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Farah 7d
One thing they say is impossible,
To give what you don't have
And baby, I'm doing the impossible with you
But some mornings, I wake up realizing I'm empty
And you come knocking at my door, with open hands
And I just can't give you Blood and Bones
Farah Sep 26
The sun is snowing here
The blue, is shades colder
Almost grey
Moving hurts, staying still is worse
Aching blue joints
Almost grey
Farah Sep 24
Do not limit me and restrict me
Do not see me as one
I know you want to define me, for it's in our nature
Do not try so hard to understand me
At least not at first, for it's not really required
Instead, absorb me like the flower does the sun
Let me shine
And then wait
Farah Sep 13
The aftermath of war
This unsettling urge to stop life,
To break things,
To run miles
with the agony of a thousand
newly orphaned
wise children
Farah Aug 23
It reminds me of when my heart burnt and melted for
days and years
and no one saw
Now, it’s like calling the fire department to put out charcoal
Farah Jul 21
Love is a different story. But this one, is about her waist.
On my right, she sat, wearing a pair of low-waist trousers, with a cotton t-shirt, short enough to slightly reveal the skin, whenever she made the slightest movement.
Her waist was the story I wanted to explore. Are the others not seeing what I am seeing? Have I gone mad?
As if everything I have done,
everything that I ever wanted
was to kneel
to be on eye-level with her bellybutton
Farah Jul 21
To the existing but almost dead, and
To the deemed dead but secretly breathing

I feel you
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