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 May 2020 Zephyr Limns
Miss X
Call it law of attraction
or fate

It took me two years

I finally believe in love again
to feel . . .
. . . is to incite reaction
and sometimes the **** you’re feeling
doesn’t deserve the energy
it takes to ignite it
What a strange things?
Light shines through the crack of things are broken.
What a strange concept?
The most beautiful words are always flowed from the most broken soul.
What a strange concept?
There's a beauty in broken things even light has to be fractured to make colors.
*Broken is a temporary state for humans,
Broken never existed to begin with.
Hii guy it's my first poetry 💖
We’re all just slaves to our very own dangerous ways.....
Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights

— The End —