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An empty canvas
I once was
Clear, pure and yet to be discovered
I desired the simple touch of paint
And envied the true essence of colour
When the day finally came
I wasn’t painted
Yet invaded
By the darkest shade of misery.
 4d Sue Collins
All the distance I've travelled,
Between then and now;
All the ageing years passed,
Between then and now;
All the dreams now expired,
Between then and now...

All the love's I've banished,
All the tears I couldn't shed;
All the wisdom unproclaimed,
All the words left unread;
Between then and now...

All the bridges I've burned,
All the opportunity unproclaimed;
All the crossroads, in which the wrong direction I've turned;
Between then and now...

No more time, now remains,
No more crossroads, are there to reach;
No more love, to be bestowed me;
The last wrong direction,
The last dead end in which I'll reach;
Between then and now...
Vinyl is so final
It can quickly turn the table
And just for the record
The surface is scratched
About half way down your back
In disdain we repeat the refrain
But I fear this time next year
The goodnight kiss we'll skip
I cannot say for certain
When we lost our groove
Broken but never spoken
We wear it on our sleeve
sorry to say
but some of your poems
aren't poems
this is not a poem / why was this trending ?? oh my..
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