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1d · 13
Rebecca 1d
Not a drop
of unwieldy emotion.
Tidy with even thought.
A story carefully mixed
with compliments to
cover complications.
Bleached of unpleasant
Spread in even bits to cover
clumps of sorrow.
Fresh with untangled tales.
Meant to show the strength
of blessings.
Clean for the public.
Ladylike and kind.
1d · 14
Best Thought
Rebecca 1d
Laying on crisp white linen;
Feeling the extreme close
Of just you.
Us alone.
Rebecca 1d
The quality has left.
Spinning quantity
Without purpose.
Painful empty.
Just dreaming,
No longer with me.
Unable to push to purpose.
Just eyes shut with no repair.
Caught on earth,
Unable to exist as self.
Drifting still,
Unable to furnish the finish.
1d · 66
Label Me
Rebecca 1d
How deep can it go?
Cover what is felt.
Nothing weeps.
Nothing known.
Nothing really said.
Stiff with soft silence.
Just a name.
Cause you never knew.
2d · 49
Rebecca 2d
Hide the thought.
Head upright.
Chin stiff.
Cheeks plump
With smile.
Eyes blink.
Hand brushes brow
With a soft tilt of face.
Right, right
I understand.
Sweep and turn.
No more.
Gentle toss.
Deep breath.
Quiet full grin.
3d · 23
Ergo, I Go
Rebecca 3d
Forward move.
Tripping sometimes
With doubt.
Reaching toward
Grasping at air.
Standing, stillness.
Spilling thoughts
And prayers.
Head down to hear.
Forward time.
Ergo, I go.
3d · 31
Rebecca 3d
I hate you
I hate you very much.
Yet we share.
The history.
Only you can help.
Only you know
The deep of my pain.
Yes, dear,
I hate you very much.
Jan 28 · 34
Rebecca Jan 28
Each day brings it closer.
Started as a whisper.
Moaning to a living known.
A struggle to face.
A fight that can not be won.
Yet belief in delay.
So much yet to be done.
Jan 4 · 133
Torn Apart
Rebecca Jan 4
At the seams.
Frayed strings
Spilling forth.
So worn and spent,
Cause be gone.
Dec 2023 · 54
Day After
Rebecca Dec 2023
With all the celebration
of Eve and Day;
The festive expectation;
The next day is forgotten;
The feeling of all done;
The giant wave of over;
Wait for another Eve and Day
yet to come.
The guess of how many more.
Somehow the bust of over
is never truly calculated
in the fun of Eve and Day.
All  the thought and expense.
Yet the gift is always there.
Dec 2023 · 69
Rebecca Dec 2023
Just a delay;
Awaiting a stop;
Careful coasting
To life’s edge.
Brief lapse
From tumbling truth.
Dec 2023 · 206
Mystery of the Heart
Rebecca Dec 2023
Like an envelope unopened.
A song unsung.
Not to be known.
Just a touch of sorrow.
A little bit of want.
Dropped from heaven.
Bursts of stars.
Sloppy kisses.
Tipsy turns.
Careful sips of life.
Dec 2023 · 145
Rebecca Dec 2023
In the light
A fake dimension
Hinting at light
Holding a bit
Of shadow.
Teasing a party.
Dancing alone.
Dec 2023 · 58
Just let me write
Rebecca Dec 2023
I don’t want to practice.
I want to write-
To record the balance-
To repeat the truths-
Without a purpose.
To connect it in a fashion
Not to win, but to explore.
To love human nature
Without regard for law’s
Cruel reason.
Dec 2023 · 54
Rebecca Dec 2023
Only your terms
Smells to me
Worse than cheese.
Done my friend.
Your worth to me
Is none.
Merry Christmas!
***** of a poem.
A personal gift to me!
Dec 2023 · 212
Wicked Dance
Rebecca Dec 2023
Alas, it was not wine
Just late coffee
Kept me stirred.
So I swirled.
Wicked dance of
Wide awake.
Dec 2023 · 282
Paper Cut
Rebecca Dec 2023
Not to my face.
Shared by no-name.
Write your wrong.
The heart bleeds in beat.
Push forth untrue words.
Spilt poison on paper.
Hoping you feel the paper cuts.
Dec 2023 · 47
Life is Sorry Short
Rebecca Dec 2023
As a child to watch
Yet never be seen;
As a wife to obey
Yet never be heard;
As a caretaker to care;
Yet never be valued.
A woman's life was once
sorry short.
Dec 2023 · 51
Nature’s Gift
Rebecca Dec 2023
Grown up cedar in cone shape
Sits beside the barb wire fence.
A gift from birds and God.
Not being put to use.
Just awaiting our old truck.
“Holler, if you see someone.”
Chopped with quick aim.
Pushed in back.
Tree for Christmas just for me!
Dec 2023 · 41
Rebecca Dec 2023
Refuge from pain;
Balance of thought;
Constant defender;
Patient ear;
Loving support;
Now my turn.
I need to protect you;
To hold you steady;
To redirect;
To make it right;
To hold you tight;
To hide my care.
To love you
With all my heart.
Dec 2023 · 52
Christmas Memories
Rebecca Dec 2023
As I live the sweetest
Is sometimes so normal.
A day remembered
So simple yet well lived.
As I live it,
I may not know.
Only time bestows
The gift.
Dec 2023 · 50
Easy Isolation
Rebecca Dec 2023
In my own space,
With my own thoughts,
Roaming all the territories
Of what I want.
Just a moment to spare
about the thought that as
we age sometimes our minds
no longer are.
God seems to grant a contract
for the mind that expires
Before life.
So I will sit and enjoy
while I still have value.
Nov 2023 · 1.0k
But I Am Good
Rebecca Nov 2023
It swoops about me;
I catch what should
be caught
Dropping a few:
I push away
What can wait.
I reach with eager hands
Life’s great blessings.
To live the mix of
Good and bad.
Nov 2023 · 61
Rebecca Nov 2023
Stolen with a bit of silence.
Seized by a lack of flow:
Lack of self with numbness;
Self  is gone.
Shocked away.
The thief left with her
Leaving just a shell.
Gone before leaving.
Nov 2023 · 59
Nurse Dog
Rebecca Nov 2023
Patience, wait outside the door,
Gentle look as approach,
Cautious step as walk by side,
Nudges to feel the pulse on wrist.
Gentle licks for temperature.
Knowing something not quite right.
Awaiting the need with careful thought.
Something born to and not taught.
Some creatures just know the task,
The want to cure,
Know the careful wait,
Nurse dog deep inside.
Nov 2023 · 122
Rebecca Nov 2023
With seashell propped
Against her curls.
Her mouth held
In line of concentration.
Her five year old self listened
For sound of ocean.
Last summer’s trip
Trapped inside.
Nov 2023 · 45
Where am I
Rebecca Nov 2023
Once I knew my way;
No need for a map;
Sometimes I grew bored
Or tired with the journey;
But I did not lose my goal.
Then I began to walk
Others’ paths
From my own.
Somehow they slipped me.
Now I am lost
Without a map.
Please return me to my way
So that I may complete
My trip.
Nov 2023 · 69
Why are you so difficult?
Rebecca Nov 2023
Never accepting what I say;
Always reading more in simple no;
Just sit still;
Stop the search for undertone;
Just as I say;
No more, no less;
No importance at all;
Just is;
Live your life with as it seems.
Stop the thought of so much more.
Happiness may actually find you
If you cease.
Nov 2023 · 51
Blind Past
Rebecca Nov 2023
If we live long enough,
Our past turns dry.
The past of minutes flees.
The memories of childhood
Linger a bit longer.
Funny to remember the first
Better than the last.
We are blind to our past
As it grows increasingly dim.
Nov 2023 · 38
Rebecca Nov 2023
Not in a wound;
But a flavor to add delight;
A crisp crystal on the tongue
To excite;
To brine the fun and hold it close;
Saving and savoring memories;
Curing them for all times;
You the salt, to my pepper.
The constant to my spice.
Nov 2023 · 744
Natural Happy
Rebecca Nov 2023
Wake up light.
No real reason.
A leisurely stretch.
Rolling into a full day
with energy and wit.
Sun just right.
Nothing wrong.
Just right.
Tummy - a little flat.
Well almost flat.
Think good thoughts.
Say good prayers.
Move with care and
Thanks for such a day.
Nov 2023 · 516
Private Wrong
Rebecca Nov 2023
Never let go.
Just a sip of strong.
Left to my own.
What was the test?
Must not confess.
Keep it covered.
Who will know?
Felt that way.
Too shy to own.
No regret for then.
Was it just selfish.
Was it for purpose.
But, now-
My own private wrong.
Oct 2023 · 66
Hear Me
Rebecca Oct 2023
Listen for the call;
This can’t be all;
Don’t we do for good?
Cassandra yelled muted
Cries to those who
didn’t hear.
Hear me.
Oct 2023 · 83
Love Song
Rebecca Oct 2023
God wants us to sing
Gentle harmonizing songs.
But we are man;
We ate the fruit
Of know it all.
Now we roam
With those who hate.
Maybe we all hate a little
If not a lot.
Brutality where God
Whispered love songs
To us all.
Oct 2023 · 83
Soft Landing
Rebecca Oct 2023
Fate doesn't drag straight
Except on occasion.
When it follows the cool
Crisp lines of wants and needs
To make a perfect soft landing
in the midst of things.
Gentle blessing rests.
Oct 2023 · 140
Drowning in Blue
Rebecca Oct 2023
Head forward
with stretched neck;
Was I that wicked?
Was I that lost?
Just swept up in youth;
Now under deep blue;
Was I my own undoing?
Is this payback?
Gulping blue
In deep swallows.
Lost from myself.
Sep 2023 · 399
Rebecca Sep 2023
You are my post.
The stake in the dungeon
About which I circle.
No freedom.
I understand Bothwell’s dilemma.
Chained like a dog to insanity.
Sep 2023 · 187
Not So Important
Rebecca Sep 2023
What are you seeking?
Don't you miss the same?
Fragrant soaps and careful looks.
Favorite songs and winding roads.
Memories of the singing birds.
Crisp white linens with lavender.
Cloudy, rainy days with gentle hugs.
Just a time, just a loss.
So simple.
Not so important.
Just a thought.
Sep 2023 · 67
Rebecca Sep 2023
Love the deep of night;
Moon's full light streaming on the earth;
Guide me in my thoughts;
Pull me in the tide.
Lift me from my sad norm
To happy freedom
Of reckless dancing delight
In Moon's glow.
Sep 2023 · 60
Put It Out on Paper
Rebecca Sep 2023
Keep it behind the the lip.
Not to let it slip.
Share with no one aloud.
Softly scratch it out.
Keep it unsigned.
Make it unclaimed.
Let it drip alone.
Don't own.
Put it out on paper.
Sep 2023 · 114
Not Yet
Rebecca Sep 2023
Just a step away;
Not quite there, but nearly;
It almost reaches pitch;
So nearly close;
Awfully so;
Carefully pushed.
Not exactly.
Ahh, there you go.
Just so.
Sep 2023 · 56
Rebecca Sep 2023
Separate and apart outside.
Under the glow of part a moon;
He held me tighter;
With part a smile.
Maybe, please without a tease.
‘I love you’
With  night so fresh
with so much youth.
Nature stirs with part a thought.
Outside with part a heart.
Sep 2023 · 60
Rebecca Sep 2023
Darkness settled;
Loneliness drapes my shoulders;
Wet stings my face;
Sobs shake me deep;
How did it come to this;
Loud crashing nothing;
Flashing temper.
So much, for so little.
Angry showers,
Should make you cower.
Sep 2023 · 43
End of Summer
Rebecca Sep 2023
Last of  daylight crisping across the sound;
Cooling of the powder sand;
Gentle little breeze across sunburnt cheeks;
The birds making one last dive;
White cotton shirts and flip-flops;
Closing of the pool and packing of the chairs;
Vacation gone as full moon rises.
Churning thoughts of things undone
Hit the mind with tomorrow's plan.
Sep 2023 · 202
So Never
Rebecca Sep 2023
Wish for another;
Take a dip scoop;
Trip outside the bounds;
Cough out loud;
Swear in church;
Lick another's beau.
Aug 2023 · 301
Rebecca Aug 2023
One week the best
Next week the test
Never know my place
No sense -
Just a feeling.
My love drains
With your shift.
You think it
Is another.
So in truth
Maybe so
Can’t take
The other side of you.
Aug 2023 · 113
Rebecca Aug 2023
Bright orange
partially shaded by blue
Almost hidden by the shade
Hanging in the dark sky
All the mystery and promise
of something great.
Just a time to rest.
But the linger, the pause.
A wish of more.
Aug 2023 · 174
A Part
Rebecca Aug 2023
Just a splatter on the page;
Not even of this age;
But a note resting on the table;
A reminder of that time;
Something bigger
Yet not recognized at the time.
What a huge part that little splatter.
Aug 2023 · 66
Rebecca Aug 2023
Not going to walk your path;
Roaming my own thoughts:
Not trying to control you;
Feel free to be the *** you are:
Let it fly with my exit;
Don’t expect me to right
Your uncontrollable wrongs.
Get along with it;
I am gone.
Aug 2023 · 56
Rebecca Aug 2023
Old Porsche parked on hill;
Fall bitting in the air,
As if these carefree days
Of term papers and lectures
Will last forever:
The Zombies moaning
On the radio about
The time of the season.
A hidden bottle of Jack
Under the passenger seat
Waiting for the barn fire.
Beauty of youth and
Nothingness on the cusp
Of meaning and purpose.
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