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Salma Sep 2020
And the withdrawal symptoms
And the nervous sweating
And the sleepless nights
And the daydreaming
And the lust
And your lips and mine craving time
Salma Jul 2020
And baby I'm so sick with worship
I grind my teeth on your pillow and weep
Salma Jun 2020
I drank you,
on yet another Sunset
I misspelled words
and letters fell out

in turns

they fell
and I gathered

I fell
and then they gathered
When you experience emotions you can't even describe, you fail words and words fail you and you are conviently stuck there. #words #emotions #stuck #poet #lust #sunset #wine #imagination #short
Salma Jun 2020
You leave
And I am a drop in an unknown ocean
pushed along with masses of salty water
I hold on and I write with a swollen heart
only to imagine it all repeating again
and I drown
#tears #separation #lust #hopelessness #hope #ocean #deepblue #overthinking
Salma Apr 2020
I'm the kind of poetry that moves you,
I'm your favourite song on a long ride,
I'm a soulful dancer stimulating all your hidden instincts,
and I'm the taste of red wine after the second glass.

Good luck resisting me.
Salma Mar 2020
If I could
I would let some people go, convince them I'm contagious and that I'm no good,
Some other people, I will walk out on, call them to meet,
but don't show up
If I could
I would paint my face *****, erasing my features, resembling a liar or a beggar.
I would then walk about invisible. I would cry a lot, everywhere unbothered.
Next, I would walk between borders, crossing lines, entering and exiting territories.
I would do that,
If I could
Salma Nov 2019
I was born transparent
You can see all my colors
Embroidered on my face
Written with bold body language

These days I am clearly blue in discomfort
My edges are yellow in distrust
And I can't hide any of it
When I sigh, my rib cage dusts grey
When you feel displaced, and all your surroundings lack a big amount of love, like a giant hole that nothing can fill.
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