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cjesus Dec 2020
Love is a fungus
It grows in the dark
Covering everything
cjesus Dec 2020
When the seasons change
Will you change yours too
Will you lose your leaves
Or will you hold true
Will your limbs grow bare
And shed all color
Or will you keep your hair
And be my evergreen
cjesus Nov 2020
Im afraid of the love I keep
The fire inside of me
Burning to escape and be free
The embers are smoldering me
At night I lay awake
Holding  to the memories
Desperate to see your face
Afraid of what the morning brings
Careless enough to feel
Something that is really real
Tonight I sit and hold my breath
Tomorrow I’ll get over it
All along Ive always known
It’s your heart Ive wanted
This long drive I’ve followed
Will soon reap tomorrow
Until that time I’m suffering
Waiting for a promising
Will it ever come
Who’s to know
Except the ghosts and shadows
cjesus Dec 2019
I’m glad I had the chance
To share the Earth
With someone like you
cjesus Nov 2019
Do you understand
What it’s like to be free

Do you understand
What it’s like to live your dreams

Do you understand
Because me neither
cjesus Nov 2019
To fret over the plights of yesterday
Is to start today late
And to worry of what tomorrow brings
Is to waste away the day
So be free for now
Laugh and smile and love
For in the end
All that matters
Is this moment
Here and now
cjesus Oct 2019
I’m losing my mind
Slipping away
Falling into a deep dark place
My memories fade
Truth I evade
Standing in the pouring rain
Happiness and pain
Are all the same
When you can’t remember
What made you that way
Who am I
Who are we
It doesn’t really matter
When we all can’t see
The truths and lies
All feel the same
If we forget them all
Freedom will reign
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