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vunny Aug 22
We all face tough stuff in life.
And I am not going to debate whether someone else's rough patch was rougher than mine, suffered more, fell to lower lows.
What's the point of that?
When you suffer you suffer.
vunny Apr 2018
I'm forcing it
I'm forcefully holding on to a heart that wants to fly away
vunny Dec 2017
this year is already ending
tonight is especially cold
vunny Nov 2017
Yellow is the color of the mind
and intelect
Optimistic and cheerful
yet impatient and critism
You are the yellow sun,
you had yellow in you
vunny Nov 2017
One moment you were perfectly fine, the next you were being rushed into an ambulance.
That’s what I don’t understand about moments.
How could they change so drastically so quick?
How could some be so long and so peaceful, changed be so fast and life changing

— The End —