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 Dec 2023 Rebecca
Eshwara Prasad
Imagination's offspring.
 Dec 2023 Rebecca
Eshwara Prasad
Stay tethered to your purpose, don't succumb to the hype.
 Dec 2023 Rebecca
Frances Raeburn
Imagine my surprise
when I looked in your eyes
and realised
exactly who you are
Demons are God's mistakes

Angels that could not quite make the cut
I am an atheist but I like to use a little artistic liberty from time to time when wrting
 Nov 2023 Rebecca
Salmabanu Hatim
In marriage,
Should be like a bricks in
the brick wall,
Each strengthening the other.
Words of wisdom from Pastor Kay Arthur

Sin will take you farther
Than you ever intended to go.
It will cost you more than
You ever expected to pay
And it will keep you longer
Than you ever expected to stay.
Wish I'd written this.
 Oct 2023 Rebecca
Carlo C Gomez
boys and girls
born at the turn of the century,
and so suddenly out of time,
discarded at the gates
of a last-century neutral zone,
left as unicorn,
imaginary and pure,
somehow worth less than the price
of admission to a festival,

but this isn't God's will...

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