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Lanech Oct 2020
The sun would shine into my eyes,
And cause a reflection upon the land,
And the rythme of my heart became the fate of all men.
Stanza B ... Do you want to know what happened to the writer?
Lanech Oct 2020
My feet were planted on the mountains of Garsherbrum.
My arm as wide as the Amazon,
I wore a linen called purple,
Surely I became a God to my people.
I'll keep releasing it in parts. Don't miss this series as you can.
Lanech Aug 2020
We were all born in the hood,
Marching down to eternal doom,
Slaves to ancestral covenants,
Hanging chains of curses about our necks.
Dragged like sheep to the abatoire,
surely we were descendants of death.
Lanech Jul 2020
Love is only beautiful, when you fall into the right pit. Pit of unending sacrifice.
NB: if there ain't sacrifice it's not love, if it's Rosy all the way it is not love
Lanech Jun 2020
Most times I wish I could unleash all that I feel on pen and paper but each time I try , I run out of words, if not words ink. Why?🤷🤷.
Wondering why
Lanech Jun 2020
She vanished in the fog,
Without a final hug,
I saw the tears that drowned her smile and swallowed her might till it was all gone.
The woman within her,
How could she die?
The power she had,
The power of her mind.
The esteem she built,
The pride she had.
She lost to his lies.
She fell for his charms,
She fell so hard.
How did she lost her self so easily,.to the things that go with the season.
Lanech Jun 2020
Numbers within,
That decide your living,
I never stop moving,
Till my life is weakened
What am I ??
Just felt like playing today . Poetic riddle.common guys let's play along please.
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