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Yaz Dincer May 9
Time appears Linear. Tick.. tick.. tick. But closely watch a tick. See when it begins.

Really, there is no begining of a tick because time can be divided infinitely. A second can be divided into a millisecond and the millisecond into something smaller and again and again and again and so forth, smaller and smaller to infinity.

It has no begining, this moment where a tick "starts", cause that moment can also be divided. It never truly starts.

We chose to create those ticks, those boundaries. The mind creates it out of its own processing formula - and the minds process is that we can only be aware of one thought at a time... we watch one thought pass and another arise - so it creates a process (time) out of its own processing.

And the more we live in the Mind, the more we believe in Time and fall victims and be affected by it. But in reality there is no begining or end. You can never find its Source.

We set boundaries in boundlessness...

And when you step outside your Mind (outside of thoughts), you step outside of Time (state of timelessness). Because there is no Time outside of the mind. This is where you can taste eternity.

Yet you appear you are having a life. Or youve had many. That Time is passing. That you have birthdays and you are aging. It appears that you were born and then you die because you believe in this mind created concept of Time.

You appear so....
You are the most magnificent Illusion 💓
Yaz Dincer May 2
My biggest fear is that eventually people will see me the way I see my Self. My biggest fear is that we will see Nature for what it Is. Completely awe-struck.

Can you imagine if the whole world truly saw a single flower for what it is?

Can you imagine millions of people dropping to their knees weeping overwhelmed? Can you imagine....?

There will be utter chaos, realising such profound beauty. The earth will feel so much, it will cave in into itself and combust. It will be the end of "us" as we know it 💓
Yaz Dincer Apr 30
When you feel like you cannot take on the world any longer, grab a peice of paper, a phone, a book ~ write down the twirlings in your heart and soul.

Let it all shatter, hold the broken peices, even if they cut your hands, bring it closer to your centre. Hold your rawness tenderly. Caress them. Feel them. Hear them.

There is so much wisdom in these moments. And if words flow, let them. Write them down and forget them.

One day your being will speak to another part that needed those words and tears will flow.. a precious gift for your self, from your self.

Sometimes in times of struggle, we look outwards for comfort and reassurance. But no words are so healing than the words from your self a lifetime ago.

Never underestimate the power of your own wisdom and your true Being.
Yaz Dincer Jan 2017
Few years ago I lost my grip on earth reality
and dwelled in a place where tears of bliss filled me daily.

I remember so vivedly,
as I had never felt so close to insanity.
My heart imploded and I cried happy tears for what felt like eternity.

I was so confused at what was happening, having never experienced such ecstacy for no such reason.

I remember telling myself, whatever happens from Now, it doesnt matter.
For experiencing this, nothing will shatter.

It comes unasked, unmasked, unnoticed.

Complete surrendering presence.
It could not be understood or named,
Only dwells in sweet deep silence.

And when I read of mystics who speak of such experiences,
I cant help but weep from rememberance.
Yaz Dincer Jan 2015
I keep on writing and writing,
In a space before trying to make sense of the words. And then reread to explore which are my subconscious keywords.

On and on and on it goes,
spilling wondrous colours from within the doors of my inside walls.
Never-ending storylines and mystery, what is truelly deep within,
and under the surface lingering.

Trying to better understand me.
Exploring depths beneath my breath
It should be normal to for us to sit and contemplate death.

Our minds are too active to be a bore, theres just so much you could explore. The marvelous thoughts it stumbles upon and creates to entertain, theres so many things you cannot properly explain.

Sometimes we write something in a fleeting instant. This one only manifested in just this moment. Othertimes we sit and wonder why theres no flow, perhaps thats for another poem to explore.
Yaz Dincer Mar 2014
We live in a world of polarity
And monogamy
Affraid to be truelly a human
And escape familiarity

Like the moon
One side is always hidden
Why cant we share freely
what is considered so forbidden?

We're obsessed
with wherever light manifests
then forever gaze into darkness
and the silence it captivates.
Yaz Dincer Mar 2014
I am at the same level
of your troubledness,
so beautiful and pure.
I travel in to you
to bathe
in your silence
I remember you.
Remember nonduality
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