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ks Sep 2021
i'm not in love.
not in love with the way
your eyes follow
my every move.
not in love with the way
you run your fingertips
across my skin,
memorizing every detail.
not in love with the way
you make me smile.
not in love with the way
you make the overwhelming
noise of life quiet,
even if it's just for a moment.
i'm not in love,
but so what if i was?
ks Jan 2021
You left so suddenly.
I thought you were
coming back,
I was so alone.
Months passed and
you were still gone,
I thought it was
my fault.
That I had done something
to push away your love.
I started to look
for that love
in other men.
Turns out their love
isn't sweet like honey,
but burns like whiskey.
Now look what you've done
to me.
would appreciate any feedback or criticism!
ks Jan 2021
He dug his fingers into
my colors,
searching for himself.
Carving my insides into something
Writing his words
across my skin
making a book out of me.
He took the flowers out of
my garden,
and planted weeds.
He took me apart and hung me
on the wall
and called it
Would appreciate any feedback or criticism!
ks Jan 2021
Today I gave my heart
And soul away.

He’s the Devil
In an angelic

I sold him my
Soul for

Never have I
Felt love
Until his sweat
Dripped down
My innocent lips.
Till his eyes captivated
My whole

I sold it all to
The Devil.
I regret
Would appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism!
ks Dec 2017
i’m tangled up in
our bed sheets,
my sheets.
reminiscing the dreams
i had next to you.
overwhelming nights
just like this one-
i think about
i could think about the
cracks in the
but that would
remind me of the
lines your face
makes when you
i could think about my
first time at the
and the sand
between my feet,
but that will only
remind me that
the ocean is the
same shade of
blue as your
and that your hands
felt like the
sand across my skin.
its overwhelming nights
like this
when even i don’t
want to,
i think of you.
ks Oct 2017
I love the way
Your eyes light up
When you talk
About writing.
I love the way
You love life.
I love the way
You want everything.
But most importantly,
I hate that
Those beautiful eyes
Have seen so much pain
And darkness.
I hate that
There are times
You wish to be
Someone else.
I hate that
You are so insecure
In your writing.
Most of all,
I hate that
I love all these
Things about you.
ks Oct 2017
i'm sinking.
going further down
than i intended to.
the water fills my lungs,
i feel it burning me
inside and out.
don't try to save me,
baby i'll just drag you
everything is fading,
all i want is you.
but i'm too busy
drowning in my
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