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Lanech Jun 8
Most times I wish I could unleash all that I feel on pen and paper but each time I try , I run out of words, if not words ink. Why?🤷🤷.
Wondering why
Lanech Jun 4
She vanished in the fog,
Without a final hug,
I saw the tears that drowned her smile and swallowed her might till it was all gone.
The woman within her,
How could she die?
The power she had,
The power of her mind.
The esteem she built,
The pride she had.
She lost to his lies.
She fell for his charms,
She fell so hard.
How did she lost her self so easily,.to the things that go with the season.
Lanech Jun 4
Numbers within,
That decide your living,
I never stop moving,
Till my life is weakened
What am I ??
Just felt like playing today . Poetic riddle.common guys let's play along please.
Lanech May 28
I forsook JOY and PEACE in search of the earthly happiness and relief.
I left WISDOM in search of inspiration.
I derailed from FELLOWSHIP in search of relationship.
I abandoned the HOLY SPIRIT in search of a clean spirit.
He is the real peace and joy, how can I abandon the person and go after what he represents.
Lanech May 26
I feel down in the dumps,
In a blue funk.
With words scattered across my heart.
Each piercing through the *****.
I'm really down hearted
Lanech May 26
She is an angel of light.
The beauty of our hope.
She is an agent of peace.
But within lives a demon of depression.
Living different lives
Lanech May 25
I want to leave a legacy for my young ones,
A legacy that won't be wiped off.
I want to be an example,
That will stir up the hearts of the simple.
I want to crossed the line that winners crossed,
I want to cross it clean and pure.
So while others embrace the dark,
My young ones will shine in the light.

I want to leave a legacy for my young ones,
A legacy that can't be wiped off.
That till a thousand generation,
My work will remain in motion.
That the future of my young ones
Will be encouraged by my little works.
That even when I lie my last
I will be honoured for my past.
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