave the hopless. why are we the kind to end the world. my parenoied side has ran away and be cam and identity in descies.  my name has been lifted deleted just like the sentence you were just on. whats left to fight when theres no one to be saved.
who are you  even to me. all i have caused is every one to turn on me.

this world is all automated every one is the same?
they dress the same
eat the same
do the same thing.

social media has taken the lives of any one who crosses the trap they fall into the social media trap.

how do i know where every one is just a security camera watching every step i run.
i have my minde set free im going to lose control and **** any one who captures me.

im going to break threw the codes screen names and anonumis user names who has be both in the cross fire. im going to lose control and riot what you have lost

no ones left in this world just screen names that steal who you are

no more i am the only weapon you have to be afraid of me caise you cant even track me or tracy my steps..

you cant control me cause im not dead im not on a screen so im not dead yet or (BRAIN WASHED) to media of lies.

save your self or run and desrtoy what his scope cross hairs lined on you
save your self social meadia is my fear
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
fall has come witch means all the leaves fall.
every thing dies for the winter. all the open trees bring new sounds to me that i never heard before.
summer has gone but the beauty still rides along the herizon threw the trees.
every thing has changes even my emotions.
i walk a trail going threw the woods.
every thing has lost its color but not my heart.
all the animals have started to bed down.
so its only windy that sound brings to me.
the colored birds fly around fighting echother for what they collect for there nests.
every thing is so pretty if you look at it from and angel.
winter is creeping around the corner with its freezing hands.
fall is pretty
Vladimir s Krebs May 2020
every day i just am in free fall im so ******* afraid to lose it all if I reach hight the days just seem to fly by living life like everything around me is just in slow motion spark flam my heart floods valley deeper than all scares on my body there voice in my mind that tells me to never stop fighting if fall ill never stop till the world around me just disappears can you feel the energy around you the path that makes all your dreams come to life do you still believe that the world can become such delicate flowers were eventually everything around you crummbls around you you have fight every day to just survive who are you going be when the light go out are you rise or fall ill never stop running till nigh Mars ended
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