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Sukanya Sinha Roy
India    Allowing myself to transform as many times as I need to be fully happy and free.
36/F/Seattle    Trying to grow by reading and writing poetry , capturing precious moments with my children, learning the art to let go, trying to capture milestones ...
Screenwriter in waiting.
32/M/Winchester Va    Been writing for a while. Not sure if I'm any good.
James G Paul Sr aka Pablo
USA    Chasing moral clarity and a bucket of soul. ~P See more of me @
In the dark woods.    This is the blood I give so the moon will have something to shine on. All rights reserved.
54/M/Southwest    Everyone has skeletons; Damage is only for the strong.. Death becomes the weak...
Carlo C Gomez
50/M/The Exclusion Zone    Aka Charlie Timetable. Cover picture by me. "Looking up and running round, we're twitching at the slightest sound, things that spent some time within, are ...
A Freedom
England    Few people have the imagination for reality ... (Goethe)
59/M/Miami, FL   
Evan Stephens
39/M/Washington DC   
15/F/Somewhere south of crazy    Our lives are filled with color from the start, and I'm drowning in them all. Check out my boi F U:
Love Love is beautiful love is the ultimate ♡♡♡
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
Copyright © Ganesha Michael Shapiro. All Rights Reserved.
Jade Charlotte
20/Portland, Oregon    I love everything celestial and the beautifully mundane
52/M/South Florida    Veteran. Father. Author. Poet. Tutor.
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