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14.4k · Jan 2019
Reach the light
Reach the light Jan 2019
Look at stars,
They are so far
I catch a shooting star
to burn fire
in my heart.

I know what I want
In me, someone
tryna be number 1 #
be the only one
great as the sun.
I know it's so hard
a pillar wish to fly,
the wind wants to find
where it belongs.
Nothing will be wrong
to follow what we love
And I'll be strong
to reach the light.
I haven't written a poem for long time
in life there're a lot of things to carry and I was kinda confused.
887 · Dec 2018
Find myself
Reach the light Dec 2018
I always smile
While telling lies
To hide
My empty mind.

I always cry
Tears from eyes
Flooding down two sides.
I wonder why
Who am I ?

I try
To find
774 · Dec 2018
Love letter
Reach the light Dec 2018
From the first second I saw you
My heart wants to tell you
about what it feels
about how it knew
a crazy love for you.

I see you in the street
Snow and cold winds
Your smiles melt everything
They keep me thinking
and then make me miss.

Every word you speak
turns into melodies
of a song I sing
about new romantics.

I knit my love
into a sweater
to give you this Chritmas
with a poem above
like a love letter.
758 · Nov 2018
“My sun”
Reach the light Nov 2018
I was lonely when winter comes
Through my eyes, everything was dull
When there’s no one by my side
When ice river was my blood.

But you’ve changed everything
You,the sun breaking the ice in me
Are all I need.
You make me happy,
happier than ever.
You open a window in my soul
Your chest is my pillow
Your arms hold me tight ,
keep me warm
In cold winter days.
I love you,I need you
Like sunflowers need sun.
So thank you,
my love.
Reach the light Nov 2018
Life is a teacher
Sometimes tough,sometimes mild
So as to make us maturer
That's life seen through my eyes.

Family gives me peace and love
Friends taught me trust
And you taught me all three.
You showed me a sky of love
ocean of care and colors of feelings:
Orange, pink, blue and green.
You created the sun for me
thousand stars sparking the night
reflected from my eyes.

But honey, you gave me a trauma
that I never wanted.
You left me an empty starless sky
crying in dark grey space
As if it lasted forever.
The day you went far away
out of my sight
-the day I thought I died
I try to forget you ,darling
How could I erase you from my mind?
You are a painful deep scar
carved into my heart.
But honey,I'm gonna be alright
I'll keep you as a sad painful memory
A lesson I'll never forget.
588 · Mar 2019
Waiting for you
Reach the light Mar 2019
A little flower in a garden
waiting for her great lover
knows she is too little
for him to notice her.

Whatever snow or rain,
long darkest nights,
stretching towards the sky,
wishing on the stars.
She'll show her smile
to say "Hi" to his light.
The sun shines so bright,
never thinks " She is mine".
But the flower never lies
when she'll wait for him
till she dies.
497 · May 2019
Reach the light May 2019
Overconfidence is the killer of soul
Yep that’s a lesson
477 · Dec 2018
Here comes Christmas
Reach the light Dec 2018
Please stop working
We were busy
and tired this year.

Do you hear it ?
The bell's ringing
Everybody 's singing
carols on streets.
Do you see it ?
Christmas tree
in your central city
with colorful lights
sparking so bright.

Let your soul feel
a new new year
'cause it's high time
to enjoy Christmas.
maybe it's still a bit early. But Merry Christmas
444 · Dec 2018
My heart
Reach the light Dec 2018
I cross my fingers
in front of Jesus
for all of my love
to come to you.

I sing a song
from inside my heart
to praise your love
you gave to me.

So many things
happened to me
but I don't care
'Cause now I see
My heart's your own.
357 · Feb 2019
Little life lesson
Reach the light Feb 2019
You believe in yourself
But they don't.
You lose yourself
But they did first.
328 · Dec 2018
My wish
Reach the light Dec 2018
I just want a simple life
And the place no one can find
For thoughts to get out of my mind
Traffic,buildings out of my sight.

I just want a countryside
To live in for the rest of my life
For my soul to fly
Up to the blue blue sky.

I know that's my wish
I can make it come true
Why am I still here
In this noisy polluted city?
282 · Mar 2019
Reach the light Mar 2019
I found a boy
Who stole my heart
When I'd never loved
anyone before.

He is a star
I follow in the dark
but just look at
'cause he's so far.

Dreaming of him
like this is a movie
I never want to wake up
on my single alone bed.

Wondering if
he's thinking of me
Finding an answer
like diving in the deep
So come and tell me it
'Cause babe it hurts.
263 · Feb 2019
Little life lesson 2
Reach the light Feb 2019
Real hell
is when you're not yourself
when you can't feel
anything at all.
Real hell
isn't when you don't wear makeup
not when you don't have money
and not when you've gotta study.
248 · Feb 2019
Reach the light Feb 2019
You are the guy
who changes my life
I lose my mind
as looking at your eyes.

You are the one
that every night
I wish were mine
Is it fine?

I think about ya
from dusk till dawn
But I've never thought
"Out of sight, out of mind"
You are my crush
'cause you're so far
You break my heart
'cause you miss my love.

I have million reasons
to love and hate you
But I'm now
in your love trap.
231 · Oct 2019
To my friend
Reach the light Oct 2019
I can’t count
How many times I felt down
I don’t know
Where I’ supposed to go.

But friend, you told me
“ Don’t worry. I’m here “
You hugged me tightly
The darkness disappeared.

I keep in mind
Every time we smile
I can see thousand stars
Shining in your eyes.

Someday we get older
Look back and remember
All the times we’ re together
Sharing our secrets.

I used to wonder
“ How is my future?”
I didn’t know
Why people were cold.

It’s hard to believe
“ Here exist dreams “
But what you taught me:
“ Every life means something “

I can’t find anyone
For me to rely on
You are all I want
Please, don’t leave me alone.
I’m going to hand in a poem to my teacher.
I’m very grateful to receive your comments on my poem.
Many thanks!
213 · Nov 2018
Reach the light Nov 2018
When I was born
I felt love from my Mom
She was like an angel
Smiling so brightly with hopes.

When I was four
I did something wrong
"Baby, Never do it again!"
She said it when I got lost.

When I was about to fall
The one next to me was my Dad
He told I had to trust
He made his baby much strong.

When I went away from home
To follow things I like most
But I just could find peace
When I stay with my Dad,my Mom.

Now I can do everything on my own
Where I received trust, peace and love
How can I forget it?
The best thing ever,
How do you think about your families ?
212 · Dec 2018
Reach the light Dec 2018
Feeling cold
through my nose,
I see snow
falling below
gloomy clouds.

I'm alone,
just on my own.
Feeling cold
in my soul.
They told
I have nothing to hold
like a wolf
following the call.
But he found himself
in the land
of snow.
And I know
I have something
that they don't know.
Whatever people say
Whatever people think
about you
just be yourself
That's the best.
209 · Dec 2018
Untitled 2
Reach the light Dec 2018
Money is money
Because it can't buy
My love for you.
205 · Dec 2018
Untitled 1
Reach the light Dec 2018
Wish is wish
If you just dream
Without working.
200 · Dec 2018
When you were here
Reach the light Dec 2018
Winter comes to town
The winds with snows
Strongly blow
Leave behind houses in cold.

I’m sitting near
woods on fire
I remember
I had no fear
When You were here.

You were my man
When you kissed my hand
and said “I love you”
When you owned my heart.

We played with my cat
We danced with thousand stars
The moon far away
was never bright enough
to be compared to our love.

I felt like being home
When you were here last Christmas
The weather was cold
But my soul was not.
I had you by my side
Happiness I couldn’t find
Was throughout the night
You hugged me tight
kept me warm
Every whistle was my lullaby.
How could I find
a man like you?
Now I’m sitting here
on my own
thinking back the time
We were together.
193 · Jan 2019
Untitle 3
Reach the light Jan 2019
A new year
A new me
A new journey
New chances
A new life.
191 · Nov 2018
"Rise up"
Reach the light Nov 2018
Someone is putting out your light
But how can you fight?
You're just a little bird
Trying to learn to fly.

You fall down
You shout in vain to be found
You wish to get over somehow.

But you realize there's no one
That could be the sun
Showing the way
Out of the dark.

Fire's burning in your heart
Let them rise ,make them hot
You're a fighter
To **** the bad.
I wrote this poem when I was in trouble.The feelings were horrible.
179 · Dec 2018
Reach the light Dec 2018
Feeling cold
through my nose,
I see snow
falling below
gloomy clouds.

I'm alone
just on my own
Feeling cold
in my soul
They told
I have nothing to hold
like a wolf
following the call
But he found himself
in the land
of snow
And I know
I have something
that they don't know.
Whatever people say
Whatever people think
about you
just be you
That's the best
176 · Nov 2018
Reach the light Nov 2018
I believe
We are stars in night sky.
We are shining so brightly
without moonlight
But with passion,love and feelings
burning deep inside.
Look at the sky every night
And believe :
We are stars born to shine.
167 · Nov 2018
“Young love”
Reach the light Nov 2018
I’ve known you
For a long time
Before I knew how I feel
About you.

I’m just a girl next door
How am I good as you?
For the first time I saw
The boy, it’s you
You woke up a secret garden
In me.
You taught me something
-something I didn’t know
-something called love.

Why are you always in my head,
In my dreams every night ?
But I know you stole from me
my heart.
I can’t describe how strong my love is
All I know exactly:
I wannabe with you.

— The End —