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DrAbhijit G Jan 16
हम तो लिखते रहेंगे..!!

असमंजस के बादल,
भले ही आसमान को ढक ले,
उन्मे इतना दम नहीं
की रोशनी को रोक ले..
लबज और अल्फास मिलेंगे साथ,
उसी एकले आसमान के नीचे
कुछ रूठे, कुछ मिठे मतलाब के साथ
उभ्र आएंगे कागज पे वे भी
खुदके वजुद के साथ !

शयाही भले ही अपना रंग बदले,
आस्थिर मन की कश्ती
कुछ टेढे मेडे राश्ते मोड ले ..
आंखें क्यों न अंधे होने का नाटक रच ले
शब्द है जिद्दी, कुछ तो कहके ही जाएंगे!

हम तो लिखते ही रहेंगे..!!
Nov 2021 · 201
DrAbhijit G Nov 2021
Khushi ..

Kisi Kavita ke Chhand me nhi milti  ..
Nahi kisi Galib ki sher me ..
Jane Anjane me,
Kahi chut jati hai piche .
Fir mil jati hai ,
Dil se kiyi hue kisi chiz me .
Jaise ek patti chupayi ** sadiyo tak,
kisi kakaj ke bichme  ..!
Hindi #Khushi #
Sep 2021 · 46
DrAbhijit G Sep 2021
Set me free...
To walk in the dark
On stranger path
Tracing my footprints back
Relieving own bypath

Set me free
To think clearer
In  the dusky sunlight
through those  chaotic clouds
to shine a little bright.

Set me free
to choose beyond
what's right and wrong.
give  me few
words and  rhymes
to feed my song...

Set me free ...!
Free #
Apr 2021 · 181
DrAbhijit G Apr 2021
The Streets are empty
Only lamps shining.
Unmask the fear
One Monster is rising !!

The air was pure and easy
Now it's more filthy.
So-called ' Intelligent' Humans
Being proved to be silly !!

Cutting throats
Of Nature's True' child
We smoked the sky
And burned the future.
I doubt,
Could we  survive
Angry nature's ' reprisal'!
#Humans #Nature #Reprisal
Feb 2021 · 82
DrAbhijit G Feb 2021
Ham simte hue hai,
Khomoshi ke pal me..
Sannata 'Samzkar '
Chijoko 'Andekha' karne ke khel me..!!
Ajj Kakaj 'Kore 'hai,
Jal Jane ke bhay me..
Nave bah Gayi ,
Anjani lay me...!!

Ham khamosh hai ..
Jane anjane me!!
Jan 2021 · 84
Two Lampposts
DrAbhijit G Jan 2021
Two Lampposts ..
Look calm and steady
In those Winter days ..
Whisper each other
Warming  some  cold waves ..!
Singing the  night songs
Rhyming with 'Nightingale'..
Did you ever hear...
One lovely 'Fairytale' !!
Oct 2020 · 202
DrAbhijit G Oct 2020
Hamne Guzar Di Fakiri Me Zindagi ..
Lekin Jamir Ka Sauda Nhi Kiya ..
Dil Ko Jalake,
Diyi Jamane Ko Roshani ..
Jugnu Pakad Ke Hath Me
Hamne Kabhi Ujala Nhi Kiya ..!!

By Ejaz Qamar ..
Jul 2020 · 91
The journey
DrAbhijit G Jul 2020
The journey

Where to go..
There's No roads,
No maps..
It's Bulevard of A 'Story'
That's lightened by Two 'Lamps'!!

Where to go...
Dear, its not a Journey
Because it never ends..
Its 'Infinite'
Even than a 'pi'
A Storytel
In which  me and you lie..!!
It's beautiful Storytel...
Jul 2020 · 138
DrAbhijit G Jul 2020
You are The princess..
Whose lips bring
A cutest Smile..
Most precious things
I ever compile..!
Your eyes carry
Deep ocean inside..
Your pure Heart
And soulful  emotions I carry by my side!
I am thankful
To have you in my life..
light  up my  dream
And please be my Wife!
Dedicated to my princess 😍
Jun 2020 · 230
I miss you
DrAbhijit G Jun 2020
I miss you..

As every day start..
In ending lamps and lights,
You seem to whisper,
In every corner and sights!
Simplest things now,
Seem tangled and messy..
I think loud of you only
Am Becoming more and more crazy!
Still I Draw you,
Yes, with absolute perfection..
Because I keep it in heart
'Missing' as an Emotion!

I miss you
Missing is an emotion
May 2020 · 434
Love story
DrAbhijit G May 2020
Who are you for me...
Dont ask me..
Your are more than air
That I breath..
The soul,
Kepping me alive atleast!!

Your my morning glory,
Song of this little bird...
Come with me,
To write a lovely story..
That never been heard..!!
Birds#love story#
Mar 2020 · 162
The Quarantined
DrAbhijit G Mar 2020
The Quarantined ..

Streets are noiseless
Winds are mute..
Doors closed,
windows those blinks,
Songs seems rhymless,
And some Empty notes of my  flute!

Our cancelled flights,
But not birds those who  fly..
'Some' doors still open
For flow of emotions..
Can u hear the songs,
Of those 'Two birds'
With lovely Rhymes and Notations..
Stays Together,
Though stay far away across An Ocean!!

#Dr. Abhijit
Dedicated to my dearest one Bhavna
Feb 2020 · 107
No poem
DrAbhijit G Feb 2020
'  No poem'

From where to start..
Where to end...
These flow of emotions..
No words to hold soulful motions!
How BOTH grow old  together,
How two hands bonded forever..
It's not a story.. No poem..
It's more than promise..more than Solemn ❤️!!

#Dr. Abhijit.
It's dedicated to true love of life.. ❤️❤️
Jan 2020 · 181
Journey on strange tide..
DrAbhijit G Jan 2020
This Journey on strange tide..

Your flawless smile...
Tht take me with u for thousands miles...
Your sweetened words...
Thats humm in ears like I never before heard..
The innocence soul you hold...
That melt my mind in freezing cold..
It's dream to hv you as a  beautiful bride..
How would I tell you,
The journey on  this stranger tide.. ♥️♥️!!
Dedicated to sweetest soul I hv ever met in life.
Jul 2019 · 122
Stabbing thorns
DrAbhijit G Jul 2019
'Stabbing thorns'
Breeze of 'Our'memories with me
I stand still in today's storm..
Smell you left behind
Red rose in my hand with those 'Stabbing' Thorns!!

You  were in yesterday will be in tomorrow
Crossing all dimensions of time..
You'r in my songs, in the  rhythm
And in my all  rhymes !!
Love  last still.
Don't know about yours,
But mine will...!!
#Ever lasting love#stabing thorns#rhymes#rythm
Jun 2019 · 137
Beautifully Broken
DrAbhijit G Jun 2019
Broken hearts
Shattered glasses,
In each of the pieces
I saw your face!
My love,
My hopes,
My dreams
I buried them
In the grave you made!
Are you searching for me ??
In the rain
Unforgotten lanes
In horror dream
Or in  your illusionary ghost...
But I'm In your passion
A solution to every confusion
And A moment when you need me most!!
Sometimes broken things can never be glued
Jun 2019 · 144
We will meet again
DrAbhijit G Jun 2019
We will meet..

Beyond the sky  wher stars lies..
Top of heaven where angles flies..
Where love and possesion boundaries fades
When gray life gets 50  colourful shades..!!

We will meet..

Where every raindrop has lust of grass..
When times stop,but memories run fast..
When rainbow in sky welcomes mansoon.
If this happens darling, then will  surely meet so soon..

We will meet Again
Because its promise to keep..
May 2019 · 84
DrAbhijit G May 2019
Breeze of 'Our'memories with me
I stand still in today's storm..
Smell you left behind
Red rose in my hand with those 'Stabbing' Thrones!!

You  were in yesterday will be in tomorrow
Crossing all dimensions of time..
You'r in my songs, in the  rhythm
And in my all  rhymes
Love #Thrones #memories #rhymes#rythms
Apr 2019 · 598
I will find you
DrAbhijit G Apr 2019
'I will find you'

Sun hate you, why you are so bright..
Moon see you, he lost his moonlight
It's your shine n  'Theia' loos her eyesight..

It's secret between Me and you
&Promise to keep, I will find you

Your coloufull  soul that  flower steal colours
It's so enriched mind, that 'Chrysos' begs you gold and dollars
Mansoon feel jealous, why just for 'you' rain showers..

It's gossip between me and you
& promise to keep, I will find you
Some promises we have to keep still our lungs gives out..
Mar 2019 · 225
'Alone in the Dark'
DrAbhijit G Mar 2019
When I sit in the dark,
Finding the light and your mark.
Looking at the wall and that clock,
Plea to the time to open that lock
I pretend to be blind though you shine,
Did u just whisper? That you're mine..??
When I sit in the dark alone.. When there is no any nonsense disturbance.. Then I here your whisperings..
Jan 2019 · 154
The Insight
DrAbhijit G Jan 2019

It's hate, anger, Greed
Monsters You hide..
Fake fairytales and cursed fairy dust,
Why dnt  show  your Darkside..??
Who you are to decide my luck and fate..
Your are mirrorless.. Still u dare to call me masked Face??
he always faced peoples outside blaming him and tried to feel guit for deeds he never done.. Bt really who was masked faced? Answer he got when he peeped his insight.
Dec 2018 · 268
Empty Beats
DrAbhijit G Dec 2018
Its just all about fights and cries ..
Whre's center of circle of your lies ?
It's not of 'Me',World where you stand ...
Now you find you ,in Nowhere land ?
My soul is drained ..Now you bother th't leak..
How to keep alive ..with empty heart beats ..!!
these words came when he come to know ..the things his heart was beating were just fake ,and wished to stop all circulation of empty viens ...
Dec 2018 · 178
DrAbhijit G Dec 2018
My eyes crave for sweat dreams..
you in my arms till the Down,
together dancing on garden Lawn .
Holding you now so close and tight ,
Decorating memories with those lovely sights !

My breath crave for that fragrance ..
Smell that you left my body ,
Sunset with you , are dull and cloudy ,
Your pics with laugh and selfie smooches ,
Your hand brushing my hair like feathery touches ..!

MY soul crave not for you but your love ..!!
its just nothing but HIS soul craving for true love and faith in many masked faces ..
Nov 2018 · 352
DrAbhijit G Nov 2018
I grow with tht garden tree..
Only innocent  smile  that sets me free..
No more thank yous, no more sorries..
Had no any lies, no any worries..!!

That's  the pure soul wid no mixture..
Mind tht more clear than the  water..
No blacks &, no whites
Ur my frnd that does  only the matter..!!

Now wake with alarm n run with clocks
No matters 'Why' the Race is ..
Just feared to be crushed by 'Mad' Mobs..
Grow  with towers that touching  the sky
Everything thr.. still i hv something lack...
Greed, lust, anger.. Ohh thts only Trap..
I beg my lord .. That my childhood.. Bring it
As we grow up.. We miss our purity of childhood...
Nov 2018 · 278
Hands of Love
DrAbhijit G Nov 2018
Hands of Love

its curse of fallen twilight ,
wish to go in the past ...
to make all the things right !
forgotten those days ,
wish to bring it back ..
To reverse time ,to stop the sand ...
Do the magic ,To join 'two falling' hands!!
It's his  struggle while getting back his love back...!!

— The End —