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A Freedom Feb 14
''...worth's true 'self',
prized by none.''
A Freedom Feb 6
'... life is in death, Mother!
with each heartbeat as a vivid reminder,
its rank crosses the line of departure as One,
only one... 'day at that time.'
A Freedom Feb 2
'...for I am rapidly mistaken,
undeniably convinced,
for I am free as caged,
a gift's forsaken theme,
for I am vertigo's alert of anguished bliss...
from earth rotating in my sleep.'
A Freedom Jan 31
'...στη ζωή,
ο θάνατος δεν χρειάζεται να σε βρει,
έχει ήδη!'
A Freedom Jan 31
'they' demolished!
As I sprawled down
held within a body,
''overheard its sounds'',
the cracks of sorrows.
one beat within another!
Rhymes the rhythm of a heart,
I dissected but couldn't rediscover yet.
what is that on your 'summit'!
Waving a wand...
bones' flesh of 'major fairies'
squatting One's mind...'
A Freedom Jan 21
Alkaline concepts of human satire require liquid.
Cruising against or down rivers still, cry 'me' a river!
Up and down,
Its mind's preys are swimming as one.
A Freedom Jan 17
''Under orange trees,
bare-footed lemons sipping apple tea!
Fine 'I thought's a dead bee,
flying high on the bottom of Its cup.''
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