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 Jul 2019 elisabeth
tracing the lines of poems
has taught me clairvoyance.

now i can flip the cards behind your hearts.

word tricks are math.
reading is the art.
 Jul 2019 elisabeth
Jeramy Souder
She was the pill
I was the addict
Now I’m just trying to overdose
 Jul 2019 elisabeth
 Jul 2019 elisabeth
I"m sorry if I'm not enough
I'm sorry if I'm too much
I'm sorry that I'm sorry
I worry that I give too much
Try too hard
So I pull back
And then worry I'm not giving enough
So I try harder
Like a child on a teetertotter
Never able to balance it evenly
 Jun 2019 elisabeth
I think the sun has grown jealous
Of my friendship with the moon
I prefer dusk to dawn
And midnight instead of noon
 May 2019 elisabeth
And when I met you
       I had no idea
That all the seemingly small moments
Would collect like raindrops in a storm

        I didn’t event stand a chance

Swept away

         But ,oh, the ride was beautiful
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