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2.1k · Feb 2017
Vladimir s Krebs Feb 2017

I lay awake with nothing but scatter minded thoughts. I feel like I don't know where to go with no sence of direction.

It's 2 am and I'm still not asleep my mind had full controll as I just get dragged along.

I feel like screaming but I will only makescape people think I'm a psychotic bipolar monster.

I have no way out trapedal in a glass prisom that is unbreakable suffocating with no sleep just going loopy.

I lost my fear with abusing energy drinks.

I'm not insaine I'm not insaine I'm not insaine.

Every thought every word I'm lost with now direction.

Only knowing I'm going to loseither control and crash and burn.

I'm lost scatter minded and I'm bipolar and I can't escape being feeling like a puppet  being played by the evil sensation

Of bipolar disorder scatter minded
Nothing makes sence when I wrote this is guess if any one know leavery comments or message me.  I'm so scattered
1.1k · May 2018
The wounds you left
Vladimir s Krebs May 2018
Honey your all i have
My love your all i have
Honey i trully love you so vary much
My love i trully love you so much
Honey you messed up everything
My love why are you screaming at me
Honey im angry at you
My love why are you angry at me
Honey bc you didnt open up to me about your day
My love how can i open up if you just yell and scream at me
Honey you need to open up to me
My love i always will open up
Honey im sorry i screamed at you
My love its okay
Honey are you sure
My love yes
My love no its not you made me cry deeply
My love what honey you made me cry
My love ye
Honey im just frustrated about you not telling me whats bothering you
My love you never let me speak you jump to conclusions before i can tell you
My love you my life your my wife i trully love you i will always forgive you
Honey i will not yell at you any more pls forgive me
My love i forgive you
Love lust
1.0k · Nov 2015
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i'm perfect the way my scares rundown my face and my arms. for every think i put up for every on these years. every new flaws i have make me who i am. noone could take my burns and scares all over my body. i have survied every way you threw at me.
im kinda crazy i'm kinda ***** to in my own little way. all my life i make new flaws every time it keeps out of reach out of control .

im not perfect but all my flaws will prove you wrong i have scars and slashes down my face. but that who i am and im not a shamed orwhat people have to say. i don't care what you say about me. but i don't care if you cant look at me in the eyes but i just want to tell you i accept all my flaws and tht who i love being
life changes hope
991 · Feb 2016
tired of being nice
Vladimir s Krebs Feb 2016
I live in this world that shows only spiting ******* you spread all over with your phones. all the favorite memories of hanging with friends make us never lose being young. memories that sting burning a hole threw my heart. i'm running out of strength to keep the world around me from collapsing killing me. i had to say my time of even caring will blow this world from  my life in a *******. trap'd with no life left. i walk this world lost in my own destruction of what i will show you all. words will be sprayed all over . like every text message you sent to people  i told you i hate them all. why should people follow me when  turning my cards flipping them winning every poker game . i hide my eyes so no one will lose there own soul that i own now *****.

this world leaves nothing but scares that are all over my body turning me into a freak show. lies from words run like knives being thrown at a simple target of lies . don't wast your time cause i'm to broken to even give a **** about any thing else to say

peace out you have told the stories making peoples life hell taking every thing  away from them.

you told me to keep positive but you have reached and pulled out my bad side
955 · Nov 2015
cliff jumping
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
your life begains to change when your paranoia makes your mind play games making you feel like eyes are watching you trap'ed. every step you take is the slide of a cliff you might let go and just fall where you want to release. your fear. i might be crazy but i want  to let my perfect life let all my flaws out.  i will find that perfect hidden spot and test how deep it is first befor i spred my big angel wings that have carryed you to saffty.
im not perfect but im adventuress with a thril seaking flaw. im not messed up but its work every thing if you take a thrilling dare and let your mind go and en joy what you want to happen. i might  bee crazy to you but im living life to the fullest. that feeling of danger where you take the plung in to the ice'y water your life has meaning you.  holding onto the ledge of the steep rocky 100 foot drop off the water is so deep theres a reason whay. i  found this place cause its a natral hot spring so taky the thrill seeking personality and enjoy life
i love this
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
that one night where we both hung over. from that unforgetable night when it was only me and you.
i have the feeling like i just need to start running on the beach with the waves crashing behind me. i cant stop laughing when i read your text you sent me.
every night i get waked out  on the energy drinks i cant live with out.
i set a huge fire spelling your name out pouring gasoline all over it.
every othere day i wach the world go bye.  i lay on the beach looing up at the blue sky day wondering will i have to live alone in this world. no matter ill just walk the nigh sky following every shooting star that fly's by. that one night we both had so much fun that i wish i could have again. i never knew you moved where i lived in this quiet sleepy littel town.

i listen the the wases crashing down making littel pools drown the small ***** that scurry to not posible drown.
the wet sand feels soft and makes my mind run lose with not fear of what will come to me next.

i never slept with out seeing the night sky with all the pondering memories that drive me crazy.
day or night the beach makes my heart skip abeat seeing every one frolik with energy  that never last with out a couples date.

i run every night i adopted a fluffy husky names shelby. every night the sky plays a great light show.
i set the fire on the ****** with drinks and my  guitar. every not i played touched your heart when you were finally moved in.

the song i wrote played out for any one to run out my heart.
i take my lighter and light the lantern that shows the way back to our small cozy house.
my dog has a big heart with no lilits to swimm across the oceans with me if i was stranded getting swept out the see.

that one night i finally feel asleep with sweet dreams making my frown turn in to a smile not a plaster fake.
i sprung up in the morning my phone started ringing out.
the caller id i read out was your name.
the day grew long with the most pretties sun set with red pink skys.
every fire i make in the night i set the fires to show no hate.

i went out at night with my husky shelby taking off running threw the crashing waves the water is cold but its all worth it.
i thought i saw you checking me out.
i dont think im going crazy.
my dog and me wresting.
i started looking right in your big kristsl clear safire blue eyes light my heart on fire.
when we meet again after years moved in with me and we started our lives to gather.

i gathered my bag with my guitar my pen and note book. with my mind open with thoughts.

i looked up and saw the dark side of the moon.

ill never walk this deslet world along.

evey night me you and our dog shelby light a fire and undress in to our comfei clothes.
we drink the night away dancing away threw the night.
with the full night sky with every star shining.
the night light show we run and dance till we both feel sick and fall down.
i had a feeling deep down ill be with you again some day when i saw you name id on my cell phonee.

that night where i was just wresting around with my husky i  never thought i would live life with out your warm heart exitment.

that night your text i read out loud has brought both our worlds to gather

i never knew when you told me you were searching for me.
now we are happily to gather till time runs out

i never knew that we both cross echotere  that bright starty night with shooting stars.

i never knew i would ever see you agin to be crazy.

i knew my future would be this amazing with tears of love.

i never knew we would pass echoter on a beach with waves crashing all over the shore line

i never knew if i would ever see you again

i live life with exitement .

i will break the limits to have fun weather were all wacked out on somthing

i never knew my wish i made on the shooting stars would make that night crossing us by
run wild free make life intresting with carles ideas be willing to try insaine games food or what you never thought of doing
798 · Nov 2015
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
night falls
but i dont
all night awak
with nothing to do
with nothing dut thoughts
sun rises up
i look out
my mind is crazy
so am i said
my own counsious
going slowly insaine
scared ashamed of what a perfect mistake
being what you were made
finding out what you are
seeing the freak in your own eyes
society screws and kills
my eyes are blood shot
more less sleep makes me want to scream but i need to know my store
scares fill my face making you look like a train wreck that cause the scares

who are u do i know you
are you the threat of me
shouldi just keep going crazy
no answeres have been made
your all alon in the big wide world
normal people scare me when i freak out when they come near me

no sleep turning me in to a scary monster at 3:00 am just like when u see ascary monster i am the scary monster

poepl look at me i might be kinda paranoid since every ones silence
i dont know who i am expent my every mistake.
i splacsh water in my face
but that dosnt change a thing
this wold has no boundryies
i see the reflection of my self in ther meior
i puch the mior shattering glass in my fist
anger grows deep
when society is just a mistake you make

i go insaine do i follow or decay
773 · Nov 2015
a cold place in my heart
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i was abandoned in the cold. i grew psychotic as i grew. dont cross my back cause ill go completely insane on you. i run free from a society that is messed up with corruped ideas. every one follows social media exept i go down a new rout antie social freedom. im not a mean person but i am vary SHY. i will disappear to stay away from you finding me. i want to stay away from people who post **** about me. im not crazy

BUT IM SHY AND KINDA INSANE i am not mean but i dont want to get mixed in the wrong crowed if you know what i mean.

i dont need friends i never seen before i live in this world with a cold place in my heart away from the wrong crowed that tryes to **** me away i live a life that is cold and dark away from social media that tears lives apart
im so shy and careful to stay away from the wrong crowdes
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
i walk threw the night with my Russian blue eyes the night lights up when the full moon glears. the world is turning as my life turns. every night my blue eyes light up like safiers and fire flys. the delicat nature holds my mind as the wild call out for the first time.
my heart skips a beat when the tables turn same as the demonic elements that linger around my safe haven. the night sky is like a canvas that i can aline the stars above to lead my path to survive.
no candel lights aloud nor fire cause my blue eyes glow like a safire lit up in the mist of the moon  light.

every night i follow new paths but when day breaks i'm vanished from sight. the night sky has so many tricks only the beauty never breaks the cold weather comes around but my blue eyes will never freez or lose the dreams of my life.

when my blue eyes glow i can call to the wild my calls to the wolfs bring happiness deep down with exitment and freeom.

i cant be held back for im nor threat only the wind and moon light can passes my soul.

when winter is hear so do i my blue eyes light the way to my next place of joy

i finally have escaped the werched and divine but my voice will never be heard untill summer and spring arrive.

my russian blue eyes can lead me to love hope and the freedom to fly but the night sky calls my blue eyes traping me drawing me life bye
im crazy russisan
727 · Jan 2016
chacing my demonic shadow
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2016
i am a shadow that slips away when light creeps up illuminating for life to live. i leave my foot prints but will never lead you any where. i am a shadow that hiding in the brightest day where there only is shadows that dance around the fire lifting the unrest-ed souls that cant lift up to the sky.  ever mark i have made will only lead you to a false lead. i am a dark demonic entity that should be left alone. if a fire is lit i will show my shadow dancing around what should have never ever been found.  my shadow leaves imprints but no tract of what you actually have been trying to find. you want answers you will never know the danger you seek. me i can touch to ****. this world wants to see and capture a demon that will appear. you wont know the dangers you will risk your life to be taken. i hide threw the darkest shadows hiding from the society. people want to see what i really look like but i can't be captured even with your flash lights and cameras that will never show my pure glowing blue eyes.  you seek me but im a dangerous elemental that should never be wreck en with.

you find your self falling in love with a demonic force you can't ever let go. even when  you lose your mind and end up getting imprisoned in the psych ward where no one will listen to your screams or even notice your voice.

you have found me the dark shadow who appears in-front of you i stand with my one word of demand you can't harness me or capture me when i am a danger. i have let you find me when every one has said you have been mentally insanity but i know your mind your seek ins. i leave you a image so you won't let this world take your voice away. like me ill be your angel of insanity you will never feel scared to let go to escape this game people take on you. i won't let the words of a and angel who has been locked away.  

you have seen me where i have been said to hide. i have let you seek me when you are the angel with the broken wings. you have see me away from society.

this is where i linger hide be tucked away watching society collapse with only death.

you have found me when your were called and dragged away in to your own voice that said the truth not any more..

your insanity has brought you to me a demonic entity.  you have found me now its my turn to teach you to escape out of society's  lies that only leave wounds.  

insanity is my place i hide away the ones who seek dark entity's will never find the leads prints to discover it. the ones who lead to the psych ward will find me to show you i'm real your visions weren't fake or your visions.

where you are now in the mental hospital is where i show me presents and take you along a way your not crazy. you will be heard when i show you the way out of your own insanity ways you sufficient on constantly. i will let you be with me but i will he harm'd by the light you can call apon me when you can't keep the fight up to survive.

you have found my trail but you will never find society so nice when yuo say you have found the dark entity
find my traileven when your insanity makes it easyer to find what you really look for
638 · Jan 2016
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2016
Life is like a misery that leads fast till you collapse. life throws yow all around till you lose tour balance. Fear is what life breathes on. I might be insane crazy but fear is how the world revolves on till time ends. I see no fear what danger's will be awaiting me down my path. MY only fear is living life with out music to keep my life like a streetlight lighting up all of our roads.  The only fear will show me what will make me want to tear down the multiple waves of hell this world can keep throwing at me. Life is what fear breathes off of . This time i will never get pushed or torn apart . all of life's insecurities show this world. I have nothing left to fear of cause i have tried and pulled off every thing that fear could possibly bring down this place. Fear is the earth that hold so much potential. Fear is what life is.
more or less
616 · Nov 2015
my own living hell
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i live in a sufficatin hell seeing every one **** up.
there is only pure anger for what we have be came
we are only macheins that have rules to be slaved by the government.
we dye we cry we suffer our lives end with just a single button

I live in darkness with no light.
I live in this hell seeing society become a threat.
i live in  hell seeing innecent people dye from people who attck there life.
i just watch the world turn seeing nothing but insent blood shed that has lost the most import people who can heal the mistakes

i live in my own hell seeing every day blood shed taking familys to death.

i have words to say but seeing your own friend get taken out by warfare (WHAT THE ****) i live in my own hell seeing just **** rip apart people

i live in this world that has no boundries no limits no nothing. just blood shed with no regert

i live in this world  full of danger i always have to keep my sences up to be awaerar of the next move

i live in a world of hell where there is nothing to stop by boundries just blood shed

my own living hell is everyday trying just to survive as time goes on
my difrent moods can tell in my poems or words
600 · Nov 2015
my psycho ex girl friend
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
playing every little game getting your hoodie pulled up. messing around. playing ***** pranks tourching me. when i try running she is allways in  the corner following you day and night. im lossing my mind i cant escape her claws that dig slowly deeper as she poles me down to the empty losing my mind i might be going insaine to the biggest part of the deepest hell. what is left there aint no where to run or hid cause she always knows where my next location is. this psych ***** has taken my life in to her own paranoya game she smuthered me till i can scream no more. every road i cant take cause shell drag with my claws dragging behind. this ****** ***** is making me go insaine with lossing control tearing up the floor. theres no escape from her grasp i think this is the day i know she will end my life

im going to snap from the claw marks that left ripps down my back!!

how many times have i ran idk cause this ******* crap has no road to meaning. i am running from a ****** ***** who cant get her little crush off me.

no place ti hide no place to speak

**** **** **** i cant escap from my ****** ex girl
but there is allways light at the end of the tunnel with a chance to survive

her mom told me her wall is covered in pictures of me in her closet more and more pictures she took with her phone. i dont know how to escape to the next town cause she is a shadow with a messed up twist she has t shirts and pants and every thing with my picture and name on it.

when she is at school she hands out patitions to get us back to gather.

im gone mad less every thing is she cant let go of me cause she is only attrakted to the freaky **** of me  theres no escape AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
idk just drop your **** and run if you want to escape some one who cant get over you
595 · Nov 2015
smoke filling my lungs
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i feel like every breath i take when i am angry fill with smoke that takes my soul away.
every mistake i have made brings me and you closer. i want answer's that will tell me the truth.  why do i have a demonic life with smoke that fills my lungs! how angry do you have to make me till i lose control and go on a rampage. how long before i can get my own soul back.i am a demonic being that will take a life and rote it to death. i stand alone with anger that spits all your ******* lies out. im going to lose control and show this world what life with out a soul will be like when all you breath smoke in your lungs that destroy you life roting your mind away wiht only


smoke filling my lungs with only anger and *******.
i dont stand along with the crowd i stand alone away from societys ***** triks.

my demonic life has nothing but darkness that writes my life storie of what its like to be in hell.

smoke fills my lungs cause thats whats going to happen when you trade your soul for what ever greed needs

so trace my foot steps ill dissapear like the sun dose every day.

smoke fills my lungs cause i'm just a broken soul that has no where to go exept rain hell onto those whoe made my life misrable enstead
like is so pissy with every one so sufficating when yo have to work on a project for school
574 · Dec 2015
Just breath
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
let the state of mind release into peace.
all the stress please leave me alone.
breath by breath all my life flashes behind me.
i'm not going insane but i have that dark heavy feeling that just sufficating.
all the darkness that has pushed me down slowly tearing me apart all around.
all the people in class have said wispers behind my back.
but my fight will never stop sun set to sun rise.
the weight of darkness runs wild like wild fire burning every thing that was beauty. but now lies.
every step i take one foot after the other. my impresion in the sand. will fade away and come back.

i leave to find my cozy safe haven that i can spread my new colorfull wings and warm them up spread them wide.
my safe haven is full of joy no one can find it cause youl just have a fight to get to me.
my breathes show when the cold weather go' next *** is a feild of roses that drip the new spring dew.

my life is filled with chaos and hectic things i don't under stand.
what is the reason you only just hold me down and drive me ******* crazy.

i have a safe haven where i just think pondering about my ideas that can change life and improve the blood shed to leave and go away.

my life has been stronger that any one who has try'd fail'd and lost the fight.

but i have a place that is filled with life that never dies i have a place to vent and ponder and let my thoughts out to think about what could change.


you could tear me appart by my wings will grow stronger and maybe ill sheil'd you from the bulletsthat will hit you.

i take breathes of air and clear m mind of the danger i will never escape.

but every breath i take makes a new place that i can go to to just release the anger/ that floods my vaines.

im a vary shy person but that never will change the way i see this world threw my eyes of this world that lies to me like paper that burns in the hand of the devil or demonic  ******* that just rip your (*******) (HEART) out.

my shyness lets me just watch this world an all its moves.

to me this world is like a vary vary big (CHESS GAMES) every peace is a pawn that moves to the place where you want to follow a path to lead the king or queen to fredmon.

every breath is seen when the winter starts to let heavy snow fall consume your mind.

the train tracks i walk my tracks stay the snow fall is so thick i will follow till you look ahead and just see me vanish in to the white.

my breath breath the fog on the cold dryry days.

i may be alive but deep down i am scared and beat but yet i still walk this world with no regrets only ideas that can change this corrupt world that only teaches lies that make people riot.

my life is nothing but one big scare.
but ill never just sit down and cry ill just walk this earth till i die.

if it aint black and white peck scratch and bit.

my eyes a vary blue as the kristal waters of of the gates to hell.

my breathes have nothing but ideas and people i want to leave my life.

every breath fills my lunges with energy that i can harn's and breath out fire that is nothing but my stress.

stress has riped my life apart but every new scare of wound ill manage.

my min d is strong as lifes demonic eliments.

ill never let this world leave me behind cause ill always be watching your every move.
every fight i  take in is all the night mars that will **** your soul away leaving nothing but a broken lie .

my safe haven has hid me well away from your ****** up lies that have twisted that ******* smile off your face. my save haven has my life to recover from the **** society  throws my way when darkness fills my lungs i want to go on a ram page that will drown all you out from me.

nothing is great noting is promising nothing is good or bad nothing is good nor evil. life has the rads and paths that you can make life.

i might be quiet by my eyes listen as so ears my words have nothing nice to say but that's only cause were alive.

day by day the weather changes so dose my mood.

but every one in my life is a lie.

my safe haven is my sheild that blockes the words the texts have no effect.

this life with lies have no effect. on me that only creates wounds not love or like.

my simple words words of HATE ANGER  back stabbing words that only dig your own grave that you have started when you were able to starting to talk. talking

life has led  me to insanity or insane but if you just followed a path maybe you can make your own safe haven that will not scare you.

if i tell you it only take one person to start a wave of love caring and compassion to start people to love and follow a way.

it only takes one person who's voice had been silenced in the shadows.

ill take every breath it to take to show you all a world from my point of how i see it to show how life can be made  to survive and maybe ill show you my one idea and path i want to show love.

only one person it takes to spread a world of love .

thank you my  breathing saved my anger now my breathes leave out the  harsh but ill never get knocked down ccause my safe haven has saved me from this world of fear anger hate lies societys tricks but all of tho  have

MADE ME GROW WISE WITH  answeres of life
i had anxiety
542 · May 2016
Sadness in blue eyes
Vladimir s Krebs May 2016
People say my blue eyes look like a kristal ocean. Sadness seems to make people wonder if I am crying or just down In the ditch. Every one looks and glances deep in my blue eyes hoping not to cry.

I hide my blue eyes so no one will know I'm not crying but I'm just a kinda person with the affect on people. When they notice my vary vary blue shinny sparkly reflective eyes.

Sadness invite eyes leave a message on the world saying its okay nothing could try to beat the rules.

They say my Russian blue eyes scare society and people when they get traped steering at my eyes

Seems like I have taken there souls with out a breath to freedom

I'm Russian with blue eyes.

My eyes will look sad but that jut how they look blinding people with unforgettable love
Blinded by tears I am loved
530 · Nov 2015
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
where do i stand
i stand my ground
i stand to speak my mind
i stand alone watching the hurt
i stand to keep the people i know and love safe
i stand when theres nothing but terror
i stand inthe deepest shadows
i stand when theres nothing even lft fighting for
i stand to lift and picking up when your not strong nought any more
i stand when your fight dsnt have a reson to keep going
i stand tobe there when the end of the world happens

your not alone
cause i have your back
im the one who will take every thing that hurts you
im the one to listen to pick you up to keep you safe

WHERE do you stand
do you stand beside me
or do you let te corrupt society rip you apart

where do i stand i stand with no regrets nor fear i stand strong for any one who need me ill take all the hurt pain weakness you cant hold

(WHERE) do you stand
i stand thick thinwhen theres not enought to hold on even when you grab the hand that has sliped
530 · Nov 2015
stage fright
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
you push me on to the stage
with all those bright lights
shining on me my fear of what words being wispered
i start to choke up feeling anxiety that starys making me shake
all the people just looking threw me
all i can do is  feeling my heart racing with my mind following behind
my hands start to shake when i feel like i m going to puke
i feel like i cant breath when every ones face turned blank
i feel like im going to pass out even if push me to far
the mike is listening as the day turned round
all that you havee done is turn my life upside down when
i couldnt speak
look at the entire crowed just making you fear for what they think you want to say

all i feel i can do is feel my heart and mind racing behind
you took my confidence away from me you took my breath my tears away that lead nothing

you broke me and tour me apart.

theres nothing exept my trust that u broke

all i can hear is my spoken poetry that hides deep in side me

scared my anxiety is out of control i want to to puke on the floor i feel shaky and cant talk im frozen in my spot

my trust be gain to freez  

my anxiety diggs it claws threw the back save me cause the stage fright is making me a wreak  alive

stage fright has taken my life to hollow me out
i cant publicly speak with out feeling anxiety till it shuts my down
527 · Nov 2015
the pond filled with life
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i have found a pond in the tree line. its filled with life that has the natrual beauty that sweeps me away. thres a cat that just sits an the pedistool watching the colorfull fish swim around. his is so patiance just watching the fish swim around with just ceriousity and no attempt  to break its posture. the water rippes when the wind passes threw the majestic trees. to me this is a safe haven to me where i can  escape the ******* in life that only want to make me go insane. this place i have found has a pond and a warm hot spring that is wonder full to just ley your mind empty from all the negitvity that swollows you hole. my insanity clears away when i just close my eyes and take in this beauryfull place. its my safehaven to escape so im never going to tell any one cause its only place i can have my mind be cleaned.
my mind emptying out of negitivity
Vladimir s Krebs Apr 2017
Every day or night my mind grows more curious of the dangerous ways I go. Every day I cheat death even tho his whispers draw me closers to mistakes that can't be reversed. Let's play a game of insanity?
Every rule we break we mend a new insane way of our tricks. A lie brings misfortune as showing you have no boundaries.

My secret I scream is the dead silence on the sleepy hollow cemetery.
  My pain inside my bipolarmind is running wild with energy I could have saved to save my self from the deadly things that grab you.

My nightmares  become a stories that play with me like a horror film that was just shot.

How fast can scream.
Do u want to play with your own darkness or spread the sickening like a wild fire.

I have no heart beat only when life breathes into my lungs.

Dose evil bring good fortune or dose it spill blood like savagely brut let killing a person.

How far do we open up our minds to open ideas for evil or good.

Do u want to play with my mind to full blown destruction that we can't put out.

My pain inside my bipolarmind  is like a lighter starting a spark adding Fulton the fire setting my path of pure blinding aggression.

My pain inside my bipolarmind  is a trap I can't escape only way out is a fight till Insanity  kills me.

Clostrabobic  small room I can't breath I have no place to free any thought leaving me with my demons who have otherwise plans in mind.

Are u insain or can you break the lone and escape your twisted mind.

Let's play a game of mine can you escape and set your self free or will you be traded for inturnity weak and powerless of hope and lost of life.

Are u insain or can you handle your own pain
507 · Nov 2015
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i'm completely insane im not afraid to do any things you give me to try!i cant function with out my music playing but ill do anything that is crazy.i take thrill seeking rids that last till im called up on the phone saying your insane. that means noting to me cause i already know that! is there any thing this world that can be done cause whats the point if you dont have the exitment in your life to try new things. im insane cause i dont think stupid i think smart before its tested. my parents think im insane cause im not afraid of what the consequesnes that come with the dangerious ideas. im insane cause i think big not small . this world has never showed what my insane mind can build. im insane cause i show no fear cause im willing to make sure the road is safe for my own friends and insane cause im not afraid to prove the skeptics wrong. im insane cause i want to improve this world better with new ideas. im insane cause im not afraid to speak my mind wen my heart starts to cry.
im insane cause i can read a chapter book and build the storie around society.
im insane cause i have so many things to try. im insane cause i have a big heart and im always caring even when things get dark. im insan cause theres no fear when it comes to the new suroundings that blind the beauty in  life as we go. im insane cause ill never let go of what the truth has told me . im insane cause im inovative and mechanicaly inclined. im insane when riots break out i stear the grouyp the right way. away from the danger. im insane cause i only follow what my heart and mind say to. im insane cause my family tells every one im not afraid of what dangers wait for me. im insane cause i'm willing to get answeeres for the hopless who needs to be insane cause ill risk my life to help you in the most worst conditions. im  insane cause im not afraid to help you fight when your insane cause i want more answeres to help societys troubls. my family thinks im insane cause im always crating someting crazy to solve a problem even if its really stupid. my mind is insane cause im not afraid to take things to a new level. every one i know thinks im insane cause i want people to fell free and not traped that slaves them to. people call me insane cause im always working on new things to improve my theriories that might be insane but what if they became the next thin g to work for societys lies. im crazy insane cause theres nothing im willing to try so follow me in my foot stepf and be com what you truly want to speak your mind. speak your mind with me and society will be come opened with ideas to try for future hope . so follow me and we will open a world with ideas that will never be silenced by fear

thank you letting me speak my mind

follow if you dare for change
my heart and mind split it all out
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
this world i walk alone i have no fear but people in society see the chance to rip into the skin of a person s mind and fills it with lies you cant get away from.

this world is filled with the fire in the eyes of a lire that knows the tricks and card games played write but the eyes filled with fire are the lies they have choses to hide there own identity. behind.  
but the eyes of a lire have no inisents but the grave they started to dig.

i hide my eyes behind a deep blue sea full of mistery and vanished questions my blue eyes are the image of you reflectin back on me .

my eyes have no lies only the cold steair down your spin.

my blue eyes are the cold feids of snow that has no face to be herd..

my russian blue eyes tell a storie of how i have servied. but my russian blue eyeshave never ran with a identity that become a lie on it own.

i might be crazy but in this life i have goals to set me free
let your wings free and let your dreams be com your own reality
502 · Nov 2016
My bipolar mind
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2016
I lay in tears of seeing thoughts of losing my goals and dreams. I feel insane when I can't fall asleep seeing the darkest shadow following me. I don't even have enough in me to shed a tear. I feel like a old wooden grandfather clock ticling time away.

My heart has no sound no rhythm. I am tormented by every thought that will never leave me alone.
Brown twisted saying your name every 2 min so quiet calling your insanity till you break and set off a big explosive rage.

I'm insane or the thoughts that ripped your every voice you hade left to say.
Lost in deeper thoughts I feel tormented cluttered and messy
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
life is a society of ******* lies. but who really determens weather your words will be taken to slave the hopless. why are we the kind to end the world. my parenoied side has ran away and be cam and identity in descies.  my name has been lifted deleted just like the sentence you were just on. whats left to fight when theres no one to be saved.
who are you  even to me. all i have caused is every one to turn on me.

this world is all automated every one is the same?
they dress the same
eat the same
do the same thing.

social media has taken the lives of any one who crosses the trap they fall into the social media trap.

how do i know where every one is just a security camera watching every step i run.
i have my minde set free im going to lose control and **** any one who captures me.

im going to break threw the codes screen names and anonumis user names who has be both in the cross fire. im going to lose control and riot what you have lost

no ones left in this world just screen names that steal who you are

no more i am the only weapon you have to be afraid of me caise you cant even track me or tracy my steps..

you cant control me cause im not dead im not on a screen so im not dead yet or (BRAIN WASHED) to media of lies.

save your self or run and desrtoy what his scope cross hairs lined on you
save your self social meadia is my fear
Vladimir s Krebs Mar 2016
walking threw the night holding the love of your life hand. the cold grew seeing our breathes. feeling the thought that you'l never lose your mind. I write my name on the wall . falling into a haze feeling like the earth has told you to just let go. night will fall but every night i lay awake next to you watch over you.  i stay awake watching you as your guardian angel. we love and will never let go losing each other in a way of the mistake you will love.
fear will never let you play all your games
464 · Nov 2016
Destress with vodka
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2016
I have to much energy senosing me in endless circles. I feel like I'm driving. Mad when I have to much things I can't win or drown in projects that seem to suffocating me.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 all day and night the pure krystal bottle of ***** brings down the stress and anger
Lost with confusion
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
what if one day we found that some one pressed fire on all the nuclear war heads.

im not ready to be vaperized for little to build my survial gear

im afraid cause i willlove every i loved in life
what do we even do do if we even survide every thing is gone.
every thing makes me fear causeit could be a accident set off war head killing every one in the thousand yard blast.

im not ready to die i want to do as many things as possible.

i just am not  ready to lose everybody i have my tears when i watch the news earing them talk about war. i dont  think i can handle much more
i have the list of gear to survive what is going to see mean my family.

i am scared to dye cause i just want more time to enjoy the littel things then enjoy things im not reat to be vaporized ,
hearing things on the new around 7:00 at night with hard ball with chris mathew
just scares
458 · Nov 2015
lets raise hell
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
im tired of ******* people tell
im not going to stand for it any more
im going to raise hell weathere you like it or not
lets gather at night and riot
i dont stand for the hsh hush dont tell secrets people say to me .
i want the truth told to me
who is with me
cause i want the truth that tells me every thing
im going to raise hell untile i uncover that scares smile you where
i want the truth of what you hide from me
no more lies tell the truth to stay alive
i want the truth even if its vary grosim
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
Every day is new sunrises so do you. even if you feel like you have nothing to say nice.
day by day new challenges fly bye hitting you with out warning. when it rains i rather walk  in the rain so no one can see my eyes . have the time of your life. but it only last only a few min light when your high. when night comes the only thing to escape reality.
the music you listens to carry you along the way with all the wounds that riddle your body.
every thought you think twice but your own ideas have the weight like a ton. your friends have been there for you and so you both have each others backs no matter what.
even if your tired and have little patients all you have to say is ill just keep walking.
the emotions you drown in with every thing the day dreads and loses you in the mix.

but dad by day you have to face your fears even if it means passing you own boundries.

love that emotion is just a ord love is just something that means nothing.

for me i was told when i was little you should never sit down and cry cause youl never have the strong image in you.
emotions walk behind you but your shadow is the thing that has to fight your own evil side to push the demonic eyes away.

life is filled with lies and pathetic people that wast your time.

emotions are the whole thing that human society has to stand therer ground.

day night is the same except that's the way it is night people currl up and let the dreams slumber.

but night is a nother when people only come out when theres no light to hit them.

the thins you said the night before what do u really know what happened to your promises and trust.

my life i walk this earth trying to show my ideas to this world. but this world is afraid of ideas that will change society and every ones time to the good of it.

the emotions have so many things that will bring out in your words.

but i have no regrets or fear what happens to me. cause people fear me and are scared of me for my smarts. but i have nothing negitive to express in my words.

but the sun rises bring the sweet calm breez that flowls threw my long hair but what do u really hear when you listen close. just the music you have never heard of the beauty that will make tears stream down your face.

in my own words you cant fix every thing or every ones problems. all you can be is ears for listening and to suport them untille the end.

i have a life that is full of trapes and surprizes.

im not scared or threaten  by people but why do my ideas scare and threaten society.

but night falls my music plays sun rise comes and my music is still playing but thats the only way for me to deal with life and all its (****)

i walk this world creating my ideas writing away that will spell your name telling you im always listening.

but in this world i can only escape from societys gripps with my music playing loud and drowning people out so i can feel things. in my life as we keep going along.

my life is full of words but my voice will never be heard cause im tired of trying to talk over your voies.

have any emotions like your own appearance ******* you down ******* your strength away wearing you down.

have you just felt your life is and endless ride that leaves burns and blood stains.

my voice has the calming tone's that bring peace to your life.

in my life there's no such thing is war only the rules i have if you show any threat or threaten me i will do the same to you.

every emotion i have been able to control by using my music to drown out every one blaring it away tuning any scream or voice in my way that is only sufficating.

in my own words i have no fears /regrets but i walk this barren world just living and surving any thing hits or breakes me.

but in life/society/emotions. we wont be human if we didn't have any emotions that we have to live with.

i you want folow me  cause youl never have to be alone i am listening to our voice ill say just follow your foot steps and dont let go
emotions have just pathetic life but with out emotions we wont even be human
442 · Dec 2015
a threat or not a threat
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
you may call me crazy but im not parenoid butv ill show you my free time and fun side of me .

we could be togather fight to the end but i only live by this rule if your nice or ind ill show you a life of fun but if you turn on me my alliy my brother my friend my family if you turn ill turn showing you a life of riots and set a blaz of fire into the eyes of me!
your lies spread killing you and any one who follows in your path.
if you lies spread ill have no choice to flip the switches along the path of me.

your threat hits like wild fire but you know this world should know you should all be afraid of me. for what price youl have to pay to gain trust agai.
in this world i run freely threw the woods in felids like wind. but one little white life has lit the fuse of totl destruction.

you cant put me in a cade and hold me to go ape **** on your ******* face.

you hant imprison me you cant hold me down you cant tell me what i am .

your lies have set fuse on fire as all your words that come out of your mouth lead my anger that will make you fuse exploed.

your my life if you show me kindness and love all show you a life full of exitmen and joy. ill take you by thehand a lead you to a undder world life on none stop exitment that will change your opinion on dull life.

the only thing is you show me threat ill show you a life of hell and my eyes will set your mind on a down world spire .

you cant take a force as strong as me and my life down only kindness and love you have a life of endlesss joy and thrills..but kindwill grant you acseesto life of free thrill no night mars
440 · Nov 2015
running threw the woods
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
have you ever had that feeling where you just need to let your mind explore.
that powere you have deep down.
that feeling of what you really want to follow threw.
have you ever just want to run just to get the runners high.
i have ran thew the woods with the rain pouring threw the tree canapy.
all you have feeling is how to channel all your emotions so you wont be dead.
have you ever wanted that magical feeling where only the rain gives the perfext sun light with the mist spraying on you body.
i have ran miles threw the woods but i have beengiven wisdom as time pases me.
i feel like i can truly spready my wings and just ruffel them up.
i hav people follow in my own impression.
are you crazy or insane.
my angel wwings have gotten bigger and stronger cause i have just ran freely threw the woods.
nothing can get in my path cause your making a risky mistake.
dont tr to stop me or get to close to me cause you not mak it out alive.
when i run threw the woods i take my paint brush and paint how i see this world.
thers no time for fear when u can just be freely alive and not dye.
ill be bye your syde when you need nurturing around you.
ill keep you safe with my dark angel wings witch can hold off dangers of what so sciety has to offer.
i cant be traped or mind dead cause i havent been ****** up in this silly games.
i have the entire world of woods and tropical forsests to roam around freely with no frear so set me free.
if your want a place to run free with naturses beauty?
then follow your mind letting it free.
so follow what your heart says to be free to let your angel wing spread open up entirely finding new hope for you to be  free.
i run threw hell do you
430 · Dec 2015
what do you want me to say
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
its been along time but all i have is watching your life crumble   like a building with pretty marble.  
what do you want me to say. if i don't have any thing to say to your face at all.
these walls fill the room with big glising shadows that just leave a perment scare on the wall.

what do you want me to say to you if all you are nothing but lies to the world.

are you calling me insane or crazy?

cause thats whati have to say to people and all of yu.
i dont know
426 · Nov 2015
my hidden vocie
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i have a hidden tallent of my life a singer or the voice that can touch your hearts.
my mind thinks up a storm that comes to a plan on a friday afternoon.
my voice can only be heard if your heart has the courrage to follow what you want the most.
my voice is what my stories come to life.
cause my true love came and gave me hope to write this line.
my mind thinks first for what salllom words i could think to say to you to touch your heart deep.
i know i will proable be alone with my thoughts.
but ever word ever said threw my voice i hope it made you go mad with crazy love.
night and day come and go but i will never let my smooth gental words leave me.
that all i got when i feel abandoned.

my hidden voice can make your anger go leaving your life with peace.

my hidden talent with my voice can make words stories poems love notes and creat or life memories.

my hidden voice can only be heard for the traped broken lies.
my hidden voice can lift you off your feet when thinks start getting bad.

my hidden voice can heal your soul if your willing to listen to me while i start to write my entire life stories.

you will never be alon if your voice meets me down the slop.

my hidden voice can do many things but will never be harsh or angery just a loving kind blank page you should start writing to fin  me and you with our true love stories
i love my voice every one thinks its vary vary soothing
420 · Jan 2016
i'm my own soldire
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2016
i never smile cause i'm Russian the cold weather i form into. i see no fear i'm a harden till that net time we meet. you have your weapons so do i. you don't need bullets to win only what we have to spill. i plan my attack when you men march threw the snow cover brush. you have no idea what will be coming to you when u step into my winter trap.
your bullets will fly but your never going to hit me only the surprise that will blow you across this battle field.  have you ever meet me the insane Russian full of mysteries. you cant escape what kinda war ill play.  the winter is my  advantage cause i'm living threw your battle you have planed you crazy jellies ****'s your plan is over when the snow shows you my war with no bullets or fire power just mind bending tricks that will slowly make you sink into insanity or make you lose every thing.

my war only has mind mental power not blood shed that you would bring to wipe out every thing to gain permanent power. every one in your path has been killed or piling up bleeding to death with your head making this world suffer with blood filling the snow covered woods that your forces have made. your only fear is being mind read your life is over when your paranoia starts tearing you down like a tree taking your power i'm going to end your life mentally with you driving your self to death.

my war has no fear no blood shed but a plan to follow my own orders to end this **** that lays between both of us.

i work behind the enemy lines planting my attacks on life your life.

i fight with no violence just like one time we were friends brothers. but that night i told you betrayed me you took off all night planing your own revenge that will drive you to your own grave.

you were my brother allies family my betrayer.
my trust has lost but you keep trying to get to me with your lies of **** you keep putting on your life.

snow is my life i survived in Russia in the winter but i got a chance to tell my stories the stories is where i have survived this world that hits me every witch way it can. i might have found a way to describe how i'm still alive.

you can make me suffer you could start a war that will destroy my life but i won't let my grip let go to fall to the ground and let go till it give up all my secrets.

i have the gift of blending into the winter since my body only adapts to the cold.i might be insane or crazy but nothing can stop me or knock me down even bullets or war will never bring me down. you can tourcher me  break me but ill never break.

my secret i never will smile i'm Russian and i don't smile but when i do youl wish you never wasted your time trying to break me till the end of time.

do i need blind love or do i stay away from your lies you have told me. your life is almost over when i pull the covers over my head leaving me to feel free from the agony that will never leave till the end of time
i follow my own orers so haa have fun in winter
417 · Nov 2015
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i might be insane but ill take all the blows for the poeple i know.ill run and be the sheiled that wont give out. ill go crazy to protect people who need a hand. i look threw dangers   eyes when it's the other way around im bullet proof who is crazy enough to take as many rounds as you can fire at me. the eyes of fear are in the ones with i kinds soul. but the ones who have fear are insane anyway looking head on into fear. as many rounds you can get off it wont stop me for bullet proof ideas stay trut to the safty of your people. ever bullet proof idea that is an idea will tell people dont lose control
new ideas will be tryed even if you get hit or go down the ones who are psychoticly crazy will be around as ideas to hold back forces of evil. even the forces of the corrupt that take away life. the bullets will fly but being bullet proof will end the madness that surrounds us in this comunity.

im not crazy but my ideas are great but ill always be bullet proof for what my ideas can do in our future planes to fight the forces that only end life as we know it


i will stand my ground but nothing willl pull or shoot or **** me ill stand my ground till you get thye message that your rain of terrer is going to fail so is your life and forces that has tourn apart this world
i stand my ground firmly not letiing any thing knock me down
417 · Nov 2015
i just want to scream
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
im tired of the same thing going over and over. i dont know how to say any thing nice. i just have embrace whats happening to me. i have to see my own misery over and over like a movie that skipps with evry scrach there can be.  i dont know how much longer i can stand this **** you all put on me. you know me to well i have a good heart but i never raised my voice before. maybe its time for me to show all of you my true power in me! so sit the **** down and listen to me. i start to scream all the ******* colors of the rainbow do you see society has broken me and i have put  up with all of its games. so let me tell a stori for a change. all the things put on no is coming out like a tiger or a lion roaring with all its might!!! so every one just shut up and listen to me cause i have every ******* word i had to say but its now my turn to come out of my quiet self and say things for once. i have been quiet for to long so hears what i have to say i want chang to happen  i dont want things to look like a auttomated systems of robotics. i want to run free and not be held captive. i want to speak my mind i want to run up and down a beach just screaming my ****** lungs out that can be. i want to be heard down the streets around 2 am. i want to make a mountian start and avalanch that trapes every little village under 1000 of feet down!
i want to raise hell and bring laughter and fire to my place. i dont want to be silenced for my great crazy mind. i wont let you trap me cause i am a ******* wild animal who will claw your ******* eyes out. so i am breaking away to make the changes for every one to have fun and do insainly messed up crazy dangious things.
i want to start riots to test new ideas. i dont want to be enslaved to a desk and chair in a office building. i want to be the brush that paints the night sky with pretty colors of imanage. you will never catch me cause i cant be silenced from you traping people like animals in rusty cages. ill run free one step a head of all you.

i just want to scream cause im not done fighting for whats right

you cant imprison me you cant silence my voice cause when you drop your guard ill escape and rip all of you apart.

so just listen to me heres my voice screaming my thoughts.
i wont put up with any more crap!!!!!!!!!
my life rantings
412 · Nov 2015
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i hate the way you talk to me like you know every thing
i hate how i even give in to trusting the world
i hate the way society treat us
i hate when you set my anxiety off the levels
i hate how you told me you loved me when you lied to get my over reactions
i hate how you said you loved me when you are just a cheater of silence
i hate you lid to get out of lifes battels
i hate how i hot to be forced to deal with all your ******* mistakes
i hate how i cant scream but you can
i hate how under my skin i scream
i hate you cause you have turned on me
i trusted you but you just stabed me in the back killing me of blind trust.
i hate how you were never honest when i gave every thing to you
i hate you cause you keep liying to your self
i hate you cause i dont know what to even do any more
i hate how you can think its okay to hurt the ones who never even left a scare on you
i hate you when we go in to a fight you cut me across the face with the shiny blade
you left the mistakes and scares running down my face.
i trusted you but i dont even know what to even say about life
you keep reminding me what i have become.
all my scares running down my face with no love left.
i hope you know your just a stupide think i mad a mistake even loving you.
every thing as going well
that day you came to me with a whit lie yousaid you were okay.
i hate you for thinkin you are a **** up.
i have showed you my storiies so why not start your as well.
i cant take hearing that ****** up lies you make when i see you with no one.
i hate to bring this stroie to and end but i only have words of my undivided attention to show you
i wish i could just go on a rampage killing evey one in my way i see you digging your ow grave every day when you keep lieing.
i showed this world to you but you took advantae of what **** you could do.
just like that car accident witch enden to lives with there own souls.
i have a presnt for you . a box of darkness i hope you can see what i mean to you .
i hate to say this but maybe will see echother some day soon.
i hate how life has been playing its cards wrong making every moistake a challang
i hate you cause u kept lying to me when i was trying to reach out to help you.
when i leave you in the empty room i  hope you understand what i ment to you
your life will row cold cause love dosnt mean any thing to you

go **** your self ithought icould trust you but you stabed me only killing me
Vladimir s Krebs May 2016
Day will only leave knife marks. Can I breath can I survive? Am I alive or am I dead inside to angery to ****** to ******* made at what lifes **** will change. I have a danger inside. Me that will turn the full moon into a ****** war that only leaves scares you will never escape from the grips.

Deep down I have the scream building in me T night dressing my wounds I endure every sun rise.

My voice is soft with kind but my reflection I see in every mior all I see is a mess who. Can't and never want to see his own self.

I am vary quiet but that's just my life until I snape turning every thing In my world upside down with nothing left to survive

I can't. Take risk of seeing
My eyes when they turn glowing red with the crimson red I shed in my battles of he'll

I know I amm insane but breathing in every ones white and pure black lies is like smoking a vary addictive drug you can't escape that suffocate you.
Held to much down not enought time to recharght and start a new way
409 · Dec 2015
I"M vary shy
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
i cant talk to people cause i'm shy and scared. i like to watch from a distant in the shadows. i'm shy nervios about what will happen to me if something harms me.
life it scares me to the point where i drop off the face of the world to hide. my identity holds a strong rope but i i drop off the face of the earth hiding in the long summer day's just watching the world fall apart. my fear start and then my anxiety follows like my shadow on the pavment go'es every where i go. normal people scare me also dose people who do things that can cause death or serious injury. at night i have realized that i cant keep hiding when my shyness. hides my identity and lets me walk the shadow in society. im scared and i i have social problems. every thing scares me. trust i dont take so kindly. my shyness live's a life of its own. idk what will come to me but im  reay to find the way out unscaved.. normal people scare me and im not ever going to be normal.  is my shness scare you cause you just have to deal with it
i dont do well im scared shy and un like to trust people who i feel like a threat
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i have these feelings when every one around you is trying to hard. but how can you say thank you when you just want to cry your eyes out. how do you say thank your when its to lat and your tears lready start to fall. that heavey hollow feeling deep inside just makes you cry more&more.; how do u even know what to say? people do things out of kindness. but how do feel when you  just are vary hop full and charresing what you have recived.but if you cry its not bad but it shows what i kind hearted you are.
my tears make me feel like im surrounded by people who i worked with but i have had some times where inever said thank you that guilt hangs over my every time
408 · Nov 2015
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
theres nothing left
just dakness
only scilence
long empty thoughts
tears running down my face
every one is gone
the wrold is bleak
there are only lies
who am i
who are you
am i a mistake
how many days have came and gone
what even left to say
what is even left to say
the world is ending
when warfare breakes lose
am i going crazy
or am i losing you
how long have i survivied
is there more pain
or do we all dissaper
long days
speachless thoughts
memories fade
from the faces
who playd lies
will we even dare to step out of line
when we are all broken lies
what do se see
our own shadow or the evil in our eyes
nothing makes sence
its all a hoox
is a voice real
or is it just our imagination
do i really sound like that
endless roads
endless memories
what about our past
it scares me with a cold chill
can any one hear me
my screams to pull me out
scary monsters
play out
the moon never leaves
all the stars glow brighter
lighting a candle is no better
what am i to you or you to me
this is all scarey to me
how far cani touch the stars
is there a new path we are
what is the world coming to
is the warfare over
or do we have to take cover so no one can harm the pretty flowers
random thoughts pondering in my thoughts with word play mixed in
405 · Nov 2015
no regret left
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i have no regret that hangs over my head.
all the mistakes i made is like music in my head.
i don't regret any thing i do cause that's i i move on in life.
i may make mistakes but i wont let it **** with the rest of my life.
i know i did make stupid mistakes but that's how we learn in life.
i know you think i'm  crazy or ******* insane.
but that's just how i am.
all the regrets i had left made me angry that i could fix.
i learn new things when holding regrets only weigh you down to your grave
i'm not insane but i am kinda ***** crazy in my own way.
that's why i don't have regret to carry around when i just have life to live freely.
dont blame me but i opened a new chapter in life
402 · Nov 2015
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
MY black and white cat strolls around hiding in the shadows. he wears a tuckcido. with a vary nice smool look. his affection brights my life up when i dont have any one to talk to. he is a small companon that goes every where. his loving purr fills my heart with the warmest feeling . he is the  James bond that is stealthy and undetected. even tho he is just my small little companion he has a bi rour and a loving affection. he never leaves with out telling you whats needed

his name is OREO my black and white cat that is my heart he has a big state ment but always there to give a fection when u are down
my cat oreo
402 · Nov 2015
the unknown bombing
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
a warm sunny day filled with life seems not normal> my paranoya grew heavyer.
i heard my millitary sccanner  go off. i listen what they said
they were going to exterminat our little society town. i grab my girlfriend we both ran to tell eny one who could take this threat well. i knew the timing of when the bombs would drop. i knew every one vary well but it will all be lost. it was 2:00 am. the bombs were going to drop right be for night fall to get every thing ready. night was scares for me and her to prepar for the worst. we gave people another warning with the air rade syron blaring. we both bunkkered down varry vary deep to be untouched by the misles blow
on a saturday evning i started to gather family pets and any one els.

i started to set the clock for the final note. at 2:00 in the afternoon all our equipment and beds and supilze were accounted.

5:00 we had the final moments to hold out. the small timer reached 10/ 9/ 8/ 7/ 6/ 5/ 4/ 3/ 2/ 1 we held echother close.

the time ran out and all we heard was a vary loud ringing sound. we held out and survived. but the rest of society was wiped out. i new my parinoid side had came right on time. only my entire family pets and my girlfriends started venchering out.

all we saw was a ****** horor  show peoples bodyes vaperized all shops were gone

we survied the unknown from the trsty side of peranoya that was right.

we have to find what has happened we found out this was a plane that was only aimed at us since this small society had people who was a hush hush dont tell

every one is gone all gone.
adjitated at night
399 · Jan 2016
the thrill of my free fall
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2016
i have let go of my grips my life is open to those who have the wrong ideas.

my free fall has let go all my stress and fears or what a mistake u have made when i let go when your try'ed to pull me to freedom  when the ****** games when they become a danger to this life. i have taken to this world a thrill of my own free falling like following your mind. my free fall is nothing you can stop i'm insane and filled with the energy to bounce off the walls. thrill seeking danger's have made my life so exiting that feels like this world has no fair game to catch me. follow me and ill show you a world of thrills and shakes so watch this take you phone and video tape me in the act of insanity. this world is so unfair but living life with no limits is what we have to fight for to follow our true dreams. your bullets may fly but your words only leave marks and lies all over your mouth. i have fallen the wrong way but your own things have catch'ed me in the nets of hell .

this world i walk is a free fall but i live in this insanity with life with no limits. dont let people prove you wrong. risks have the memories. only the chills you get when you see people who are pulling danger. but i'm just stuck in day dream shutting out all the society's voices out of line.

life with out thrill or danger is not fair to live life only if you live in the pitch dark not knowing what this world has to show you.

i'm not crazy but i'm kinda insane psychotic and i have no fear what choice will come at me

but i live a life with no boundr's or limits. cause im not going to let things stop me till i make my path to reach sky high.

im not going to let any thing stop me no untile i do all my ideas to prove them all wrong.

this world is so nasty with people who think they can prove you wrong.

i will rip people's souls out along my ride but i have my idea to prove this ******* world wrong. even if it takes me to set a blaze of unknown ideas that will wipe out the ones who just hold the world down treating ideas like a threat but i still have ideas to change this worlds prospective. cause my ideas are bullet proof to all your words and hate you spread..

so if you want to know well take my hand and lets run threw the night making mistrife   till we just let go and let out all our fears. untile you have cleaned our all your darkest regrets out. so follow me and will finally have the free free fall to end all the regrets behind and let out all your anger then you just have to let your life most disires drive your fears unleash.

just follow me cause life with no limits the laws of psychics is when you have your free falling when you get the magical feeling of death defying chills.

i live with no fear or hills but my ideas have played the game of what i truly have acheeved.

free fallen is my life of insane **** that will end all rules of lies i will prove this world wrong of every thing

free falling is a choice so it wont break gental but it will make life even more fun to explor your own limits.
no fear nor limits no listening to ******* people boss me around .

try it if you dare even if it involves falling and never getting up
396 · Dec 2015
i can't face reality
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2015
addiction has played my soul along with what ever hope that just drowns me till i just float way down the waterfall. theres nothing left but i cant go threw a day in society with out being on something to take my nerves away. i have so much fear when im in larg crowds. i cnt feel ok cause im afraid of my what will happen to me.  i cant face reality cause im a varry shy person and i have a life of solotude and trust. addiction start to escape for any thing to relive my from the stress of crowds.  i am a scared person.
i cant face people cause i am mess and im kinda crazy but 2:00 am i am thinking of how to avoid any problems just to slip by
addiction to escape societes grip
396 · Nov 2015
im the 007 of my time
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i am assigned a mission of imminet threat. i dress nice to hide my blind side of power. can you trust a double agent that has so many side o life? would you be crazy enough to follopw along in my danger i put on. i see no threat expt my only objective is to protect you with my bullets. i can be the master of diskys and a blink of and eye vanished. im blacm and white that wathes from the shadows seeing the world turn up side down from my own prospective. i have the scares of bullets that peircd. i have the looks and the guts to fight my way to the vary top.

are you cazy enoughtto take my hand and follow ordes to save the one you love
cause the tucs dosnt always hide your eye color of lies
392 · Jan 2016
drifted to long apart
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2016
i have been with you my life. but what i have said some day u will see me again.

you have been my life but my road never ends of journies and stories of the untold.
i promised you i would find you. when your cryes have reached the full moon and water rivers. your crys have benn there to my promise

we have drifted to long and when i see the roses in your hair i dont even know what t say.

we both have words we havent even spoke of exept your arms around me

your wisper i have found my savior
i would stop this world to find u
389 · Nov 2015
thrill seeking
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i might be crazy for picking a chance of danger.
i need thrill to get that high.
i love the danger  that forms the perfect desription of me on the head lines of the new paper.
im insane with no limits that can go blind. i live life on the side of the cliff.
im going crazy. you tell me to stop.
why not you try what i have to show.
i live life with danger on one side of my brain.
this world would be a  dark place with out thrilling danger screaming my name.
i love the thrill of new things to try to explore . are you videio taping me .
i love this world with the wind going threw my hair.
i see no fear trying new things that are messed up so just give it to ill take it to a new level you dont think it could possibly go.
im not araid of what would happen cause i practice every time i go insane for the new thrill.
so put my name on the list so i can show all of you  lifes littel risks are worth it all weather its one hundred veiws or million veiwes .

you cant stop me cause its more fun to go insanely ******* crazy.

i dare you all to follow in my foot steps in life cause its more fun to get out of your dark thoughts and live life like me .
insane a my crazy self
380 · Nov 2015
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
i have a room so what we have doors to shut in peoples faces when were angery.
what about shutting the door so you wont get ******* at by mom and day cause your stereo is to loud. isnt that the point tho. i play my stereo  so loud to drown people out so i dont have to hear screaming fighting witch wastes my time. why wast your breath when you can slam the door on that persons nose and break it.

we have doors for a resone cause it shuts away the anoying *** holes who you don't want to listen to
slam the ******* door
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