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 Apr 2019 Reach the light
Some crazy people,
Who are always there for you,
Is your family.
 Mar 2019 Reach the light
You can't
judge me
by what
other people see
and you can't
talk smack
about my friends
behind my back
you should have
told me
what was wrong
and made it easy
when you left me
My mask has been off around you because I know I could be true. Not judged but just listened too.
So I want to say my thank-yous.
 Mar 2019 Reach the light
You gave her life
You brought her to this world
Then you told her you loved her
You held her, you cried with her
You helped her, you wanted her...
But then you left her...
And not just her, but everyone else to
We all needed you
Heaven couldn’t wait for you
So until we meet again, you are the one that got away
Rest In Peace my guardian angel. I love you forever
My eyes can never unsee
My hands will never stop holding
My feet can’t take back the steps
My heart will never stop aching

Never will it stop screaming for you
Never will it walk away from you
Never will it let go of you
Never will it look past you
You know what they say
“The heart wants what it wants”
Completely disregarding what you want
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