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Blesseur Nov 2018
I turn obedience off. I’m living.
You’re inherently powerless, I know now.
It’s not about your muscles, Or your ability to wrestle and slaughter in battles.

It’s the ego that concerns me. The inability to **** ones pride.
I see you chew it, taste it, but never swallow or spit it out.
Is it sweet or bitter I wonder. If it was to be spat out and set on fire, would the product pollute? Yes, it’s poisonous.

Your interrogatives don’t intimidate me,maybe then, not now. A futile raise of your voice at the end of each phrase won’t make me flinch, not once.
you think you’re in complete control, but your voice is faded, it’s
over powered by the ones in my head telling me to
“live my life!”.

I’m sorry I ignored your advice.
Did it hurt your ego? Yes. Good.
Go lick it, feed it. Leave.
I’m fixing the life you almost broke.
  Sep 2018 Blesseur
You're nervous
A bit of a wreck
But you never fail to smile at yourself when you mess up
As you always do

You're damaged
That much is clear
But your smooth laugh puts the whole room at ease
No matter how scarcely it surfaces

You've been hurt by everyone
Yourself included
But you'd rather die
Than put someone down
Because you truly believe every achievement is worth all the stars in the sky

You're quiet
Sometimes it's a little annoying
But who can blame you
You mean no harm

You're self conscious
I mean arent we all
But you put everyone else back together so they cant resist to love themselves a little more
No matter how much
This stupid

Hate yourself
  Sep 2018 Blesseur
Its in my blood
In my veins
In my brain

Feels good to feel insane
Feels good to feel laughter
For once.

Its in my heart.

Those pills i once popped.
Those who i once trusted,betrayed.
Couldn't pay em bills
Couldn't feel sane again.
Didn't wanna repeat the same mistakes as those who couldn't get home before 1.

Mama told me i wasnt made for that life. I begged to differ.
Now im indifferent.
Couldn't tell who was better.
The society i was being dragged into or the family who said they would stay.

Liquor drowned me
People crowded me
Knowledge left my senses.
  Aug 2018 Blesseur
Ivan Brooks Sr
The world's gone mad but my mind is made up.
Time to let ya'll into the darkroom of my mind,
A place where I'm the referee of a poetic world cup.
This is where I am creative even though I'm blind
Don't get me wrong I am not leaving from town.
No more radio or TV saturated with all the sad news,
I have got enough breaking news of my very own...
Breaking to me each and every moment as it brews.
Come and meet the hard drive of my creative doom,
That contains my beautiful and liberated mind.
Welcome to my one bright side I call my darkroom,
It's a place that's so special, I reckon it's one of a kind.

You have to know that I always act blind but I see.
In my mind, I can walk stack naked and levitate.
My mind is where I remain totally black and free.
Come join me set my poetic dial and help me activate,
The code that will outshine any power on this earth.
My mind is where I live and where nobody has access,
Here I can run a poetic marathon without taking a breath,
Call it my playground and intellectual fortress.

My mind is deep, a place of absolute calm and refuge,
Somewhere I will always see as the final frontier.
It is dangerous and toxic like a nuclear centrifuge.
In there, I am all alert and vigilant like a soldier.
My mind is a darkroom where I give birth to new ideas.
It is a vessel and place in which I do magic with letters.
It is my holy land of thoughts, my own creative Judea,
Where each idea is sacred and light as bird feathers.

Welcome to the epicenter of my creative mind.
This is where I turn letters into spoken words
A front line of creativity where no one leaves behind.
Come and see where all words become useful swords.
My mind produces powerful words like some light beams...
Courageous and powerful words for extra motivation.
Spoken Words that will light up people's faded dreams.
Now you know that up in my mind are no limitation,
There exists an enormous capacity of time and space.
Welcome one, welcome all to the darkroom of my mind
Take a seat and be calm, be quiet this is my place
For this here is my personal creative post of command.
twitter @ivanclappers
My mind is the final frontier..the bright side I call my darkroom where I process loose letters into spoken words.
Blesseur Aug 2018
What a struggle, I want to live in the mountains.
These cities are overwhelmingly dense
packed with billions of incompatible personalities
Perpetual petty battles between religions, nationalities, colours...
It’s all nonsense in my ears, evil nonsense.
‘We’re right, they’re wrong’
Shut up!
Seeing eye to eye has never been heard of
That’s how it has always been.
Will we always be divided?
Yes? Maybe? No?
Oh god no
My bags are packed, my toes point to the mountains.
Blesseur Aug 2018
We live on huge planet
Constantly circulating the sun
Along with all the other planets.
Who knows what madness is going on out there.
But we’re too familiar with the madness going on on Earth.

People going through Hell.
People being born everyday.
People dying everyday.
People having their best experiences.
People going through Hell.
Different realities.

Strange undiscovered tribes living  in forests; Our reality is alien to them, theirs is surreal to us.
There’s still a lot more to be discovered in oceans, and in outer space, and on land, and in ourselves.

We’re ignorant, we destroy the earth.
We’re ignorant, we hurt each other.
We’re ignorant, we hurt other creatures.
We forget that we live on a huge planet circulating the sun, it doesn’t belong to us alone - it is to be shared with all the other seemingly insignificant organisms.

Nature going through hell too:
Poisoned polluted air.
Acid rain. Angry winds.
Thirsty plants.
Contaminated rivers.
Now they’re going against us, it’s time for revenge.
Hurricanes won’t have mercy on us.

Animals going through hell too:
Suffocating fish.
Elephants are viciously murdered just for their tusks.
Premature pigs lined up in slaughter houses.
Mass production.
Mass production.
We eat the tortured animals, now they’re against us.
Obesity, illnesses, over crowded hospitals.

There’s so much we don’t understand. But we throw around lots of opinions, little facts.
And the facts we have haven’t been been proven to be one hundred percent accurate.
So we go against each other.
We waste time debating.
We waste time pointing fingers.
Maybe no one knows, maybe we’ll never know.

We live in an insane planet that’s circulating around the sun along with all the other planets. Sometimes we forget that we are part of something extraordinary and mysterious - It’s mind blowing, why aren’t we humbled?
We continue to be egocentric; this huge planet will never stop circulating around the sun for any of us.
Be humble!
  Aug 2018 Blesseur
Alyre Collette
The beginning of this story is pretty hazy, I’m not really sure I remember how the whole thing started but when it was happening it all seemed to make so much sense.
The first thing I remember, everything seemed normal enough, I was probably just going about doing the same things I do most days, nothing special. Then all of a sudden this terribly great thing happened. Everyone was talking about you.  Something important going on and you where right at the center of it. As I later found out you had gone missing or run away or just vanished, nobody knew. I defended you when they said they had seen it coming, that they had seen it in your eyes. I knew better than that. This was a place of loners and lovers, no families allowed, all the families had to go somewhere else, or at least they did.
I remember someone important, the Mayor maybe. He was like a cartoon villain, suave in a gray paper-perfect gray suit and silver hair slicked back just enough. He had a big smile and teeth like snow on a sunny day. He was a game show host villain.
He was the one making the biggest fuss about the whole thing. Always talking about how we shouldn’t feel ashamed of you for running away or that we should pray that you be safe wherever it was you had gone. But he just had those big phony teeth.
There was something going on with friends, at school I guess, like they wanted to keep talking about it but I didn’t. I knew you were coming back, how couldn’t you. I tried to explain to everyone that there was no way in hell I would be that cruel to myself, but they had no idea what I was talking about, they thought I was losing my mind.
You remember that time we tried that one drug and things were not as great as you expected. That night we thought we were both going to lose our minds. This time I wasn’t losing my mind. I had all the confidence in the world.
There was a lull midway through, I had no idea when you were coming back and I was starting to get annoyed with all the people around me. I couldn’t believe they were still making such a racket about the whole thing. They weren’t even like real people, they all had these defining characteristic which became their entire personality. They were caricatures of real people but I didn’t have the heart to tell them. I didn’t care enough to bother with figments, how could I?
Then suddenly the whole thing was different, there was some new great event going on. Everyone had gathered to some great big open amphitheater. All the seating was facing a big fancy stage with lots of lights on it. Behind the stage were hills. Everyone was talking about them, those where the hills they said you ran out into. As it turned out that was the reason for our being here. It had been like a hundred years or something since you had run away and everyone had come for a ceremony in your honor.
The whole thing was absolutely awful. It felt like we were there for a whole day, and the mayor was speaking for over half of that. Everyone was so captivated by his teeth and his suit that they barely heard what he was even talking about. They all acted as though what he was saying was breaking their hearts though, some even seemed genuinely inspired.                                       
The ceremony was going on and I was pretty done with the whole thing, I could feel the end coming. There was some pause in the speeches and all the seat sitters went to go freshen up. I took my chance and just ran out into those hills.
This was the best bit. All of a sudden I was in these hills, there was nothing but mountains in the distance and the stars were like light fixtures. They shone with color almost but the moon was so big and brilliant that everything was that perfect dim blue-silver color. By that light I could see the wind dancing in the knee-high grass, not like waves but more like snakes. I felt like a dumb rock when all I wanted was to be smoke, dancing with the wind.
Then you came down from the sky, you showed me all the dazzling swirls and swoops you could do and left all these crazy colors in your wake. When you finally settled down I saw you skin was like orange flame, soft like a marker drawing, moving around you like a flaming teardrop. Your core was all blackness and depth but I knew it was you. Who else would it be?
We hold hands and you fly us back to that big stage. We wait behind the curtain and we hear the mayor come on one more time. He’s telling the audience about one final display to tip off the ceremony, a dazzling light show preformed by a secret guest. I look at you in surprise but before I know it we’re making a run for it, speeding up those long aisle steps, up towards the exit doors at the top. Everyone is speaking about it at the top of their lungs but I can barely hear them over the sight of you. Your colors are all falling off and I can see your features being revealed as flakes of light peel away. We burst out the double doors and down some hallway. Out into the bright sunlight and I still can’t get over how beautiful you are.
And that’s how it ends.
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