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i’m packing up my boxes
one by one
the memories
the kisses
the stuffed animal from the ring toss you won
i’m taping up my boxes
one by one
the laughter
the cuddles
the days spent running towards the sun
i’m throwing out my boxes
the tears
the regret
the realization that i am no longer your one
When I put out the light
They all take flight
Even my shadow leaves at night
This is my plight
 Jul 2020 Prerna Singh
Let’s just stay here in the darkness,
Under this clear navy blue sky
The stars pulsing with light

I wish I could look into your eyes,
Maybe then you’d see how much I feel for you
But we’re so far
And the fighting has distanced us even more

There isn’t much I know
But I know we have to make this work
Stay under this navy blue sky with me
Quiet our rambling minds, and just breathe together.

I wish I could just look into your eyes
Then you’d be convinced
That we can make this work.
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