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Reach the light Oct 2019
I can’t count
How many times I felt down
I don’t know
Where I’ supposed to go.

But friend, you told me
“ Don’t worry. I’m here “
You hugged me tightly
The darkness disappeared.

I keep in mind
Every time we smile
I can see thousand stars
Shining in your eyes.

Someday we get older
Look back and remember
All the times we’ re together
Sharing our secrets.

I used to wonder
“ How is my future?”
I didn’t know
Why people were cold.

It’s hard to believe
“ Here exist dreams “
But what you taught me:
“ Every life means something “

I can’t find anyone
For me to rely on
You are all I want
Please, don’t leave me alone.
I’m going to hand in a poem to my teacher.
I’m very grateful to receive your comments on my poem.
Many thanks!
Reach the light May 2019
Overconfidence is the killer of soul
Yep that’s a lesson
Reach the light Mar 2019
A little flower in a garden
waiting for her great lover
knows she is too little
for him to notice her.

Whatever snow or rain,
long darkest nights,
stretching towards the sky,
wishing on the stars.
She'll show her smile
to say "Hi" to his light.
The sun shines so bright,
never thinks " She is mine".
But the flower never lies
when she'll wait for him
till she dies.
Reach the light Mar 2019
I found a boy
Who stole my heart
When I'd never loved
anyone before.

He is a star
I follow in the dark
but just look at
'cause he's so far.

Dreaming of him
like this is a movie
I never want to wake up
on my single alone bed.

Wondering if
he's thinking of me
Finding an answer
like diving in the deep
So come and tell me it
'Cause babe it hurts.
Reach the light Feb 2019
Real hell
is when you're not yourself
when you can't feel
anything at all.
Real hell
isn't when you don't wear makeup
not when you don't have money
and not when you've gotta study.
Reach the light Feb 2019
You are the guy
who changes my life
I lose my mind
as looking at your eyes.

You are the one
that every night
I wish were mine
Is it fine?

I think about ya
from dusk till dawn
But I've never thought
"Out of sight, out of mind"
You are my crush
'cause you're so far
You break my heart
'cause you miss my love.

I have million reasons
to love and hate you
But I'm now
in your love trap.
Reach the light Feb 2019
You believe in yourself
But they don't.
You lose yourself
But they did first.
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