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He walks with grace like butterfly wings flutter
A scent like lavender,
Skin like butter.
His soft spoken voice, a calming sound
Akin to honey, bees flying around.

But he carries a sadness
Deep in his eyes
A sorrow that dares not see the sunrise
Perhaps a lost love, or an action filled with regret.
The weight of the knowledge has him affixed to his bed.

The townsfolk wonder,
who could he be?
A man of few words, a mystery.
But everyone knows, him by his scent
The fragrance of lavender,
undertones of torment.

One day he vanished..
without a trace.
No one knew where he went,
no one bothered to chase.
His fragrance lingered in the air
A sweet reminder
Of a man so rare

It was later revealed,
he took his life.
The sadness too great,
Emotions a strife.
But his lavender garden, a final farewell
From a man who suffered an untold hell.

The townsfolk mourned
The loss of a friend
The scent of lavender,
A bittersweet end.

The lavender man can now finally rest,
He didn't do great, but he tried his best.
My heart screams
Sorrow-filled moans.
They stay aching in my chest.
They beat at the dam
Behind my eyes
Begging me to shed tears over you.

I don't.
If this is Earth, what is Heaven?

May space and time come upon us,
Give me guidance in times of need.
Experience shaping sight,
I beg for forgiveness
you once promised me an eternity
for as the hour draws near
I see my ending

A scarred heart
A scared mind
What is Heaven if not our finite time on Earth?
A question I find myself wondering often.
Smothered Divine Dec 2022
Tread lightly,
Hollowed souls haunt these grounds.
Breathe in,
Taste their decay on your tongue.
Yesterdays have come
And gone
Yesterday I read some
Of your stories
And poems
You wrote even
If you didn't
Feel well
Oh to have
Talked to you
What you wrote
What you felt
I could only
Reply with
Tear filled eyes
As you looked
Down from Heaven
Was that God I heard
Or was it thunder
Yesterday I reread some of my brother's
Poetry. Ohh how I miss him
Yesterday I inherited
All the gold in
The world
I was given your
Poetry and stories
From.years gone by
How those ragged
Edges.of journals
Crinkled through
My now calloused
Tears started to blot
Some of the carefully
Chosen words
From experiencing
Pain and love
Laughter and tears
The should of 's and
Could of 's
Reminders of the past
As siblings
The success and failures
Of your diabetic journey
Your funny stories
Those that happened
Those that did not
Stories to make you
Laugh or cry
The reminders of
What was
Rekindled in my very
Reading one of
Your stories
Reminded me
How blest and honored
I was to have had
A  brother
Like you
Smothered Divine Sep 2021
Overgrown and uprooted, replanted and shocked.
Wilted and winded, ripped and picked.

So I left and I learned and I lived, laughed and grew.
Blended learning over grass stained blue jeans
And splattered paint on my Nikes.

Cut my hair and dyed my skin, pierced my lips and ripped my skirts.
Chrysalis, born but not aged;
Broken but not bathed in it.

And Yet!
I have moved foreword in life.
I’ve moved and I feel reborn.
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