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Might you be a serpent
To wrap me so tightly
In your arms, torso, and legs
Not so tightly to
Crush my bones
Not so lightly that I
Wriggle free and flee
Semi uncomfortably
So I tire myself quickly
So that I stop fighting
Let my tears of rage
Plummet into our earth
Creating mighty craters
Like the scars on my skin
I'll let you read like braille
And when my sobs subside
I will let you in
If you'd still like to
I thought we would always
be ...
Like ham and cheese
Sausage and mash for peas
A double somersault on the trapeze
A warm snap after the freeze
A thank you after a please
A soothing cream for scuffed knees
A handkerchief for a sneeze
A cure for a disease
A pocket for loose keys
Honeysuckle and foxglove for bees
Shelter and shade for trees
A lace curtain for the breeze
It's all about settling
For less,
The cake tin and juice box are
So we make do
With a biscuit
And water,
And now you have
Brought him on for me
I have to make
Some substitutions,
The rustling leaves
Will now wake me
Instead of your touch,
The first rays of the sun
Trying to make
It through
Will be your smile,
I'll take a cloudless blue sky
Instead of your beauty,
Later, the soft evening rain on
My face
And lips
Will be your whispers
And the stars of course
Will remind me
How far away you are,
I'll settle for that.
The not so tall
Dark, or handsome stranger
Clutches a half empty beer glass,
Peers out at the traffic and people
And sees only space.
He doesn't need the forgiveness
Of a woman
Or mates or casual aquantancies
Or interests and hobbies
A rewarding job
A neat car
A detached house
Or savings for a different
Rainy day.
He doesn't even need
Good health
Or a purpose in life
A reason for living,
Or God,
But there were times
When he did.
In the palm of my hand
The stone I stole
From your beach
Forgiving me
For taking it away
From the sand
That cradled it, the sun
That warmed it
The waves that washed
Over it
For thousands of years,
The sublime smoothness
Of its soul,
Not striving to be
A moon or stars
It just IS
Already part of
The grand order
Complete in the universe
In the oneness I yearn for.
What would you do
If all your dreams came true?
Not a small one
Not one of them,
All of them.
What if you could
Do no wrong?
If everything you did
Turned to whatever
You wanted it to?
How would you feel,
What would you think
How would you live,
What changes would you make?
Don't ask me
I'm a million miles
From that.
The dragon checked
His swishy tail
And that his breath
Was still bad enough
To catch fire.
He was all set to go,
To wreak destruction
Once more.
So he looked outside
His lair
And an ambulance
Nearly took
His head off
Then another
And another
And he saw the people
Coughing into their masks,
In the morning drizzle,
And he sensed
Their fear.
And he thought,
If they are already
Half scared to death
Where's the fun
In that.
So he went back inside
For another hundred years.
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