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forestfaith Jul 2018
Hit the wall.
it caused me to fall.
breaking the cup i was holding in my hands.
i was ready to be called.

it hurt.
it caused me pain.
it hurt my heart.

time wiped away traces of it many years later.

brushed the wound against the wall.
i remembered the fear that made me fall.
the thing that made me miss the call.

"stop remembering...just forget..."
"stop remembering...just forget..."
"stop remembering...just forget..."
"stop can i forget..."
"stop remembering...just forget...its not that easy to forget."

"me, just remember to forget next time..."

but...through all this...
no matter how many times you scratch on that wound,
just know, and remind yourself to remember,

sometimes it reminds you of the pain you know? But you know what! We would not back down because of fear, because of the evil one! We would not back down! Never!
Nacreous Views Jul 2017
I am the only one I trust the most
I am the only one I compete with
I am the only one to love the most
Said Wayland the badass-smith
I am my best friend in need
I am my rattlesnake- ****
I am..... Are you????
For one of the writers here at hello poetry Rand....who wrote a masterpiece - Depression.... I dedicate this to him.....For you Rand....
JeanT Jun 2017
Like a warrior I ride into battle with my head held high ready to conquer

Even when the toughest approach
I smile and say

Bring it on
Mel Jun 2017
You hang your head low,
 because you feel inferior
So your crown has fallen,
but little do you know that you are truly superior
You have become discouraged,
so you pray to the gods to return all your might and courage 

So you cover the scratches
Wipe away all the fallen tears from your lashes
And polish the jewels of your fallen crown
You decide to no longer look down 

Only true queens know that sorrow won't last long
Pick up your fallen crown
and return to your rightful place upon your thrown
New poet. I would love to hear feedback on my work. Tell me what you think
Joe Dusk Jul 2015
What would you see if the world flipped round?
Would the wall come crashing down?
Or could the sky fall down in shame?
At the loathing destructive game.

Under, Under the monster calls.
Writhing for the small foot falls.
Flashing teeth of molten red.
Would would save the victims head?

Once again he rumbles on,
Still the watchers pass along,
Dreading once a sniveled cry,
The little shrieks, no more like whines.

Above it watches for glorious meal.
A final scream and snap and peal.
Once running scared the little feet.
Revel in the devils defeat.

Under, Under the stories go,
With fright, sorrow, and doom below.
But mighty mighty is the strife.
Now go and save just one more life.

— The End —